In Focus: Eyeliners

Hey BTers! It's time for another Show & Tell Mini-Focus Group!


Today my friends, we'd like to know: Do you have an eyeliner application question? Something you've always wanted to know how to do? Ask away—we just might feature your question (with an answer, of course,) on The Sephora Glossy.


Sound Off!




How do I make small winged liner even?  I always end up with one wing higher than the other!

Is there a way to keep my hand more steady while lining with a liquid liner? 

Oooh good questions! I'd like to know the answers to those too, lol.

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How can I get my eyeliner to stay on my waterline of my lower lid? I find it always smears! I also second the question on how to make my wings look even using a cream liner and brush - I try so hard but there is always a slight difference!!

What are some techniques for lining the upper waterline/lashline? I always blink and tear up but it makes eyelashes look so much fuller.

How do you avoid fall out when using powder eye shadow as a liner?


gingerblack your question is one I was just asking yesterday. I'm a blinky, teary mess!

How can I get full coverage (as in it not washing away, or wherever/ whatever it's doing or going, lol) on my upper & lower lash line (in the corners mainly)? I want to get the full thick line that makes my eye's POP but all I normally do is make my eye's red because I am trying to go over ( & make it stay) the work I have already done.  I end up looking like a hot mess....w/ allergies, tired, or a broken heart!

How do I keep my eyeliner from transferring? I use a primer, but it still always manages to move from my lash line to the top of my eyelid.

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