Mani Friday: Come on, Spring!

Happy Mani Friday! Spring has been trying its hardest to show its face in San Francisco, and boy am I ready for it! I was over all of the dark colors I'd been wearing lately, so I decided to switch it up with my attempt at a watercolor inspired pattern using the new Formula X The Cut - Spring 2014 colors and Liquid Crystals. What do you think?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!


spring x_sst3.7.jpg





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Ooh, Candace! Your nails are so cute! 

Currently I have bare nails, but I plan to do them on Sunday night for my son's birthday on Monday. His party theme is Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so I'm going to do something nautical. We'll see if he sleeps long enough for me to pull it off. 

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At this very moment I'm totally jelly of your nails!  They so pretty!!!  <3

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Currently on my nails:


OPI The Thrill of Brazil (my go-to red) painted vertically on half of my nail bed with a thin black (Wet N' Wild Black Creme) line in the center, then a bare nail on the other side. I used Revlon's matte top coat over it all. The top coat is pretty decent, I do notice the matte effect wearing off, my nails have more of a satin look now which is also really pretty and interesting), but from reviews on matte coats this stuff held up well (most reviews I found mentioned matte coats chipping quicker, but there wasn't an increase in that with this use).


I'm not sure what to do next, my bf and I have a whole "date weekend" set ahead of us!

Love your nails! It's like a sparkly water color painting!


Here are my nails this week, I'm wearing a base coat, two coats of Zoya Odette, a layer of Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat, the striping tape, a layer of random clear, and another layer of Julep so hopefully it lasts a while lol





Pretty! I have a sort of mess photo I'll share- Matte black polish with gold dots down the middle of one finger.


matte black.jpg

With all the cold & snow, I decided something bright & springy was in order. 


Cute!! @malday - the extra top coats are super important for keeping that tape on!


@BeautyJunkie325  - love your flowers!


@dianabt - oooh studs!

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I was inspired by GlamLifeGuru's mani in a recent video for this one. It's Essie's Ballerina Pink with hors d'oeuvres on top. Simple, but gives the most beautiful multidimensional sparkle. 

looooove your nails! I'm rocking some holo polish on my claws Smiley Happy1616702_10153892476340641_1090434076_n.jpg

I was feeling the spring fever this week for sure. Smiley Happy

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JinSOON Nail lacquer- French Lilac.


I removed Tom Ford African Violet, which had lasted 6 days chip-free!

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i did this neon green color IMG_9569.jpg

its china glaze in the lime light

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I love that color, dollface131313! Smiley Happy

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