Mani Friday: Balloons

Happy Mani Friday! I used Sephora's 4 exclusive Deborah Lippmann polishes for this look: She-bop, Lilac Wine, Chasing Pavements, and 99 Luftballoons - the gorg multi-glitter pink polish that was my inspiration. Smiley Happy 




What mani are you rocking this weekend? Show & Tell! 


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Oh pretty! I'm rocking my new Deborah Lippmann polishes too! I'm wearing Mermaid's Dream and Shake Your Money Maker. 


These are so pretty! I'm STILL wearing my Deborah Lippman "Candy Shop" from last week and its only just now starting to chip and needs to be taken off.. I can't wait to try more colors! Smiley Happy 

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Though I'm not sporting a Lippman shade, I still have my Power Ring/Lantern Corps nails since the base are gel. They'll definitely be switched up by the next Mani Friday post!


I am loving all the glitters from DL!

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Oh awesome!

I got the Deborah Lipman 100 pt nail polish while it was on sale. I'm thinking of painting my accent finger with it and doing the rest some kind of oxblood or blood red. We shall see!

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Beautiful work ladies!

So Pretty @candacebt!! And totally gorgeous @Keelybt!! Love both!

I'm still sporting last weeks Manicure, but i added glitter! Smiley Happy


@Arielaaaaaaaaa Love that combo!

@candacebt -- it ain't friday until I get to login to BT and see what new gorgeous creation you've posted for us to see!  amazing as usual!


@arielaaaaa wow I love those colors, so pretty with the glitter!

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p.s. LOL at all our mods wearing the new DL polishes!  can't wait to go swatch some myself! Smiley Very Happy

Lol Thanks @keelybt and @Drrragon! I can't wait for Fridays either to check to see if Candace has posted the Mani Friday! Smiley Happy

Gorgeous @arielaaaaaaaaa

@arielaaaaaa what is that beautiful pinky-peachy shade?  I must have it!

Hi, ladies!  You manis look great!  I'm like the rest of you, it's not Friday without seeing what @candice has created for the week!

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I went simple- Chanel Sky Line.

Thanks ladies. And @drrragon, it an OPI polish, but I don't remember the whole name, it's something Plumeria. It's gorgeous!!! 



Color block orange & block Gel Polish nails I got them done at the Salon today by my work. in Minneapolis. I am really happy I treated myself to this. I can count on my hands the times I've had manicures and pedicures done by a salon on my hand & this is one of the best experiences I've had of getting them done. now the mission is to make them last me more than a week without them chipping because of me wrecking them! Smiley Happy

2013-08-20 17.46.37.jpg


Here is mine! 

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Ahh i totally love your nails @JenBlush

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I'm doing Nails Inc. kensington caviar basecoat, Dior petale de rose, Dior Incognito (2 coats), and Nails Inc. kensington caviar topcoat, finished with a spritz of quick dry spray of course! Smiley Happy It's basic, neutral, and very pretty imho

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Love everyones manis!  I cant believe Diana's mani has lasted so long!  I'll be doing mine tonight Smiley Happy  The Deborah Lippmann Lets Go Crazy has been calling my name all week & now that I've let them rest a bit, I'm ready!    

You guys I'm just seeing all of these comments!


1. I'm flattered by all of the compliments, thanks! Mani Friday is my fave time of week too, because I get to see all of your great creations!


2. There are some GREAT looks on here, ladies. Color blocking, glitter gradients, glitter accent nails...I'm in mani heaven! 

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I know I'm a little late but here is my most recent mani:




The polish is Man Glaze in The Death Tar (now know as Matte is Murder). It's a matte black with shimmer, no matte top coat here, and Sephora for OPI Only Gold for Me.


But can we just take a moment to appreciate how nice this matte nail polish looks with a top coat too! So shimmery!


photo 2.JPG

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