Mani Friday: Ciate Shell Manicure

Happy Mani Friday, BT! Our favorite "Holy crap what is that awesomeness on your nails" brand has done it again, folks. Ciate's Shell Manicure is a thing of beauty, and the minute it came across my desk I knew had to try it!


I was not disappointed. Check out all of that detail! The tiny shells look like beautiful stained glass on my fingers. I am SUCH a fan. What do you think?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weeekend? Show and Tell!


ciate shell 6.27.jpg


Ohh "Unda dah seee!" I love it. Smiley Happy 

@kevinbt  - Hahaha yes! You totally got my inspiration Smiley Happy 

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Very pretty, fun, & chic, I like!  That's a pretty shade of pink too! Was it easy to achieve full coverage & placement?

Here's my mani friday 



Mani Friday

@IRISHQUEEN - it was quite easy, actually. You just just paint your whole nail and then dump out the seashells over it. The kit comes with a tray to catch all of the extra and a funnel to get it all back in the bottle. It reminds me of playing with craft glitter at summer camp. Smiley Happy


@spg761 - I LOVE the nude with neon tips look. So chic!

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That is really pretty, Candace! I definitely want to try this set! I'm intrigued by the Wish Upon a Starfish set! I love white nail polish. Smiley Wink 

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The purple/mauve Shell Manicure from Ciate is gorgeous too!!!!


Why are you enabling me?????


My nails are on a nude kick....but polished nude...hehe not bare nude.

Rocking Milani's Vanilla Almond this weekend.

Pretty!!! I think I'm on a new record of like, 2 weeks with no polish, my nails need this!!  Smiley Happy 

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Diana! I was very much on a no-polish run for a little bit, then the neutral shade bug bit me Smiley Tongue

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Hi! I'm fairly new here  (still learning) & apparently a HUGE DORK b/c I am having issue's w/ posting my Mani Friday pic here (where it belongs)! Double Wow....I know! But, if anyone can help a sister out I would appreciate it! Unless it's not me (cough, lol) & just BT (maybe on my end, hehe)! Thanks,

so embarrassed..... hehe!  Until then I put it under NAILS (I was bound & determined to participate this time, one way or another)! Ta'Da!

Hi, IrishQueen, in the comment box is a bar with multiple icons, click the image of the tree photo and from there you can upload your mani pic directly into the comment you're making to post with your text. To edit your current post to add this, at the right corner of your post, is a toggle wheel with a downward arrow head, select that and opt into editing your post.


For further assistance you can always check out the Welcome/Getting Started forum area:





I just answered your private message. Be sure to check your inbox! 

Sorry pretty!!! I actually love that pink shade tooSmiley Happy


Julep nail polish, I forget the name of the shade!

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@Candace several of the product reviews mention the shells being very sharp even cutting skin. Did you experience this also?

Here's what I've had on my nails this week.  Smiley Happy


I can't remember if I shared this last week. Been wearing this a while. Need to finally take it off.


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Wow, BeautyJunkie32! Are those tiny little mustaches on your nails? Smiley Wink 

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Your nails are gorgeous, evilpinkrobot! Thank you for sharing them with us! Heart 

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Wow candice! i love those two accent nails! beautiful combo!!

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@randeebt, yes those are little mustaches. I love them. 

Beautiful looks ladies!


knuevekm - I'm sorry, I'm just seeing this question. The little bits of shell are definitely shards but I didn't experience them being sharp. I think the key is to press them down on the nail so they adhere, wait 20 mins, and then put a good top coat on. They were definitely a rough texture, but I didn't cut myself. Smiley Happy Hope that helps!

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@Candacebt - Thanks, your answer was very helpful! I think I will purchase this set now that I know the trick is to press the pieces down.

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That looks really nice on you Candace! I was just reading an article in Allure last night about the founder of Ciate Smiley Happy


I just did my nails last night! This a polish from The New Black, reminds me of mermaids Smiley Happy I have the Julep Polymer Top Coat on top, which makes it super glossy.


photo 1.JPG

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Very cute! I'm stalking the forum to look at all your mani's now, haha.

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