Mani Friday: Marc Jacobs Is Here!

Today’s Mani Friday is dedicated to – who else? Mr. Marc himself. After months of anticipation, Marc Jacobs Beauty has arrived! And as much as I can’t wait to try everything, clearly I HAD to get my hands on the polishes.


They do not disappoint. Look at that shine, that sparkle! They weren’t kidding when they named it High-Shine Lacquer. (By the way, I did this mani 3 days ago and it’s STILL that shiny, and hasn’t chipped. #Justsaying).


What mani are you rockin’ this weekend? Show & Tell!


mjnails 8.9.jpg


(Polishes from left to right: Lola, Petra, Stone Jungle)

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THOSE ARE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I can't wait til my nails grow out :smileyhappy:

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Ahh Lola looks like the Perfect Red! And Petra is sooo pretty!! I just don't know if i can justify an $18 polish..... Hmmm...

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That manicure is adorable!

@Spyski - Thank you! I'm growing my nails out again too. I moved a couple of weeks ago and lost a few, so I had to cut them all off. :/


@arielaaaaaaaaa - The red is STUNNING. I don't really wear red nail polish but I'm so in love with it. Petra is a gorgeous sparkly bronze and Stone Jungle is the perfect silver foil. And I feel you, $18 isn't nothing, but you get a beautiful polish with a bottle designed by Marc Jacobs himself! I feel like it's classing up my polish collection, lol. 

Thanks @melde!

Petra is calling out to me! Between Deborah Lippman and Marc Jacobs nail polishes I'm going to go crazy! I don't need more polish to begin with!

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@Candacebt It would be nice to have a few shades for special occasions!! I may need the Red for Christmas!! :smileyhappy:

@wendyomgwar - You ALWAYS need more polish. :smileyhappy:

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Wanna talk about bright?  My mom picked out the color, and surprisingly I like it as a change from my normal pinks.  It certainly is bright!

@michmo - oh so pretty! That's a great summer color!


@arielaaaaaa - Lola for the holidays is a great call. 

Oh they are GORGEOUS! I already know I'm getting the clear one (my default), possibly the red one and I really want one of the neutrals. Aaaahhhh, can't wait to go to a store and try them (darn you, thunderstorm!)

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they look totes fab :smileyhappy:

@ Candace, Petra is a gorgeous shade! It would make an excellent accent or manicure tip color if paired with a deep plum!


Here's my nails for today (did them yesterday):


The white is gel polish, but I topped it off with OPI's Thrill of Brazil (red) and a basic black from a striping polish set. My b/f gave me the idea to do a basic, yet bold linear look with the colors!

That's super cute, lylysa! Looks very mod :smileyhappy:.

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Thanks, Candace! My b/f is artistically inclined and used to do work painting cars so he likes seeing bold colors and more classic designs! :smileyhappy: I remember one look he suggested of red nails with a white stripe down the center and thinner yellow one running in the middle of that and I ended up with so many compliments from folks I randomly came across!


What base/top coat did you use, Candace, and how many coats of each color did it take to do that look?

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I love that color combination Candace!  Yikes, sadly I already did an order for all the MJ products I tried during training including MORE polishes. Lets ignore the fact I bought 3 lippman polishes on Monday :smileysad:  My delivery was made so I'll update later once I try my new pink confetti polish! :smileyhappy: 

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All of the manis are stunning!  That Marc Jacobs red definitely caught my eye!


For the weekend, I'm going with accents on my ring and thumb nail.  I used Finger Paints in Tangerine Tint and It's So Easy Stripe Rite polish in a sky blue shade.


blue and orange.JPG

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2 things I missed over the weekend - 


1. @lylysa - I used the Deb Lippmann rehydrating base coat (fave! But I don't think we sell it yet :smileysad:) and the Jin Soon top coat (also a fave!)  Two coats for the red color (it goes on quite opaque), and the other colors only 1 coat. 


@kimmi115 - OOOH YOUR NAILS! That color combo is to die.



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