Mani Friday: Happy (early) Halloween!

Happy Mani Friday! Who's ready for Halloween? I was so inspired to try the spooky nail ideas I've seen floating around the boards lately that I couldn't stop at just one. What do you think?


Have you got your Halloween mani on yet? Show & Tell!




I also have a Mani Friday announcement! I'm collecting BeautyTalk mani photos now through Halloween, so post yours in this or any of the Show & Tell threads through next week and I'll feature my faves in next week's Mani Friday!

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I'm so excited for Halloween this year!! Next to Christmas it's my favorite holiday. Recently I've been just rocking a combination of glow in the dark nails and the new Sephora X polish in Bombshell over an opague black. It's literally the perfect Halloween polish for those of us who have little to no nail art talent lol. 

LOVE your nails Smiley Happy!

Sadly I can't paint my nails due to work, I love coming on here and seeing all of your nail art though!

I love them Candace!!!

I totally forgot it was already Friday!!!

I must go do my nails after dinner!!! I have no clue what i'm gonna do though!! Maybe a little of all the ideas circling in my head!! 

eeeek!  those are awesome!  I love the creepy little staring green eye!


I should do a bunch of creepy little staring green eyes next time I need to intimidate someone during a business meeting, hehe.

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Super cute! Haha now I want to paint my nails

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Super cute!  I have the Maybelline Color Show Dots polish with orange base/white and black glitter set aside for Thursday.


I'm playing with two of Butter London's Holiday colors- 2 coats of Bramble with the Petrol overcoat.

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@candacebt those are super cute. The eyeball creeps me out a little. Smiley Happy

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I love every single nail! I have to get a little more creative!

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@candace - I love your nails, especially the evil eye!  I'm going to wear Butter London in Jaffa.  That's as nail-arty as I can get at this point.

Okay here are my nails! Did not come out as i hoped,

I didn't have Nail polish remover, My Nail art brushes are in terrible condition, My black polish was all Goopy and thick, I had to make brown polish, and didn't have any red polish for Dracula's Fangs!! I used Red glitter!



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@arielaaaaaaaa they're super cute!!! You're being way to harsh!!

The Frankenstein and Mummy nails look AMAZING!

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Lol Thanks! I probably am being over critical! Smiley Tongue

I wanted to make the brown lines on my mummy thinner but the brush, Ahhhhh!!!

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I am useless at nail art but I am rocking "Obsessed" by Sephora X. It's the perfect blood red for my vampire look Smiley Happy

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Simple this year, matte black with glossy orange tips.

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