Mani Friday: Greetings from Cabo!

You guys didn't really think I'd leave you hanging without a Mani Friday, did you??


I may be in Cabo, but I still want to see your tips! What mani are you rockin' this holiday weekend? Show & Tell!


cabo nails 8.30.jpg


Colors used (index to pinky finger): Deborah Lippmann On The Beach, Marc Jacobs Shocking, Marc Jacobs Lux, Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme


Seriously Candace do you have you rub in it because your in Cabo?? I'm so jealous right now. But your nailing  do look smoking.Smiley Wink

I'm in Fall mode already so I'm just wearing a slightly lilac tinged dove grey. 


Annette by Julep



Pardon the minor chips at the tips of my nails, they got painted Sunday but I'm surprised they've lasted this long!


I used OPI's Russian Navy, topped with OPI's OPI Ink, and on my accent nails I used an Ulta glitter called Indi-Go-Go Girl. (The meal behind me is what I just posted in the food thread) Smiley Tongue


Love all the brights, Candace!


@ Malday, love now clean and neutral that color is!

*sob* it's so awesome of Candace to post mani friday from her vacation in Cabo!


@lylysa oh my god I want what you're eating haha. And I'm loving the inky blue mani! I haven't used any of my navy polishes in a while. And yes, I was totally craving a neutral polish. I kind of want to reset after using so many summery colors.

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@ Malday, the noodle portion is easy enough to make, the chicken in the pack is one where I just posted a recipe for! I also say what's all is in the noodles...mmmm ^_^!


Good reset color, I've been aiming to go for more neutrals since my polish wardrobe has been all about color, color, color!


I normally have to do 2 coats of both shades to get it opaque, but figured I would do one of each and it worked well because OPI Ink is similar to Russian Navy but it's packed with more fine sparkle.

Still rockin' my gutter glitter glam punk mani.


glitzkrieg glop.jpg


OPI black onyx, Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Glitz Gal, and OPI natural nail strengthener as base & top coat. I call it Glitzkrieg Glop. XD

It matches your profile pic!!

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@candace - I love your mani!

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Cute! I'm in the process of nail doing right now, sky blue with glitter tips is probably going to be the end result.. I'd like to try that ombre sparkle fade deal! 


@Candace you have to tell me where you went in Cabo! I'm going for my birthday and have never been Smiley Happy


I'm wearing Essie 'In The Cab-ana' with Sephora By OPI 'Indi-go With The Flow'

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@Ambertralala- Love that look!  I wanna try it now. Smiley Happy -Laura

Ahh I love all the Nails! Smiley Very Happy

I'm a little late to the party but here are my nails! Smiley Very Happy
I'm going to a friend wedding tomorrow and her colors are blue!


Sephora by OPI colors! I don't know which exactly because i'm not near my stash! 


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@Ambertralala-  I love that look I wonder if that could work for toenails as well?

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Shockingly enough, I had just a clear basecoat on my nails until last night.


And here's the even more shocking thing- I saw a polish, needed it, and put it on as soon as I got home.


Ready for the twist?  Not Chanel or Dior...


Essie Vested Interest (for fall). Wow!

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All of the nails are gorgeous!!!!

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