Featured Thread: Prom!

Today's Featured Thread is a timely one, as I've seen quite a few posts in the community lately about that time-honored right of passage: Prom.


This thread is about prom bag essentials, and there are some really great suggestions here that I have bolstered with some recommendations of my own: cotton swabs with built-in makeup remover (crucial), rollerballs for your marc fix on the go, stylish blotting papers, an adorable bow compact, bobby pins in their own carrying case, and a top-rated hairspray mini.


So let's help our prom-going BeautyTalkers (and their mothers, no doubt), out: What products do you recommend as prom-going essentials? Show & Tell in the comments!


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Shop beauty minis> http://seph.me/1aFtJ3T

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I just thought of another one -- a small popup hairbrush is great to have handy.  This one looks useful and has a mirror, too:



Safety pins, pain killers, facial tissues are things I like to have around.  I'd also have a small container of mints instead of gum.

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Oooh good pick, mafan! I carry one of those around in my purse NOW, lol.

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I would say Urban Decay De-slick Make up setting spray...even if your not dancing being packed in a room full of tons of other people dressed as savvy as you are throws off a lot a ton of heat so heat + compact area + happy hyper nerves of having the time of your life @ your prom project stress & sweat so bottom line use that or something of a similar nature so the make up doesn't wear off as the night wears on.

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@WhereYouStand - all great points! I do love the UD setting spray, and they sell a mini version, although I've found that a few good spritzes last me all night!

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