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BT'ers, I must confess: I am a bit of a skincare daredevil. I'll try anything once, and in my profession there is A LOT to try. So when I find myself going back to the same product even after I've run out, I know it's something special. Case in point: Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate. I'm a crazy hoarder of the stuff; I love it that much. So of course I was stoked to go behind the scenes with Kate Somerville herself, "facialist to the stars" and the master behind the brand, to talk about her skincare philosophy, favorite products, and the Nobel Prize (!) winning ingredients in her new Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream.


kate pyramid_st.jpgTalk to me about your philosophy, “Solutions based skincare” – What does that mean to you? How does your philosophy inform the products you develop?

I battled a variety of skin concerns growing up, so I have always had a strong desire to understand and improve skincare. From my personal experience, and my daily experiences at my Skin Health Clinic, I have seen how transformative skincare can be. When developing my own skincare line I knew I only wanted to offer customized, results-oriented solutions. And so, I set out designing each product in my line after the treatments offered at my Clinic. Working with my team of scientists I took a scientific approach to every formula to ensure the most effective solutions for each skin concern. While developing new treatments I look to the skin concerns that I see on a daily basis at my Clinic, all of my products are developed, tested and proven in my Skin Health Clinic. I focus on creating results without downtime, and providing real solutions for real results.


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I read that your new Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream was created with the help of Nobel Prize winning science. THE Nobel Prize, really? Explain!

Yes! I’m always on the lookout for new, innovative treatments and technologies. Recently I saw that there was an exciting discovery that unlocks the mystery on how we age, and more excitingly, what we can do about it! Scientists discovered that we have telomeres in each of our cells chromosomes that help protect our DNA. Over time telomeres begin to shorten, and when telomeres get critically short, skin cells begin to die and we see the signs of aging. I wanted to be at the forefront of this exciting development on the protection of telomeres. Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream is the first and only treatment in the world with Telo-5™ Technology, an entirely new way of addressing aging in the skin. Exclusive Telo-5™ Technology is based off the Nobel Prize-winning research, and is designed to combat the comprehensive signs of aging.


Besides the Telo-5™, what other great ingredients are in the cream? How do they promote anti-aging and combat wrinkles?

Working with Telo-5™ Technology are Age Defying Peptides with anti-glycation properties to help reduce the degradation of collagen and improve the appearance of firmness. To help diminish the appearance of wrinkles I included a new bio-ferment Extract of Laminaria Kelp which works synergistically with our skin’s natural Hyaluronic Acid.


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 At my Skin Health Clinic, I have treated many clients with sensitive skin who are also concerned with the signs of aging. Seeing this I wanted to ensure that even sensitive skin would be able to use this cream. Adding a propriety blend of Sea Whip Extract and Algae Plasma provides immediate and lasting soothing for sensitive skin. In fact, Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream has been clinically tested to be safe for sensitive skin.


Inquiring minds want to know. What Kate Somerville products do YOU use everyday?

My regimen varies based on what my skin needs that day. I always start with cleansing my skin. In the morning, I use ExfoliKate Gentle as my cleanser to provide light exfoliation. I use Dermal Quench Liquid Lift morning and night. I really see a difference if I miss this step because it instantly hydrates and reduces wrinkles! I live in Southern California, so applying a daily sunscreen to protect against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays is very important. I love Daily Defector Waterlight Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ to provide a physical-only sunscreen in a lightweight formula. Deep Tissue Repair Cream with Peptide K8™ is my “dream cream”. I alternate this rich and hydrating cream with Age Arrest throughout the week because they address aging in different ways. If I need an extra boost of moisture and firmness, I will add a drop of my new Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment.


kate spa_8.20.jpgOur BeautyTalk community is full of budding aestheticians and makeup artists. What advice would you give to ladies just starting out in the business who would like to own their own clinic some day?

I’m very lucky because skincare is more than just my job, it’s my calling. I have made it my mission to make people feel confident in their own skin; with this passion work never feels like “working”. Of course, my career took a lot of perseverance and dedication. I have heard “no” numerous times. Don’t be afraid of hearing “no”. If one door closes, then you need to trust that a better opportunity will present itself. When I opened my first Clinic inside a doctor’s office, I didn’t know anything about running a business and was scared to death! But I overcame this fear and just did it. I was like a sponge, absorbing all that I could in the process. You need to know what you want, not be willing to stop, and ignore criticism.


Over the years, I’ve seen so many people who were overcome with grief because of their skin challenges. I can’t tell you how many people have cried in my chair because they were feeling distraught and powerless. Clients need to know that they can trust you, and this will help you achieve a loyal customer base. Have a broad perspective when treating skin. Skincare is more than just skin deep, it goes further than what you initially see. Consider lifestyle and diet habits. I sit with my clients and tune into their skin and their stories. If a treatment isn’t working for them maybe they need to switch their lifestyle habits to see the results.


Strive to offer your clients the best and latest advancements. At my Skin Health Clinic I was–and still am–adamant that we must offer the most innovative and advanced technologies, and the most effective ingredients. Strive to become the authority in your field! GOOD LUCK! 




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I've read mixed reviews on the Exfolikate but sounds like folks here love it!  What are the pros and cons?  I have her 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream and love it (but you have to be patient and diligent with use)

@ Kimchikween, when I first got a sample of Exfolikate I wasn' too blown out of the water, but it was enough after I gave it a second go and using it PROPERLY did I really see and feel results!


It's not just a typical scrub where you apply, gently massage, then rinse off. It's a scrub that contains physical and chemical exfoliating elements so to get the full results and benefits you have to let it sit on skin after the massaging part.


Exfolikate combines gentle microbeads to give you that nice, physical sensation of "polishing" off dead skin and breaking down dry skin while remaining gentle and not tearing or irritating (compared to using sugar granuals or fruit seed powders). The formula also contains a slew of potent chemical based exfoliants such as papaya, pineapple, pumpkin enzymes plus a slew of glycolic acids (fruit enzymes derived from begamot and orange), lactic acid (milk proteins/enymes), salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid that targets balancing oil production while keeping pores purified), and soothing ingredients like honey, aloe, and vitamin E to maintain moisture balance, calm, and ease skin. The Intense formula is the one out of her 3 exfoliators that contains cinnamon, a powerful stimulant while containing anti-oxidants. It can provide a slight tingling or even warming sensation to skin, if you find it too powerful or overwhelming, don't leave it on skin as long, rinse after 30-45 seconds, if it's no issue you can leave it on skin for upwards of 1-2 minutes.


The chemical based exfoliants help brighten and even skin tone, promote healthier cellular regeneration, help to buffer the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, keep pores clarified, and helps break down dead surface skin that physical particles might not remove.


Now when I use it, I can leave it upward to the 2 minutes and my skin actually stays feeling super smooth and refreshed for at least 4 days.

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Why your product is so expencive that not evey one can afford. I think u just care about rich customer but not about average persone. That seems like very much mean and care about money not aboUt product. Be real woman not bussiness all the time. 

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Why u people fall for her stuff even u know her product is same as selling at cheper place with same stuff in that.

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