We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see from Sephora’s Beauty Insider program?

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Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

I have around 900 something points and like other folks mentioned we patronize your store alot in order to reach these high points. I also would love better point products..Meaning when I get to the checkout I seriously don't want to use 500 pts for one little product. or for a sample kit. I would love to see a full size choice of maybe a Sephora product (any Sephora brand product). 

Reach 1000 pts 2 full size Sephora  brand products(any choice). 

or choose one or the other a 20% off coupon on any item used at Sephora or a choice of a full size Sephora brand item including makeup,makeup tools, etc.


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

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The "gifts" are really what was given to us for free before. Now I have to waste points on it, what? I'd rather get a coupon for money off. I also miss the satchels that used to be free but now cost money. The whole Sephora "experience" is going downhill, which is the only reason left to really shop here other than the incredible return policy. I think Sephora needs to be more creative in general. The products offered in the store are rarely the colorful ones. It's like they take the same products from every line and put them on the shelves. So I'm looking at the same products everywhere, just with a different brand name. The products that tend to be unique to the line are never there. Finding an eyeshadow color like red or rare lipstick color should not be hard at a makeup store. But I find that Sephora never has them and I have to go to the brand's own website to buy it.


Ooh! Coupons based on ouR skin type/purchase history or c...

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Ooh! Coupons based on ouR skin type/purchase history or complexion!!

One-on-one private makeup artist session for our birthday...

One-on-one private makeup artist session for our birthday OR private skin consultation/mini facial

Decent sized sample trios where we can choose from specif...

Decent sized sample trios where we can choose from specific brands for 100 point perks. Full sized products for 500 point perks(And maybe something exclusive, not like the purple mini-nail polish, how cheap!) or 50 dollars in credit. And, a reinstatement of the Skincare Rewards (or alternatively, Haircare Rewards). Better rewards for 2x (plus) VIB members...(like bronze star VIB, silver, etc depending on how many times we've spent 500 dollars on Sephora).

25% of the amount you've spent in that year in award money.

25% of the amount you've spent in that year in award money.

Perhaps some Sephora stores have their customers on file...

Perhaps some Sephora stores have their customers on file but the one I go to does not. It doesn't make you feel like you are appreciated if none of your purchases are kept on file. Example: I go in to purchase my normal cosmetics or skin care and can't remember the one I got last. It would be nice if the sales associate could look it up and tell you.

Samples of products

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Samples of products, like testers for beauty insiders to test and then review, we get free product, you get reviews as a result

Re: Samples of products

I would love to get a free makeover or a free one-on-one session with one of Sephora's makeup artists on my birthday, complete with samples of the products being used.


When offering a foundation sample, I never choose one because it's never in my skin tone.  Why not try to customize the foundation samples based on the information the customer provides in her/his profile?




There have been some great suggestions. I'd also like to...

There have been some great suggestions. I'd also like to see VIB's be able to use two codes; so when you have one for say free shipping you can still get a special product sample. It would also be great to receive "double beauty points" perhaps as a special with a purchase. I'd also like to see more samples in the stores without always asking. Thanks!

A rewards program where VIB members can actually earn $'s...

A rewards program where VIB members can actually earn $'s toward purchasing products we use regularly. Some of the perks are fine, but often they're products I wouldnt' use. Why not set it up like a credit card rewards program and let us save up $/points for real products or for a discount off of products we're already ordering?

Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

Better (wider) selection of samples. Especially for 100, 500 points!


I think you should be able to choose three samples in the...

I think you should be able to choose three samples in the store like you can when you make an online purchase. :smileyhappy:

The ability to use more than one promo code would be nice.

The ability to use more than one promo code would be nice.

more Beauty Insider only specials & deluxe freebies.

more Beauty Insider only specials & deluxe freebies.

Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

A free beauty make over on your bday.

when you buy certain brands you get free samples of other things from that same brand to try out.

Better bday gifts and get to choose at least between two things (not vanilla body wash - I hate vanilla lol)

Beauty insider products notice sent via email so we know when the products come out before they are all gone.

500 point perk... needs to more generous. 5 samples we can get from a coupon code - we something more

to enter in more than one coupon code - at least two.  come on the samples are what makes us buy more products.

Samples - give the correct number of samples in the boxes and not just random samples that we didn't ask for. If they ran out of that sample, then it shouldn't still be posted on the site to pick 2 weeks later.

Beauty insider VIBs should get more samples sent to them as a bonus.


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr


Having to choose between samples or free shipping, etc. is pretty ridiculous.

500-point perks should be better--we did spend $500 to get them, guys.

No random samples! Keep better inventory, and maybe let me pick a back-up or two. I don't use animal-tested products, and research everything I use, including samples. It's super frustrating to put all that work into something and then get sent some random animal-tested product (that's usually in the wrong shade, to boot).

