In Focus: Marc Jacobs Beauty

We all know the story: Fancy designer / actress / singer gets approached by a cosmetics company who offers them a GAZILLION dollars to slap their name on a couple of beauty products, and voila! We've got a new celebrity
makeup line.


Kind of annoying, right?


Well, we got a hold of some of the original Marc Jacobs product sketches that were used to create the line (with a little design added so you can see the final product); personally I think they're adorbz, so I had to share. I love that you can tell how much input the designer himself had into the creation of the products; he wasn't slapping his name on anything (and if you think that Sephora would even allow that, I'm deeply offended *clutches pearls* Smiley Happy)!


What's your favorite product from Marc Jacobs Beauty? Show & Tell!


Lash Lifter - Gel Volume Mascara: "What if we were to create a mascara component that looks like glass - filled with shiny blackest mascara? Also, let's play a bit with the shape and proportions to make it more unexpected!"

mascara 9.19.jpg


Marc Jacobs Beauty Compacts: "My fave finish is glossy, glossy, Black! (like a high shine lacquer) My favorite piece of furniture is an art deco lacquered black coffee table - 30 coats of Black lacquer!! that's the goal here!"

compact 19.19.jpg


Lip Lock Moisture Balm: "Logo should literally 'stand out'. See sunglasses for raised letter - more pronounced, and always tactile!"

lip balm 9.19.jpg


Remedy Concealer Pen: "What would be a new way of applying a concealer?? Make an unusual tip, like this one? A material that's 'cool' to the touch - soothes tired eyes!"

concealer 9.19.jpg


Style Eye-Con No.3 - Plush Shadow: "I'd like the "edges" to be softened - to feel sensuous, tactile, while still remaining sleek!"

eye shadow 9.19.jpg


Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer: "Rounded, glossy, black cap! Silver band (again!)"

polish 9.19.jpg


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candace that is super-cool!  thanks for sharing! Smiley Happy  and LOL at the indignant pearl clutching, hahaha

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@drrragon - Ha! Glad you liked that. Smiley Happy

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This is so cute. I have a bunch of Marc Jacob stuff I haven't gotten around to using, like the nail polishes and lip gloss. I do love his liquid foundation. It works so well. Both of the eyeliners are awesome too.

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I LOVE the MJ nail lacquer  in LOLA which is a gorgeous true red. It's bright and sexy but but still appropriate for business.  I go 2 weeks between manicures and it holds up beautifully.  I am looking forward to trying other colors. 

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I wish I had more MJ products but right now I only have the mini rollerball MJ Dot and I love it Smiley Happy.

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I love the little drawings on each sheet--THAT'S a personal touch!


I don't have any Marc Jacob's yet.  I forgot to check out the products last week when I was at Sephora (how could I forget?!).

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Wow! Mark Jacobs certainly does have a flair for design outside of just clothes. I never noticed it until seeing this, but the little details he pointed out definitely make the products "appear" more luxe. 

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My fave product is by far the nail Lacquers. I LOVE Fluorescent Beige, so pretty.

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My favorites for the moment...Smiley Happy 



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Currently in love with the style eye-con shadows!

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I had The Vamp look done on me in store and played with the highliners Blacquer and Jazzberry. I love the long-lasting creamy formula. Gel liner in a twist up stick, very soft to apply then sets. What could be better, really?

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Not clutching pearls...

not clutching the pearls Smiley Wink

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