Mani Friday: Lippmann Limited Edition

Happy Mani Friday! Today we have a sneak peek of a few Deborah Lippmann polishes coming soon to Sephora. Three beautiful limited edition shades that dry down to a silky matte finish, although as you can see, they are just as gorg with a top coat on. Pretty, right?


What mani are rockin' this weekend? Show & Tell!


dl polishes 10.4.jpg


White = Pseudo Silk Kimono, Red = Red Silk Boxers, Burgandy = Harem Silks From Bombay



First - I love your nails!  


I'm rocking my first Halloween mani of the season.


Halloween Mani.jpg

I'm not suppose to paint my nails because of work Smiley Sad

But I was feeling down Wednesday when I got home from work and painted them Sky from Hard Candy! It's such a pretty light blue I haven't taken it off yet. Just one more day!


@BeautyJunkie325 I love your nails!! Super cute =)

@candace - I love your nails!  The burgandy is really pretty.


@BeautyJunkie325 - Your nails are really cute.  That looks like something this nail art challenged individual could even do.


I'm wearing Butter London in Marrow.  I'll try to post a picture this evening; I'm at work right now.

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I LOVE the nails @candacebt!

Ugh my Mac won't connect to our Wi-fi for some reason, so i have no clue how to get a picture of my nails on here. I'm using my dads laptop Smiley Sad

But i painted them Black and used Sephora by OPI Top coat in Come to Papparazzi on the accent nail! I thought it made a good first Halloween Mani! Smiley Very Happy

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MF104 2.jpgMF104.jpgI know this is a kinda lazy design to do again but I tried to do these colors in a half moon design... and failed miserably. XD I am gonna get some of those round sticker things that were in all the tutorials and try again next week. I will master fancy nail polish!


Anyway The colors are Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Burgandy Flirt and Klean Color Metallic Matte in Simply Charcoal. The grey was really, really matte when I did them Wednesday evening, and had a weird rough texture. I just got it last weekend, but its already getting to be a favorite. Smiley Very Happy

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Love the nails as always, Candace!  Can't wait to see matte swatches, though.


My nails have been Butter London Union Jack Black all week (seriously, this is amaze-balls... it's got a formula at least equal to Chanel Black Satin at $12 less!).  I'll take the polish off to play with a few new arrivals, but my nails are going to be going black again indefinitely.


I consider it my small form of protest right now.

Yay I was able to get my my Mac working correctly! So Here it is! Smiley Very Happy


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My nails are going to be rocking Deborah Lippman Let's Go Crazy (purple with sparkles) or Candy Shop (baby pink with sparkles).  I may use the new Sephora X in Thrilling as a contrast with Candy Shop.

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When will Red Silk Boxers be available at Sephora? thank you

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