Also, I agree with another poster that said we should be able to pick samples in-store as well, not just online! 


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

I think it’s clear, people want more bang for their buck out of the VIB program. I was terribly excited to get the VIB status a couple years ago, and I was equally disappointed to realize that nothing changed at all, except for a couple of invitations to “exclusive” events I don’t have the time or interest to attend. I didn’t get better, bigger, or more samples. I didn’t get better or cheaper shipping. I didn’t get any perks as far as I was concerned, so I let my status lapse. Truth to tell, I won’t see the difference.


This year, I didn’t even bother to pick up the birthday gift Sephora had for me, and I work 2 blocks from a store. It just wasn’t worth it, I don’t really want a product that is ill-suited for me or my skin type. This year, it’s better: Fresh lip treatment. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to it, so it looks like I won’t bother to go pick it up again. So while it’s a nice thought, it amounts to nothing: I haven’t gotten anything from Sephora for my birthday in about 3 years. I'm not feeling the love.


These are ideas that have been mentioned before for the most part:

  • How about letting me choose a full-sized product among several picked by the company (or a small sampler product bag like the one I purchased, by the way, to try several Benefit products a year or so ago) for my birthday?


  • I’d love to see more of the larger-sample product bags (they have a name that escapes me right now). There are brands/products I’d like to try, but I don’t want to spend $50 on a trial product, even if I can return it. I would however spend $20 on a large-sized array of their products. I did this with both Benefit and Korres, and I am a client for several of their products now.


  • How about better/faster/cheaper shipping options?


  • I’m painfully banking my points waiting for a 500-point perk that warrants using them. It needs to be something that I want, and I don’t want a palette of 13 eye shadow colors I’ll never wear. More power to those who do, but not everyone wants an eye shadow palette. How about setting up parameters, as in 500 points, which are realistically worth $500, entitle me to 50% off on any product worth at least $50? Or a free product worth up to $45, and then a discount scale?


  • Another thing I would love to see is the ability to place an order online or on the phone and pick it up at a store. Over the holidays, I wanted purple eyeliner. The store was packed, and after spending 30 minutes in line, I had to go back to work empty-handed. So I placed my order online, and paid for 2-day shipping. It took me 5 days to receive my order, so well… I didn’t have the product I wanted in time. Hardly a disaster, I know, but I’m the client here, it should be easier for me to purchase and get my products. If I could, as a VIB, place an order online and have a store pack it up for me to where I only have to find an associate and grab my bag, I’d buy more stuff.


To Sephora, I say this: a couple of months ago, I was looking for a specific product that Sephora doesn’t carry, so I ventured on a competitor website. I purchased the product at 12:30pm on a Monday, I had it at my door on Wednesday afternoon, 48 hours later. This 2-day shipping was free (I always pay for it on, and it didn’t take them an additional 2 days to ship the items. I received 3 “normal-sized” samples of products that suited my skin type (according to the item I purchased), and not 3 random samples (I have a box full of samples from Sephora that I can’t use). I also received a larger “deluxe-sized” sample of an expensive product that I chose according to a scale based on how much I spent for this order. I didn’t have to spend $500 in the past year, I didn’t have to be part of any reward program, yet I received better perks than I ever have at Sephora being a VIB.


Now I love Sephora, but I just don’t see how the VIB program is an incentive for me to spend (more) money there, and I have been purchasing my make-up from them for over a decade. Frankly, even my bank gives me better rewards for having been their customer for over 10 years I don’t feel valued as a VIB. *I* find reasons to shop at Sephora, Sephora is not offering me reasons to shop there. That’s a bit of a problem long-term.


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

I have to agree!! I was actually thinking the same as I recently made a purchase at my sephora (store)...I make all of my makeup, skincare, fragrance purchases with sephora and what do I get in return? Yes I do LOVE Sephora but I realize that all of my favorite brands have websites for me to purchase the same items.  I can get 3 free samples that I know will be from the brand I love and not some random samples that I will never use. I get free shipping with a $50 purchase(same) but a much better reward program/benefits such as: 5 reward point for every $1 I spend and when I reach 300 points I get  $10 off my next purchase. I do feel like I am spending more than I am benefiting. When I spend $100 with sephora I get 0.4oz sample of something I can't use...when I spend $500 I get something else that I can't use. As a VIB I would like to get a little more for my money and loyalty! Not a gift that cost less than $10 because I spent $100 or even $500. I would be happy with more sample/reward options, discounts, coupons etc..Real rewards that make me feel like a valued and appreciated customer.


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

I agree with your post. Monthly coupons;holiday discounts and maybe a 20%to use when you would like a large order.


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

Totally agree!!!!


Sephora: WAKE UP!!!! Competitors are all over offering much better deals for our loyalty!!

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