Mani Friday: Holiday Highlights

As promised, for today's Mani Friday I'm highlighting the awesome holiday nails submitted by our BT'ers. We've got some talented ladies in the community!


Here are lylysa's glittery sparklers, kimmi1115's patriotic snow cones, arielaaaaaaaa's festive fireworks, and my red, white and blue celebration (or whatever that is).


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!


mani friday 7.5.jpg


I love this little Collage of pictures!!! Thanks for putting this all together @Candacebt!!

Candace I'm coming by your desk one day and going to force you to do my nails LOL they always look SO incredible!!  Smiley Happy


I did a last minute blue and white (no red!) mani and added a mattifying top coat for a slightly different finish- Had I not been lazy maybe more decorations could have been possible Smiley Wink


4th nails.jpg

Oooo, fun collage! I love the variety! From glitter flakes, ombre blending, to detailed stripes on an accent nail, to fun layered dots!


@ Diana, I love the matte finish to that blue, what shade is that blue by the way? It's gorgeous!

I love the collage!  Lylysa is right; there's a little bit of everything in it to cover different aspects of the Fourth!

@lylysa It's a sailor themed blue from Sinful brand- It looks REALLY identical to Clinique Splish Splash! But I also have an NYC matte top coat with it Smiley Happy 


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Oooo, nice, I had a royal blue from NYC a looooooong time ago (to the point where I had to toss it due to the formula getting too thick after having it for so long) and I have Russian Havy from OPI, but nothing as vibrant as the color you have....ENABLER!!! Smiley Tongue

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