What new feature(s) would you like to see on BeautyTalk?


What new feature(s) would you like to see on BeautyTalk?


makeup for the mature woman

makeup for the mature woman

Re: What new feature(s) would you like to see on BeautyTalk?

live chat


id love a a real time chat, not just between customers an...

id love a a real time chat, not just between customers and sephora advisers, but for everyone that way suggestiond and advice can be quicker and truly get us out of some binds lol

Re: What new feature(s) would you like to see on BeautyTalk?

Maybe a place to save a paragraph or two of thoughts on our accounts that is private. This for two reasons


1. I find myself answering the same question time and time again (what makes blues eyes pop). I love giving my suggestions to newcomers, anybody actually, but if I could just access that paragraph anytime I needed it, I could easily personalize it for the question without spending 20 minutes on a post I've already written.


2. And also to save my ideas for posts. I might come on, think of something I want to ask, but not have enough time to put down all my thoughts, so then we could still remember it in the future when we do have time.


I know there's Word or other programs, but I think it would be easier to have it all in one place :smileyhappy: 


Other than that I really love BT, it is really convienient.


~We are all beautiful~


Re: What new feature(s) would you like to see on BeautyTalk?

Possibly a chat feature....and I'd like to be able to do all the things on the app that a computer can do.  The app is limited, and I use it the most.  Also, maybe this has nothing to do with BT but sone of us do not have Facebook or Twitter, and we miss out on a lot of promos.


Re: What new feature(s) would you like to see on BeautyTalk?

[ Edited ]

1. Sorting my posts by hearts. Currently I can see all the threads/posts I made in chronological order, but I would like to see which of my posts are most popular/helpful and which are least helpful to people.

2. Separate threads and posts. I would like to be able to see all my threads (where I want to read every single responses), and all my posts on other people's threads (where I may or may not be interested in other responses in the threads). It would be very very helpful since I now have ~50 pages of posts and I can't wade through everything to find the questions I asked. Kind of the same feedback on BT frontpage, where I can see newest threads on "Latest Buzz", but the threads and response posts are mixed together on "Expert Advice" making it difficult to figure out if it's a thread I'm interested in reading.

3. Title change for old timers? yeah ok, I may or may not have been obsessed with the different titles at one point or another =X. However, Hall of Famer seems to be the last stage, which is fine since it's a great title but after a while, I feel kind of old....and stale....and ooooold......

4. More obvious events/promo announcements. So I notice a lot of the announcements for events are either in the ads on the side, where frequent internet users are pretty much conditioned to ignore, or in the "Expert Advice" section where it was quickly swallowed by post responses to other stuff. The make up swatch posts are nice tho. =)

5. Better connection/match between Sephora account and BT account. The mods here are absolutely fantastic. However, there seems to be a lot of problem where VIBs are not labeled as VIB here. Instead of the mod going around fixing it one by one, I think the IT dept should do something to make the connection between accounts more solid/real time/whatever you call it. I also had a TON of problem and my account was SO impossibly broken when the new website went up and for 2-3 month after that, that I was ready to give up Sephora (lost 200pts, terrible phone service where the lady won't let me speak, lost 800pts, couldn't order, security issues, you name it, I had it). But, it was more of a IT dept complaint rather than feature on BT.

6. Guidelines and username. When a new user first come on to BT front page, guidelines are no where to be seen. It may be a good idea that right after they make the account, they are directed to the guideline threads and maybe a little quick tour. Also, it would be great to let us know that the username canNOT be changed. If I had known that, I would've actually put some thoughts into it. I value my privacy, but this username is so generic I'm impressed anyone here remembers me at all.


I know chat feature has been mentioned/proposed, but it can go either way. It can be super nice way to make friends, or it can go really really wrong if someone you really really don't like decides to stick to you. For me, I think no chat but PM is good. It would be great if we can PM multiple people like a group PM.


p.s. Thank you thank you THANK you for the autosave of posts. Sometimes I accidentally close windows or hit backspace and hate it when I lose the response. Thank you for implementing this feature, 1000 brownie points.


*cough* Sorry for the long post. My engineer/interface design/feedback instinct kind of kicked in.

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