Mani Friday: Luxe It Up

Happy Mani Friday! Today's mani was inspired by all of the luxe products we've been talking about, and also by the fact that I just felt like busting out a hot red mani. We know I'm never satisfied with just one color, so I added a little leopard print to glam it up. What do you think (Isn't this red amazeballs)?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!


mj polish _2.28.jpg


Lola by Marc Jacobs Beauty and Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Safari Beige


Ohh I love it! But I'm terrible at art so I would replace that with a Formula X cheetah applique!


I can't upload pictures on IE here but I'm wearing Formula X in Light My Fire (gold glitter with multicolor glitter - the blue sparkles inspired me here) on my ring fingers and Formula X in Infatuated on the rest (light powder blue). I love an accent nail!

It's literally the easiest nail art to do ever, because it's impossible to mess it up! And I do love an accent nail!

OMG @candacebt I love your mani!!!  That is a really pretty red, I was checking it out in store a few weeks back but talked myself out of it. I'm going to have to add it to my wishlist now.  


Here's  mani from this week.  I've been sick so I changed my polish in an effort to convince myself I was feeling better.  I used Zoya pixie dust polishes.


Candace your nails look great! You make me want a red mani.

Love your nails, Candace! I'm wearing Chanel Tapage. Makes me feel like spring will be here soon!

Candace - Luvin' that mani!! What did you use to get the leopard print? If you tell me you did it all by yourself I'll totally flip out and feel totally lame!

Love the Red (on my love list now) & the Dior base coat for the leopard - what else did you use?


This is gorge! Can't wait for details.


@carolang - darn that stupid ie! I had to switch to google chrome - couldn't do much of anything on sephora with ie - wish you could post pics, it sounds like your mani's beautiful! I love me some glitter!!

Which brings me to -


@BeautyJunkie - I Love those super fancy glittery nails! Well done, thanks for sharing.

This is my current mani! While I was procrastinating instead of studying for my midterm, but it was productive procrastination, didn't take me long but I also am not satisfied with just one colour on my nails unless they have some sort of accent on them.


photo 6.JPG


They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love them! (the nail of my middle finger broke recently as you can see, I hate it when that happens!)

Pretty nails ladies! 


@kssweetheart - I did do the leopard print by myself, all freehand! But it's literally the hardest thing to mess up. You just take a nail brush and dot it randomly around your nail, basically.



So pretty! I think I know what I'm going to do with my nails next week, haha. And me, I'm wearing the Diorific Marilyn.


I have a kinda dumb question, though...can those Marc Jacobs polishes stand on their own? Every time I see a picture of them they are laying down or being held. It's a pretty odd shape!

@shoppiturt - LOL! Totally not a dumb question. They can stand up on their own; they're flat on the bottom. Smiley Happy 

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@candacebt - No Dang Way! I was going to tell you how gullible I am and that I'd believe you if you said it was freehand, even if it wasn't, but... I don't believe it! Well, I do....but I don't. Maybe I'm easily impressed, but right now, I think you are a nail Goddess!


I have tiny hands and very long slender fingers (they call them 'piano playing fingers' - although my fingers disagree with whoever 'They' are - my 125+ yr old piano agrees.) Anyhow, my nails are so narrow it's so hard to make anything that looks like a pattern, I don't think I could ever get the definition you have - there's just not enough room on my nail for anything to repeat itself enough to look like a pattern, it just looks like I let my baby niece go crazy on me with my nail polishes.


I might give it a try.....but I think it would just be sad. Thanks for the inspiration though, color me Impressed! Smiley Happy

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@kssweetheart - Give it a try! You could try doing less repetitions of the print on your nail, with some coming off the edges so it looks more "natural" (which of course it isn't natural, it's an animal print on your nail). Smiley Happy 

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@candacebt XD Awesome! I swear that was the one thing making me hold off on buying those. I don't like when I can't stack things neatly, lol.

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@candace - I love your mani, and the colors look great on you!

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