Color me excited about:

1. The opportunity to revive the beloved BeautyTalk Beauty Challenges! Every week I will post a new beauty challenge (usually on Mondays, but since today is the S&T debut I wanted to celebrate).


2. The Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald!

Did you know? Emerald falls exactly between true blue and true green on the color spectrum, making it a universally flattering tone that activates and enhances EVERY eye color.


Have you rocked the Color of the Year yet? Post your Emerald looks in the comments!


Need inspiration? See how to Get the Look ("Elemental" is calling my name!)>


Hey guys!  This Show and Tell seems like a great idea.  Just in case any of you missed it, here's the link to my Emerald Green makeup tutorial I made a few days ago:


While I feel like olive green is easier to make completely wearable for every day makeup, Emerald can definitely work for the day when it's used subtlely Smiley Happy  Can't wait to use it when it gets a little warmer here!

@maltipoo what a great tutorial, thanks for posting!


I realize I can't very well ask everyone to post their photos and not get in on the fun, so here's mine! Full disclosure: I am NOT a makeup artist, I just like to play. Smiley Happy



I used the Elemental palette and the Glitter Strobe Eyeliner set for this look.




shades of nature palette




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I've been wearing bright spring colors lately, but *still* havent tried my emerald shadow out. I love everyones pix!



I haven't gotten my Pantone collection yet but I did get an emerald and gold manicure, doubles up for St. Patty's.

Does it have to use the Pantone products?

I posted some emerald look awhile ago pairing it with different color (blue, orange, gold), altho it's mostly a subtle look.



@beautytester - it most certainly does not have to be Pantone, this is just to have fun with Emerald. I used the Pantone products because I'm crazy about that eyeliner. But you don't to have to!

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nails2.jpegphoto 3.PNG



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jess bt.jpg


I love the SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Shadow Block in Bionic!


This photo really does not do the product justice, but it was really a nce fun pop of Emerald to match my shirt Smiley Happy 

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I love it you guys! Thanks for posting your pics!

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