Mani Friday: Ciate Feathers Manicure

Happy Mani Friday! 


Today's look is brought to you by Ciate's new Feathered Manicure set. Ciate's nail art kits are so much fun to play with, so I couldn't wait to get my hands (*tips*) on this one. The kit was easy to use and the final result is super neat looking, right? I've gotten so many comments on how cool my nails look since I put them on.


What mani are you rockin' this weekend? Show & Tell!


feathers 9.13.jpg


Also, if you're doing a beauty look to support your team this Sunday, don't forget to post a pic in our Rep Your Team thread!


Love it @candacebt!! I have this set on my loves list!


Here is my mid week mani using Sephora by OPI Dark Room:





And the one I did last night using Chanel Malice:





Love your nails @Malday! Smiley Very Happy


I'm obsessed with these Sephora Jewelry Top Coats so i can't stop using them Smiley Tongue

Sephora by OPI What a Broad

Jewelry Top Coat Come to Paparazzi

Jewelry Top coat Mauve-ie the Star in the Making! Smiley Very Happy


@malday - Your nails are so pretty! I'm loving that french tip with the embellishment.


@arielaaaaaaaaa - I HORDE the Sephora by OPI Jewelry Top Coats. They have great colors and are really easy to use to do all kinds of looks.


Love it, ladies!

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Since I was able to finally purchase 2 polishes I've literally been stalking, I'm sure this weekend will involve Chanel Rose Moire and Rouge Moire.

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vintage 2.jpg

I've been wanting to try this "Vintage Wallpaper" mani for a nails are really tiny, so I did the stripes on one hand and the cabbage roses on the other, LOL.


Happy Friday everyone, it's been a heck of a week!

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I was testing out the newest polishes I got in my Maven box, which is why it looks a little crazy.  Also had to trim my main nails, so they're so stubby!

Sorry I don't have a picture to post!  I have on Butter London Queen Vic.  I love this brand!  Ulta has the nail polish on sale tomorrow, so hopefully I can buy a couple more colors.  If I do, I'll put one of those on; otherwise, I'll probably go with Jaffa.


@malday - I love the stripe on your ring finger.  It's not too flashy; something I'd like to try.  Is there is trick to doing that?  I'm nail art challenged!


@arielaaaaaaaa - I really like how you did your nails.  Just a couple of weeks ago you weren't sure if you could use the Jewelry Top Coat--now look at you!

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@Titian06,  Lol i know! I was like i don't know how to use these! Now i'm obsessed! Smiley Tongue

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@Titan06 it's nail striping tape Smiley Happy You can get it super cheap on amazon and it just sticks on. Add a topcoat and that's it, super easy!

@Candacebt & Arielaaaaaaaa- Super Cute Mani's as always!Smiley Happy

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Ooh... Rose Moire is even prettier than I imagined!


its too metallic to get a decent picture inside at night, but I'm fighting the impulse to already get a back up.

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Great nails, ladies! 

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