Mani Friday: Bright Camo

Happy Mani Friday! Today's mani is my first attempt at bright camo. I've done traditional camo prints, but I wanted to try something different. I think it looks more "abstract" than camo, so next time I'll try it with similar colors and more horizontal squigglies (that's a technical term), instead of placing them all willy-nilly (also a technical term). What do you guys think? It didn't take super long, but it took a ton of colors, which I have listed for you below, because I'm cool like that. :smileyhappy:


So what do you have on your nails for the weekend? Show & Tell in the comments!


bright camo 5.30.jpg



Colors used:

Butter London Fiver, Kerfuffle and The Old Bill

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Suspiria

Julep Madison

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Ohhhhhh! Super cool look :smileyhappy: How did you do the squiggles, with the brush or a tool?

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@Keely - I did them with a brush, but I've seen people do them with a dotting tool too!

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Very lovely! I have Chanel's Paradoxical on my nails today!

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Wow, I love it! I've never seen a camo look, very unique:smileyhappy:

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Hmmm I don't think I am talented enough to use the brush so I'll give it a try with my dotting tool.  I think I'm going to try blues to match my boyfriend's uniform.

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Very cool!


I'm keeping it simple with Chanel Black Pearl on my nails.

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@keely - It literally takes NO talent. It barely takes a steady hand, lol.


@starletta8 & nebel - I'm feeling a theme here... :smileyhappy:

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SO pretty! I've only done a camo nail once and it was a Giants baseball theme black, gray and orange! Definitely easy to do, even with the opposite hand- but WOW you have some skill to use that many colors! I really love these, makes me think of jelly beans! :smileyhappy:

I just saw in a magazine that you can use the rounded tip of a bobby pin as a dotting tool!

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Your nails look awesome, Candace! 

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that is extremely cool :smileyhappy:

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