Mani Friday: Cartoon Nails

Happy Mani Friday! Today's mani is special, because it was inspired by our very own BT'ers kimmi1115 and Spyski! See, kimmi1115 posted this photo of her adorable watermelon nails, and then Spyski posted a photo in the same thread of a cartoon mani, asking if anyone had tried it. Since I'm always on the hunt for mani inspiration, I thought I'd give it a go, and cartoon nails were born.


Related: Tomorrow is "Celebrate your Geekness Day" (real thing, people), and I'm a HUGE cartoon geek, so this is perfect timing! I love it when a plan comes together. Smiley Happy


So besides wanting to know (and see!) what's on your nails this weekend, I also want to hear: What do you love to geek out to? Show & Tell!


cartoon 7.12.jpg


I did a textured fire gradient this weekend!


Not the best shot, but...



I'm also a giant geek over way too many things to even start listing here!

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Oh cute starletta8! I love glitter gradients!

They came out great Candace! I like how you did different colors for an even more cartoony look, and the Lancome art goes well with the pic Smiley Happy


Oh, I like that gradient starletta8! It screams HOT for the summer and boy is it hot outside!

@candacebt- Thanks!  I work in a very conservative office, so I could never do this on a regular basis. Hence my baby skills...


@Spyski-Thanks!  They're the one bit of sun here today...

@starletta8 - I have no idea what I would do if I worked in an office that didn't approve of nail art...I shudder at the thought! Smiley Happy Glad you got the chance to go a little crazy!


@Spyski  - Thanks for the inspiration!

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omg that cartoon mani is the coolest thing ever!  @candace you must seriously have a rock steady hand.... if I tried that it'd be a mess!

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I had no idea 'celebrate your geekness' day existed! I'll have to celebrate that by wearing a Star Wars shirt or something! Very cute nails everyone.

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@Candace/sephoraadmin2 ( Smiley Happy )- I push the boundaries at work all the time by wearing nontraditional colors (Tiffany blue, etc), but actual nail art is a little too far.

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@candace & @starletta8 - Both of you have great looking nails!

@candace  I love the cartoon nails!  The shades you used really fit the cartoon effect, especially since they're not shimmery or anything like that.  


@starletta8 Love your fiery gradient!  It's awesome how you used textured polishes.  Which ones are they?  I've only tried one by OPI.  I almost bought one of the China Glaze ones at Sally's, but then I decided against it for now.

@Kimmi- OPI Liquid Sand The Impossible (red; Mariah Carey collection from January 2013), Zoya Pixie Dust Beatrix (orange; Summer 2013 collection), Zoya Pixie Dust Solange (yellow; Summer 2013 collection)


I've tried textured polishes from OPI, Zoya, and Julep.  Zoya Pixie Dusts are my favorites by oh so very much.

For all comic book geek goodness, here are my nails!


It's Emotion from China Glaze, a really pretty pink chrome shade:


Here's where the geekiness comes in, the color is a dead ringer for the color used in DC Comics for the Star Sapphires or the Violet Lantern Corps in the Green Lantern series.

Every time I look down on my nails all I can think is DC! Smiley Very Happy

@lylysa - Yay! I love your pretty geek nails!

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Thanks, Candace!! I love that you made each nail a different color!

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