Anti-Aging with Retinoids


Retinoids–the anti-aging skin wonder–are one of your best weapons against fine lines and wrinkles. Products that contain these proven wrinkle-fighters combat signs of aging by gently resurfacing skin and supporting natural cell turnover for a younger, healthier appearance.


SUNDAY RILEY’s Luna Oil improves the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, and age spots, delivering essential moisture for a calm complexion. Peter Thomas Roth’s Professional 3% Retinoid Plus is a lightweight serum that visibly improves fine lines and wrinkles, while lightly hydrating and evening skin’s tone.


When using products with retinoids, remember to start slow and up the frequency as skin adjusts. And, as always, slather skin in sunscreen! –Tracy J.


Do you target your fine lines and wrinkles? Show & tell!

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Hi @KatieBT,


I'm on my second bottle of Luna and every morning my skin looks and feels amazingly plump. I haven't tried many oils in the past but I can tell that this one is different. 

I was hoping it would do wonders for my pores as well, however it has a healing and calming effect on the red areas on my face and my skin feels hydrated but not greasy. 


Can it be used on the eye area as well? I'm currently using an hydrating eye cream.




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Retinoid is one thing still missing from my skincare routine. I am in search of the one which works for me but doesn't bother my skin.

@eleonorarosa that's a great question, I'm asking a brand expert and will get back to you Smiley Happy 


@fatimamummy such a hard task, retinoids can be so harsh!

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@KatieBT Oh, thank you so much..


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True @KatieBT I hardly got rid of all the irritation resulting from my most recent Retinoid experience.

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I've been using Peter Thomas Roth's Retinol Fusion PM nightly for about two years, and I absolutely love it! It has never caused me any irritation and my skin looks better than ever. Smiley Happy

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I would love to try Luna 💗 I dont see any results with a sample from the store, and the whole bottle is too expensive for me to gamble if it will make a diff to my skin or not 😫

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For reference: 27, normal skin but easily dehydrated- I lean towards being oily when lacking moisture. Over the last several months, I have averaged a few small close comedones a month, but am generally not very acne-prone. The spots that I do get tend to disappear within a day or two, as long as I do not touch them. My primary concerns are redness, evenness in tone, and maintaining adequate moisture. 


I use The Ordinary's 2% Advanced Retinoid ($9.80) every other night, rotating with my other night active (Drunk Elephant's TLC). I use a vitamin C serum every day, followed by sunscreen- I can't emphasize enough how important sunscreen is for anyone using a retinoid!


For the first two weeks of use, my skin was pretty wacky for me-- I had a couple of mild breakouts of small closed comedones. I made these worse by breaking my 6-month streak of not picking at zits... sigh. So they got worse, bigger, uglier, and stuck around.


I am now at week 5 or 6, and I have only had one very small pimple in the span of the last 2 1/2 weeks- an improvement from before ever using a retinoid. My skin has felt slightly more oily, but less so when I add more moisturizer and hydrating layers. The more that I moisturize, the better. I've actually seen a noticeable improvement in the overall texture of my skin, and have seen an improvement in brightness also.


Overall, I am beyond satisfied!

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All retinoids and their derivatives break me out in cystic acne.  It is so frustrating that retinol, retinyl palmitate, etc. are in so many products from skin care to makeup to lip products.  It makes it very hard to find products I can use.

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I feel oils like Luna (which I use every week and LOVE) hydrate and calm your skin. They are effective at keeping your complexion clear and glowy.   Meaning if your skin is looking dull and tired.  The hydration and exfoliating actions perk up your skin. 


But, the claims that they help with wrinkles, brown spots and even pores I don't think that is true. You will need specialize treatments to help with these issues.  

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@eleonorarosa just heard back! We don't recommend using Luna oil on your eyes. 



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@KatieBT, Thx for looking into this. 

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