Mani Friday: Alexa Lace

Happy Mani Friday! This week's mani is brought to you buy Nails Inc's Alexa Chung Fabric Collection, specially Alexa Lace and Cashmere. Since you know I always give you guys the *real* real, I will say that the "lace" polish is essentially a fine matte red glitter. However it is quite pretty from afar, and if you squint your eyes it does kind of have a lacey effect (just don't pile it on, you need your base color to show through). It's a cool "nail art" effect for folks who don't really *do* nail art (or folks who can't wear it to work, which...the horror...). What do you think?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show and Tell! 

alexa lace 8.27 sst.jpg


Lastly, a small announcement. Your favorite Community Manager (that'd be me) is getting married next Friday (!!), so I will be MIA for the next two weeks. But never fear! I have scheduled manis to post for your enjoyment; I just won't be around to chop it up with you guys in the comments. Wish me luck! 


CONGRATS, CANDACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I had no idea you were engaged, let alone your big day being so close! ^_^ You're going to make one gorgeous bride (with some stellar nails, I'm sure)!


The two polishes layered makes me think of sugar cookies with that super fine, crystal sugar that's colored and laid on top. Now I'm hungry.....Smiley Tongue



Congrats!  I hope your wedding is amazing!  


I love that combo.  I couldn't tell how Alexa Lace would look IRL but it's so pretty. I agree with lylysa about it looking like a sugar cookie.  And being hungry!

OMG great point, your nails will be FABULOUS for your wedding I'm sure! Smiley Wink This polish color combo is so cute! It's festive and I agree, cookie like! Smiley Happy 

Congratulations, Candace!  Happy wedding!


lylysa hit it on the head with your mani:  your nails do look like sugar cookies with red sprinkles.

Candace, if you post that photo on my "What's On Your Plate?" thread, I'll totally count it as "food-inspired", even if it wasn't intentional, haha!


I must be hungry...and now I'm spreading that with everyone who's checked into here.


Titian...however did you get photos of Candace's nails??? Are you two hanging out?? Smiley Tongue


Those look so yummy....*Homer Simpson drool engage*

LOL!  Sorry there are two, but you said you're hungry!

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You didn't hear me complain one bit! LOL!

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Another great mani, Candace. Have an amazing time at your wedding! 

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OH please please please post photos of your wedding mani when you get back! Congrats!

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Congrats on your big day Candace!  I would love to see your weeding pic's and your Mani too (of course)! I love this look it's very sweet & fun, yet neat & put together. Is that the Cashmere Texture Color under the sprinkles? If so, can you tell me how is the application and so on? I have been eyeballing it pretty hard Smiley Happy myself. I was wondering since it's a mixture of matte  (& some other finish, I can't remember, lol) how it did compared to the Sephora X Textured Matte's? Oh, & I have to agree I could tear some cookies up now too Smiley Wink Smiley Wink Smiley Happy ! Have fun w/ your preparations for the Big Day Candace & hope to hear back on the Cashmere when you (or anyone who has tried it) has time!

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Congratulations, Candace.  Hope you're enjoying the big day right now.  This manicure looks fantastic.  I swatched this polish when I first bought it but was not inspired to do a full manicure with it.  I may get around to it now that I see how great it looks on you.

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