Mani Friday: Marc Jacobs Patchwork

Get excited: I'm back from vacation AND it's Mani Friday! Did you miss me? Smiley Happy


Unfortunately, I lost a few good nails while I was gone (chlorine and manis don't mix) and had to "nubbinize" when I got home. Since my nails are currently in recovery, today I'm showing off a Marc Jacobs patchwork look (created by yours truly) featured on The Sephora Glossy. They're not my hands, but it was my very first time doing nail art on another person for an editorial. I was super nervous about it, but I think it turned out okay, right?


mj glossy_9.6.jpg


But enough about me. Let's see your tips! What mani are you rockin' this weekend? Show & Tell!


Learn how to get the look on The Sephora Glossy>

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I love this! I'm going have to dig out my nail art tape and try it. 

Aw Those a gorgeous nails! You did awesome Candace! And we've missed you! Smiley Very Happy

Well my nails are Blue again Smiley Tongue

@Wendyomgwar helped me pick out what to do with my nails! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

They were for the Carrie Underwood concert i went to last night. (Her fav color is light Blue)



Disco nails!!


Using Sephora by OPI Justa' Pinch of Glitter




@Malday, I LOVE them! I should be getting an order today with that polish!! Smiley Very Happy 

@arielaaaaaaaa Did you purchase the Spice Market set too?? I'm in love with it. I asked my bf which color I should wear and he chose this one haha.

@Malday, I didn't even pay attention to that set much. I just saw that color and got the 3 for $10 deal. I was curious about the color! Now i'm super impatient for my package!!!!

Cute nails ladies! I love everyone with their Sephora by OPI polishes! I should do a look with the (um...few... Smiley Happy) that I have. 

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Welcome back!


I'm currently rocking Dior Destin nails, but I'm side-eyeing the 3 new pretties that just came into my life- which include an older Chanel I've wanted for-ever.

@arielaaaaaaaa - I love your nails!  Blue is my favorite color.


My nails are in Butter London Jaffa.  I'll be changing this weekend to BL Queen Vic.

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OK, the new polishes didn't last long.  I'm attending a fashion event tomorrow, so I felt like I needed something brighter than the uber-sophisticated Destin.


Bondi New York- Lady Liberty (a light teal)


Hey there! It's been a while since my last (and only) Mani Friday post, but I've got a good one this time.  Super pop-art style drippy mani!  Mostly featuring Butter London, but some misc polishes as well.


@Titian06, I had Jaffa on just the other day - it's a perfect orange, innit?


I shouldn't even BE here, I'm on a no-buy.  Worst month of the whole year to do one - what was I thinking?  Would love to hear any tips & tricks for getting through one without failing.


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oooh all the fun colors are making me want to do my nails!! I'm on maybe week 2 of no colors and can't wait to add more on! Smiley Happy

I did a bright french with a little bit of glitter, my last fun summery looking nail.  



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