Mani Friday: Fallin'

Happy Mani Friday! I'm in fall state of mind right now and it's also been a little busy round these parts (*cough* VIB sale *cough*) so I just did a quick rose gold Formula X mani using Vroom and Center of the Universe. What do you think?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!


fall 11.8.jpg





Yaaaay, it's mani Friday!  I went to my Sephora today just to get that new Formula X set with the primer, base and top coat plus a polish of your choice!  The polish I chose was a boring one for work but then I started playing with all the glitter ones and now I really want some!  I love the multi-tonal glitter particles in different shapes and sizes, so blingy on my normally boring and work-appropriate fingertips!



Those rock!  I just got my nails done last Sat, so here is this weeks mani.  I got some Formula X ASAP appliqués that I can't wait to try out next week. Smiley Happy



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@candace - Your nails look great!  Maybe I'll get brave and try something like that on the "accent" nail.  I polished my nails last Sunday, so they're starting to show wear around the tips.  I'm wearing Sephora X in Atomic with Reactive on one accent nail and OhZone on the other.  I love Atomic and OhZone is awesome!  Reactive isn't quite what I expected, but it will be great this Christmas with red nail polish.

Candace, you have beautiful nails.  Both of your polish choices look beautiful together.

Candace those two colors look awesome together! I think I am going to try that Smiley Happy

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Here is mine! the light does not do the color justice! It was love at first sight when i tried it on yesterday at Sephora, i HAD to get it, and put it on! So when i got home i put it on right away! i LOVE it!!! 


Macr JacobsPetraMarc Jacobs Petra

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Thanks ladies! I love all the photos!

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Mine's also Marc Jacobs, I couldn't resist! Gatsby is such a beautiful color, so versatile Smiley Happy

Love the Mani's! I'm sporting short, unpolished nails. Lol that's a first for me!!!

I've been tooooooo busy with my Nephew Smiley Tongue

^^ And that's what happens when I sign in as the other admin.


In any case, yes, I do love the photos!  


@arielaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - for SHAME. (kidding). Congrats on becoming an aunt! Smiley Happy

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We're rose gold twins, Candace!


I've got Marc Jacobs Le Charm on my nails.  I'm thrilled to report that it's so much better than my other experience with MJ polish.


I did pick up The System as part of a small VIB haul, so I may play more later.

Julep Tracy Paris

Overdue for a fill...

Julep Tracy & Paris

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Ciate Paint Pot in Vintage. It's not available for individual purchase at Sephora Smiley Sad (I got it in last years Mini Mani Month)

Here's mine!  with my new favorites Formula X in Standout and Sephora + Pantone Elemental Energy Lacquer in Earth



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