Mani Friday: Britney Tokyo x Nail It! Mag

Happy Mani Friday! Today I'm very excited to feature this amazing nail look created with Formula X for Sephora polishes by nail art superstar Britney Tokyo for Nail It! Magazine. It should come as no surprise to you, fair BeautyTalkers, that my dream job (aside from the one I have now, of course), is professional nail artist, so I'm TOTALLY fan-girling right now.




What mani are you rockin' this weekend? Show & Tell!


mani fri 10.17.jpg


Get the inside scoop from Britney Tokyo on The Sephora Glossy>


@candace those are amazing!!! I'm so totally going to show this to my manicurist. This would be a perfect holiday/New Years look.


Ive been waiting impatiently to post my mani from yesterday. I LOVE Halloween!



@BeautyJunkie325 - Ahhh! Cute!  I love it!

Cool! I have used the tape + 2 color thing but I haven't thought of glitter over bare nail, or of using it for accent. 


I had the peach on for the week but was in a girly mood over the weekend so I drew with the white polish......which reminds me I kinda want to get a set of nail art tools at some point......

2013-10-04 21.30.28.jpg

@ Beautyjunkie, those are too cute!!! What glittery red did you use?

@ Beautytester, that is so darling! That peach is gorgeous!

@Lylysa - Thanks!!!!  We used my China Glaze Ruby Pumps for the blood drops.  I thought the shimmery/glittery red would be fun.


I seriously have the best manicurist ever. She was game when I showed her the pictures of what I wanted.  The Jason masks were super simple, the blood drips were another story.  Smiley Happy

Awesome! Totally loving all the Mani's!! Smiley Very Happy

My sisters Baby shower is tomorrow, so i wanted something Blue on my nails which is why I bought these Trend Tips awhile back! I really love the Ombre color!! I should have got more of these! 



I have bare nails and after seeing all these photos.. I NEED COLOR!!


@BeautyJunki325 I love love LOVE those nails!!!! I suppose I should do something fun and Halloweeny too but wow, your nails just brought life to me!! 

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This week I had it Sephora X in Theoretical--it chipped in only two days!  I was so disappointed.  I took my polish off on Wednesday and have had naked nails since then.  I haven't decided which color I'm going to use this weekend.

1381881831877.jpg Inspired by Miss Jen Fabulous... Love her ideas!!! 

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I've got Formula X- Wunderkind on my nails right now.


However, my local Sephora HOOKED ME UP and went searching in the back for me for something that hadn't hit the floor yet.  Dior Diorific Vernis in 995 Minuit is now in my hot little hands- I think it needs to be on my nails, stat.

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I tried using tape to make a similar pattern/shape on my nails this week and it went horribly wrong. Whats the secret? O_O

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Ooh, that chrome graffiti is spectacular. It does scream "new years eve." Here's my glittery accent, dabbed on with a toothpick.


@Beautyjunkie, that color from CG ROCKS!!! I've resisted it sooo many times because I have a red shimmer from one of OPI's holiday collections that has been my go-to....but this is tempting me more!



I'm super late on a nail post, FINALLY got to do them Saturday. *Sigh* Had to say bye bye to my super long nails that were growing like a champ for months. Alas, back to the shorties.


I did a variation on galaxy nails. Not going to lie, I'm still on cloud 9 from meeting Willam Belli at Rocky Horror a week and a half ago and when he was playing Riff Raff he sported blue and purple galaxy leggings.


-Wet N' Wild Black Creme (base)

-Assorted nail art pens in purple, aqua, and royal blue

-White and pearl art pens for the dots

-Glitter from Del Sol (lavender glitter that changes to violet in the sun) and Wet N' Wild (just a basic multi-glitter/silver glitter)



@lylysa it is really my HG glitter red.  It covers so well & doesn't have that glitter feel because the glitter is micro-fine.


Love your nails.  I keep saying I want to do the galaxy nails.  I may have to try them next. Smiley Happy

@ Beautyjunkie, I can't tell you how many times I've swatched it and had to convince myself to walk away! Hahaha....enabler!


Galaxy nails take next to no time to do and because you're using a couple of quick dabs and dots of polish, it dries pretty quickly! The first time around I did galaxy nails I used a toothpick to swirl shades, but this time I took the corner of a make up wedge sponge and blotted over the colors to blend them.

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