Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Still looking for an easy look for tonight? Try out this bloody nail splatter by JINsoon.


What are your Halloween plans? Show & Tell!


And don't forget to post your Halloween beauty and nail looks in this thread (or any of the other Halloween threads on Show & Tell) so  I can highlight them tomorrow! 


jinsoon nail.jpg


Here's my costume! I always love an excuse for red eye shadow!


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@shapeshifter CUTE! I love the makeup and costume! Smiley Happy I feel strange with NOTHING on my nails right now lol

Well i'm taking a break from sitting outside, I have to watch Grey's Anatomy Smiley Tongue

But here is a pic of me and my dog! She wasn't cooperating very well, and you can't quite see my my hat, but it's Polka Dot and has Mickey Mouse ears! 


Halo has on a dress thing that says Trick or Treat!

Here are/were my nails for halloween! i get kinda creeped out because i have eyes looking at me constantly! lol

2013-10-31 14.43.31.jpg

I re-did my nails yesterday.



We were eating up the neighborhood last night. It's very quiet this morning Smiley Wink

The kids were so antsy and couldn't sit still, their makeup didn't come out as good as I had hoped but good enough, we had fun.

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Spider Makeup


Spider makeup for school, butterfly makeup for the costume party I went to! Smiley Happy 

My friend Monica (the sailor) and I before heading out to see Tensnake. You can't see my tall shoes...my feet were dying by the end of the night but it was worth it (always a sign of a good night anyways)...



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