Mani Friday: Happy Easter!

Easter weekend calls for seriously cute nails, but as my art skills are limited (I can't draw a bunny to save my life), I used Butter London Poole and Keen to create a simple pastel dotticure. I'm loving the color combination though, what do you think? 


Easter 4.18.jpg


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend (and what are your Easter plans)? Show and Tell! 


Really cute polka dots! Smiley Very Happy

I don't have a current picture of MY nails, but I can share that I'm sporting LA Splash's Golden Seahorse:


(the above pic is not mine, it's from a blogger through Google's Image search)


I bought the color a long time ago and this is my second time wearing it and fell in love all over again! It makes me think of the ocean and mermaids! I painted my nails this past Sunday, got my first chip just yesterday (awesome lasting power), but that's since been touched up!



I went with CND's cake pop. Nice spring pink! image.jpg

Such pretty nails ladies, love them!


@lylsa - that color is great. It reminds me of Mermaid's Dream from Deb Lippmann, which I LOVE.

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Candace -- how did you get your large dots so evenly sized?  Did you use some sort of tool? 


I don't have anything on my nails at the moment.  I gave my nails a week off.  I was actually thinking about it earlier today, and I might put a cheery yellow and some hot pink dots on my nails tonight.  Then I came on and saw yours!  Smiley Happy 

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So cute! I love the color comboSmiley Happy

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@mrsstory  - Yes! I used a dotting tool, like the one in this set:


It has a different size on each end so you can make large or small dots. It's so easy.

10157152_10152002417871227_7682615381237342729_n.jpgI'm going with a plain white for this month after going Eggplant for the past couple of months Smiley Happy *Don't mind the bandaid*

@fluffymuha Heart for the bandaid! I own the same ones. Smiley Very Happy 


I've been trying to find time to paint my nails all week, but my son has been sleeping late. I was hoping to do something tonight, but the same nail broke twice today. Now I have stubs and one oddly shaped nail. It must be a sign. Smiley Sad 

Butter London's Molly Coddled. 



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GorgeousSmiley Happy

those nail all rock.  Tomorrow I am painting mine.  A gorgeous shade of orange with pink tips.

Pretty! I love everyones colors they shared- I just saw our Instagram post and got some ideas on doing an ombre once I get back home.. But do I do purple and peach or purple and yellow.. hmmm.. #firstworldproblems Smiley Sad LOL


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got my pedicure done the other night in Sephora X Gemini.  Gorgeous cream pink that looks great with my skin tone.  I would've done a manicure too, but two nails broke on me.  I'm thinking I need to get a good nail strengthener.


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I did a modified French mani (2 triangles instead of a natural tip).  Chanel Sweet Lilac as the base, with Chanel Eastern Light on the tips, covered with 2 coats of YSL Hip Coat.

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