Featured Thread: Full Coverage Foundation

For today's Featured Thread, we're looking for the best full coverage foundation.


"Foundation" is consistently in the top searched terms on these boards, so I KNOW ya'll have an opinion about this one.


What say ye, ladies?


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I was just typing out a response when I noticed that my post was quoted above (thanks for using it!! Smiley Very Happy) so I will reiterate and agree with Melissa and Kenny that Kat von D Lock-It is probably the most full coverage foundation I have ever owned. I do like Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet, too, but I think the Kat von D is a slightly better shade match for me.

LOL @katie1724! That's why I do these, to share out your awesome advice.


Agree totally on the KVD. I told Erik, the Sephora PRO who does all of Kat's makeup for the shoots, my difficulties in finding foundation that matched me well, and he walked right up to the gondola in store and pulled my perfect color. I don't wear a ton of foundation, but when I do, I wear KVD! Smiley Happy

I love Kats foundation...! Now if I could only learn how to put it on and not look like a horrible cakey mess. Smiley Sad

@Apocalyptica I find that with KVD's foundation I have to work very quickly since it is thicker and sets fairly quickly.


Make sure you start with a good base. So make sure skin is exfoliated to get rid of dry flakes, and try a primer to smooth your skin.


If you can work quickly a buffing brush works great (try real techniques). Or if you might be slower a dampened beauty blender or sponge works great.

Also only do one area at a time when applying KVD's foundation because it does dry so quickly if you do it any other way it will dry before you can blend it.

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I hate MUFE's Mat+Velvet  Foundation I tried it a while back and it is so heavy I never had any break outs until I used that.

Another vote for KVD!  I find that I have to use so little in comparison with other foundations (just a teeny dab compared to one or two full pumps!)  I haven't had a problem with it looking heavy or cakey at all, probably because I use so little.  It just covers everything like magic, and I'm one who NEEDS full coverage with lots of post-acne scars and general blotchiness.  When I first started using it I remember how surprised I was at the end of a long day when it still looked good without the patchiness I had come to expect from my other foundations.

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I need a great full coverage foundation that lasts all day. My skin is a tiny bit oily and I am in my forties (but still want to look great!). I don't mind the price, as long as it is an excellent product. PLEASE advise. Thanks!

@drrragon I completely agree. Every time I use KVD I am a little surprised at how amazing it looks, even at the end of the day. I know I (with acne scars) don't have to use concealer when I wear this foundation!


@Dori1965 Definitely check out Kat Von D's Lock-it foundation. By far the best full coverage foundation. Plus it is on the cheaper end of the spectrum as far as higher end foundations go

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Thanks kenny! I've been leaning towards trying KVD for awhile now, and since reading all of the wonderful reviews about it, I think I'm sold! Thanks everyone! Smiley Happy

I'm a huge fan of KVD's lock-it foundation. It's my go-to foundation for special events and concerts. It eliminates any and every imperfection. I never have to worry about concealer when I wear it either!

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@janinebt WOW! No need for concealer?! I love the sound of that! I've GOT to get some KVD!!!! Smiley Happy

I love Kat Von d it's like a foundation photoshop for me that means cover everything like redness, acne scar anything.  No need concealer too Feels like a pageant foundation. I have mufe velvet and its also good but doesn't cover like kat Von d.

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I would def agree that KVD foundation is about as full a coverage as you can get. And you only need like a pea size amount for your entire face! Excellent coverage for a decent price, how can you beat that?

So thrilled over all of the love for KVD! Just wanted you guys to know that the love is being passed on to Kat!  She'll be psyched. Smiley Happy

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I want to try the Kat foundation but it doesn't come in the color range that I'm in.  I wear Seychelles and Syracuse in Nars and Kat doesn't make anything for deep and yellow undertones.  That and my Sephora is always out of it so I can't see what I'm buying.  I have to try out my foundations so I don't have to make a return trip to the store.  If you can suggest something, I'll try it out.

So it's my birthday tomorrow and I just decided to gift myself the KVD foundation because of all of these wonderful reviews! Thank you ladies! Especially since I'm going to an SF Giants game on Monday and I plan on being on TV with a nice-looking complexion Smiley Wink 

I think I'm the only one who hasn't tried the KVD foundation! Looks like I'm headed to the store after work LOL Smiley Wink Anything that doesn't need concealer along with it has to be in my daily arsenal. 


I'm SUCH a fan of full coverage foundation. I had an old account executive who told me we don't want to emphasize a cake face.. but I LOVE cake face!   

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KVD lock it tattoo foundation!! I have yet to get my hands on a full sized bottle, I have a few bottles lined up waiting their turn but the second I see it in my local Sephora, its MINE. Smiley Very Happy

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