Beauty Challenge: Show off your holiday look!

Well this one is a no-brainer. For this week's Beauty Challenge, I want to see your holiday look! Whatever my BT'ers are doing this week, I know you ladies are taking to opportunity to get a little dolled up. So let's see it!


Show & Tell! 


And if you just want to share what your holiday plans are and not post a pic, that's acceptable (but side-eyed Smiley Tongue)

Happy Holidays!


Beautychallenge 12.23.jpg


How did you get that pic of me?

Well, Candace, you can look at me as side-eyed as you want, but I have no friends and my family does not include me in their activities.  Thus, I have no parties to go to and I will be spending Christmas by myself; therefore, I have no reason to get dolled up.  My face is naked and so are my finger nails.  I did order the Julep Mind Your Mani off the Sale section yesterday.  I hope that will help get my nails back in shape so I can start polishing them again.  I will probably experiment with a make-up look tomorrow for when I run my errands.

Titian06 we can have a christmas party on here!!  We will throw hearts at each other and Ill post pictures of yummy snacks, and we wont even gain a pound!!!!! 

Aaahhh, aren't you sweet, calamityjane!  Smiley Happy

ITS ON GIRLY! Merry Christmas!!!!

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