2014 Pantone Color of the Year

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It's here! The 2014 Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid, a beautiful (and versatile!) floral flush.


The Sephora + PANTONE collection will be available in 2014 (and will be gorg, I'm sure), but in the meantime, let's go through our beauty bags. What's your favorite beauty product in Radiant Orchid (or your closest approximation)?


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Read more on the Sephora Glossy> http://seph.me/1hAtlLJ


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oh fun! I can totally get behind this color of the year Smiley Very Happy

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This is an awesome color for the new year!  It  goes so well with the colors of clothing I wear.  Can't wait to see the new line.

Ahh! I so totally called it. I guessed that was going to be lavender. Radiant Orchid is pretty darn close if you ask me. Smiley Happy

My favorite "sorta" orchid love is currently Mulberry from Bite. (It looks deep purple in the tube but swipes on a pretty berry shade.)



I am in LOVE with this color! (I wasn't a fan of Emerald last year.) I'm excited for a year of glowing, pretty, blushing violets.

Saw this on the Today show this morning and I'm loving it. I can do Orchid over Emerald anyday!

My favorite color PINK! I love the bright fun fuschia colors. The first one that popped in my head is OCC lip tar in anime Smiley Very Happy LOVE

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I am so excited for this!

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Lovely. I love bold berry Shades. Oh, I will definitely be rocking this. 

I am looking forward to the pink Sephora+Pantone Universe pink makeup brushes.

The color is actually a good choice pertaining to cosmetics and fashion. It will be interesting to see what wonderful little goodies Sephora comes up with using the Radiant Orchid color harmony. Looking forward to it Smiley Happy

Finally! I've been waiting for a color I actually love. Orange and pale green just haven't been my style.

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OOOHHHH! I love purples as long we don't go too pink. I should have known this with UD Naked 3 being purples & pinks. LOL

I look forward to seeing what Sephora + Pantone comes up with for this year.

A color I love and an orchid is my favorite flower! Love the choice!

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Nice one - I love all shades of purple Smiley Happy

I love this color! It looks like Hot Plum from the Maybelline Vivids collection. I wore that so much this summer!

This is the type of color that looks absolutely terrible on me Smiley Sad I'm a bit too warm and need pinks that lean more red.

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YES finally! I wasn't really digging the green...

Hm, I know I have a similar color in opi nail polish, now I have to go look. Meantime, I was looking at this image.jpg 

Here in the site


And and this just arrived for me, I'm sure Sephora will have it soon!  I've barely swatched it but it is a more 'milky' formula than Benetint or Posietint and the color is very soft. 



My swatches


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What a beautiful color!

I thought it was blue.  That's what I read in early fall.  Love this color but was looking forward to the blue Smiley Sad


I think it was Dazzling Blue... It had the #1 spot.

I thought it was going to be blue too! I was all excited for blue (which I like almost as much as I liked teal, which is one of my favorite colors) but purple is cool too.

I'm with @veronika and @spacesuit.  I thought the color of the year was supposed to be Dazzling Blue.  Blue is my favorite color; orchid is definitely not my color.  However, I look forward to the products Sephora and Pantone create.

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I kneeeew it would be this color! I have seen it all over in Korean beauty products so I'm neither surprised nor let down. Now, if only I was bold enough to wear it! XD <3

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Oooh I'm so pumped about this!  My favorite color is pink, and this deep fuchsia/jewel toned "Radiant Orchid" looks awesome on me!  Thank goodness I've realized how nice this shade (and similar ones) looks for lip color, I'm looking forward to adding to my very small stash!

I'm soooo on board with Radiant Orchid!  Purple is my favorite color so some of its various shades such as orchid tend to make regular appearances in my makeup bag time to pull out the  Benefit's Wild Child ultra shine lipgloss, Tarte 's Cloud 9 cheekstain, Maybelline's Wild Blossom blush, Revlon's kissable balm stains in Darling, Opi's I'm feeling sashy and Benefit's Hervana box o powder. Bring it on twenty-fourteen, I'm ready. lol


oh yes! i cant really pull off green, but i will be rockin' this. and that lip color! i can already tell 2014 will be a good year Smiley Wink

Yes! I have green eyes an red hair, I am so rocking this color in 2014!

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I've been fine with the last few colors. The tangerine shade is my favorite color (I'm not sure how good it looks on me but.....), the emerald was great (but just about any green is great for a redhead), and this purple color is pretty (I think I have quite a few makeup shades that are similar to this already). The only thing I didn't like about the emerald was some of the parings. The green was pretty but some of the eye shadow kits were pretty icky to me at least.


Sweetie Belle is color pony of the year.


Sweetie Belle


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Absolutely love this color - bring on the products!

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Well it's official: I'm going to have to get this color lipstick!!! 

I am in love with this color! (Full disclosure: I have been in love with every single Pantone color of the year. Orange as a year full of fashion regrets. :/)





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very excited abut the color of the year..i am very girly so I am ready..love the pinks and purples!! what a great year this s going to be.


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