Mani Friday: Liquid Crystals

Happy Mani Friday! Today's Mani is just one color (I know, shock! Awe!), but it was all I needed. I used the new Liquid Crystals polish by Formula X in Beacon, and the minute I swiped it on I knew I didn't want to add anything else. Have I mentioned that I have a TOTAL weakness for micro-glitter?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!


crystals 2.20.jpg



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I want your job pls. Smiley Very Happy

Candace, you can wear any color b/c you have beautiful hands and nails. I love most of your pics, but I could not wear them myself.  It is great that you share the brands and shades with us.


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Wow, I am LOVING this color Candace! I don't see it in my office so may have to come take a visit to yours! That is SO pretty on you, I have to see the other shades Smiley Happy 

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Speaking of the Liquid Crystals, does anyone know of something in a similar shade and just as sparkly (or more) as Equinox (the bright purple)? I'm trying to get it for a friend but I tested it in store and it's a bit sheer for her liking.

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Getting ready to try some Zoya Pixie Dust polish today!  My package came yesterday afternoon, so will be trying out their color lock system and a sparkly textured polish.

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@daeidre - I'm totally late, but tell your friend to layer the Equinox on over a creme purple of a similar (as most a shade lighter or darker) purple. You will still get the same crystal effect and it will really make the color pop!

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