Featured Thread: Undereye Setting Powder

For today’s Featured Thread, we’re looking for the best undereye setting powder.


My recommendation? MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder, which I use every day.


What say ye, BeautyTalk?


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What’s your recommendation for ksparkle2000? Show & Tell in the comments!



I agree Make Up Forever's Microfinish Powder is amazing! Perfectly sets your make up without looking "over done". I wish they would change the packaging however! Super messy.

Yes on the MUFE HD Powder, and a little tip I learned in a training a long time ago is to use a crease brush (one with longer, looser bristles as opposed to a smaller, tightly packed crease brush) like this one:




Just pick up a very small amount of the powder (Laura Mercier's Loose Setting Powder can also work for this; you just need a loose powder without any color) and lightly dust it on.


Or, another good tip for dark circles is to brush a little bit of your blush in this area (especially peachy colors to counteract the darkness) which will also add some dewiness.

@dreamsfortaking - I know, it can get a little messy. Once I saw a makeup artist hold the little cannister upright and tap it into his palm before he opened it, that seemed to settle some of the powder inside. Now I do that and hold it steady when I open it so I avoid getting it all over my clothes!


@makeupmaven - great tips! I want to try that blush one.

Absolutely agree there is nothing that will ever compare to the MUFE HD powder I love it . My personal fave!

Oooh, my comment made the show and tell! I'm famous!

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@dreamsfortaking, Too Faced's Primed & Poreless Powder is another silica based/HD powder that comes with a twist and lock over over it's openings so you can reveal how ever many open holes to tap out powder, it's also great for travel!

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Thanks for the suggestions @candacebt & @lylsa Smiley Happy I'm trying the Tarte version currently, but the Too Faced sounds promising. My problem is that I travel so much for work, with out it being able to truely close, it is a mess by the time I land at the hotel.

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