Mani Friday: All White Everything

Happy Mani Friday! After all of the festivities last weekend, today I just wanted something simple and clean, so I decided on an easy mani using Formula X White Matter (a perfect, pure opaque white).


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show and Tell!


allwhite 7.11.jpg









Neutral nails today using Sally Hansen Mudslide

Hey, Candace! How many coats did you use for the white?


@Malday, that looks like a gorgeous pink chocolate shade!

Hi Lylysa!


I have the polish that Candace has in the picture (it's one of my favorites)! It takes about two thick coats to get the polish as opague as what Candace has on her nails. I like to do 3 thinner coats of the polish myself to make sure there are no bubbles or ripples in the polish. 

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Thanks for the reply, Randee! White polish can be so tricky sometimes to get right! And it's even tougher when you want to use it for French mani tips...too thick and tips look globby, too thin and you're building coat after coat after coat! Smiley Tongue

@lylysa - Yup, Randee is right, 2 coats! But I bet you could get a good french mani tip in 1.


@malday - LOVE that beautiful neutral!

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Hi malday ! I have that polish as well & I think it is gorg. & agree w @RandeeBT a/b coating as well. You did a beautiful job & love the shape of your nails too! What's that shape called....Almond? I'm not sure being I also do either square-round, or square. You are SO rockin that shape!


I am SO Lovin that white on you Candace! Look's SO chic & polished! Very put together & POP at the same time! You did a wonderful job ( I have been going back & forth on that color & the white VIB color/ top-coat for a hot minute, need to give it a good look see & make a choice)! Gonna call you pretty with patience! GORG. job!


I took some polish off night before last & have been letting my nails breath, BUT I am fixing to light it up OR make a mess! hehe Ned to try out my Sephora Nail Art Kit, huh?!



Thank you @irishqueen ! Yes I would say it's an almond shape, I usually have my nails in this shape, a rounded square when they're shorter, or an oval shape because I feel like square nails makes my fingers look shorter (although theyre already very log on their own haha)

you have piano plating fingers @malday ! They are very pretty hands (& nails) ! I like the almond shape & the " duck bill " shape. However, I don't think almond would look good on me & haven't tried the duck bill but think it is very pretty! U should rock it out & let me see it on you! It's very feminine w/ an edge!

My Mani !

Butter London Foundation for nails -Base Coat

OPI polish in : Don't Touch My TuTu on all fingers (2 Coats)

Formula X in  Aurora on top of the OPI on both ring & middle fingers (1 Coat)

Formula X in  Cherry Blossoms on both ring & middle finger (1 flower per nail)

Essie Good To Go- Top Coat

Happy weekend & Happy Nails!



02 july sephora mani friday collage, 2014.jpg02 july sephora mani friday collage, 2014.jpg


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Super cute IrishQueen! I love that cherry blossom polish, and the one flower per nail is an adorable way to do it. Love it!

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