We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see from Sephora’s Beauty Insider program?

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Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

My absolute favorite thing that Sephora ever did was the Skin Care Challenge. It got people (including myself) to take better care of their skin, as well as try out new, full sized skin care products once they got a certain amount of skin care challenge points. I would LOVE to see this program come back.


I would also like the option of signing up for a "birchbox" type of program where Sephora sends me a box of samples for $10/mo. There have been times where I wanted to try a product, but didn't want to commit without a sample first. I'm sure the companies that work with Sephora would be more than happy to do this - I feel like it wouldn't be all too costly.


For the birthday thing, I would prefer either a choice of 2-3 items to choose from, OR a complimentary make-over. I have a feeling that most people will buy at minimum the lip products used (since gloss/lipstick come off the fastest with eating and drinking)


As a VIB I would like for there to be more VIB specific things. There really isn't a whole lot of difference between the BI/VIB levels. Around Christmas for example, VIBs got a $20 gift card and 2 extra days to use said gift card than the BIs, who get a $15 gift card. All you have to do to be a BI is sign up. To be a VIB you gotta spend more money. Shouldn't I be rewarded more than $5 more? ... I do understand we get more coupons throughout the year, but still. Can we get sent either a list of items picked out just for us, or some samples, or even a full size product once a year of something most everyone will like (ie Dior Show Mascara or something) for being such avid shoppers?


It's hard to think of things that aren't discount related ... but I can't think of much else aside from opening up earlier or staying open later for VIBs only for some make overs, early access to new products, a party or something :smileyhappy:


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

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Those are awesome ideas!  I too wonder what I spend so much money for when my sister barely shops and still gets pretty much the same perks as I do.  I'd love to see workshops available to VIBs, full-size gratis in our favorite items/brands, more options for our free birthday products, and extended hours or private shopping times.  How cool would that be?


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

Workshops! I'd take one in a heartbeat!


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

Besides the obvious thrill of discounts, I agree with others who believe there should be more membership levels, with additional benefits being unlocked at each one.


For example:


Beauty Insider (Basic) 


  • 3 samples with each order
  • Complimentary shipping on orders of $50+
  • One Promo Code per order

VIB (Silver - Spend $350+)


  • 5 samples with each order
  • Complimentary shipping on orders of $25+
  • 2 Promo Codes per order

Gold - Spend $500+


  • 5 samples with each order
  • Complimentary shipping on any order
  • 3 Promo Codes per order

Platinum - Spend $750+


  • 7 samples with each order
  • Complimentary shipping on any order
  • 5 Promo Codes per order

And of course there would be special promotions unique to each membership level, so while promos for a Silver member might include deluxe samples, promos for a Platinum member should consist of full size products, or larger quantities of deluxe samples.



Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

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I would LOVE that! I feel like we don't get enough benefits as VIB's. There really aren't that many special offers given to us compared to regular Beauty Insiders! I've never had the time to attend those parties or special shopping events.


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

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platmin should have a higher price range. like $1000.


Bonus Samples for the gap between 100 and 500 a 250 one w...

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Bonus Samples for the gap between 100 and 500 a 250 one would be GREAT

Sephora Benefits.

First of all I would like to say ThankYou Sephora for wanting feedback and for everything You do for VIB's&BI's! I would like to see the SkinCare promotion thing again that was active last Year. I was so bummed when I was due to get MySkinCare Product free after buying 5 or 6 SkinCare Products and being told Products were not available?. I also would like to see a new Birthday Gift free for VIB's and a Birthday Gift for free for BI's. Or a set for Both VIB's&BI's. New and more often bigger selection of 100 point perks and 500 point perks would be Great also. The LauraMercier 500 point perk was pretty bitty and JosieMaran little tiny but I Definitely Enjoyed MyDiorBracelet!! ThankYou Sephora, MyTooFaced EyeShadow Palette was Gorgeous perk. Maybe some more Sephora Totes offered for Promotion codes or Birthday Gifts. Or available for perks 100 point or 500 point. ThankYou again for listening Sephora!! Maybe inform VIB's of sales prior so not sold out before We know also!!

Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

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I agree with alot of what's been said so far. The most important thing to me would be to give VIBs more coupons and discounts. I spend so much money at Sephora so that would be awesome. I saw someone else mention being able to combine coupons and offers. Oh and bigger better perk point products too! the 100 and 500 point perks suck most of the time which is why I have almost 800 points saved up


a delux sample product with every purchase

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a delux sample product with every purchase

more coupons, more samples. we spend a lot of money to ge...

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more coupons, more samples. we spend a lot of money to get to the VIB program... make it worth it!

more samples!

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more samples!

Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

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Want to get the new bronzer illuminating look of the cheeks how do you get that


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

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How can I get rid of my pimple on my forehead..please let me know..thanks..


Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

I love Sephora and being a VIB - now how could I reccs that the program work better?


I notice a lot of very valid suggestions on the thread - and I will add a few.


I would like to see the VIB program have levels. It would make sense for Sephora as well - the more a customer spends - well, the more they spend. As a customer that can/will spend far above the VIB threshold - I'd like to see an enhanced program where there were maybe - Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels. As for "entry" into these levels - maybe criteria other than simply spending money would be "required". Make it money based + find a way to draw these super spenders into becoming more active in their Sephora community.  We have a LOT of knowledgeable peers here - and since knowledge is power - well, lets find a way to empower every member of the Sephora Community. 


Although I love Beauty Talk and Sephora TV - and the product Q & A - How about ADD a segment called BEAUTY WISE - make this a tightly moderated bulletin board where "guest columnists from the Sephora Community" can write original articles Sharing their EXPERTISE and allow the entire community to benefit from their knowledge. They could range from the Fresh Faces starting to find their first looks, to building a cosmetic "wardrobe" to cosmetic safety, to skin care and best practices and featured looks and how-to's. These would be available like an "encyclopedia of gorgeous" - not bumped via questions of outside postings. 


Sure, the VIB program works - but how to make it do more for more. 


VIB - as it is now.


VIB Gold -  Spend $750 yearly + write product reviews for a minimum of 5 of your purchases + answer 5 questions. Refer 1 new members to BI


VIB Platinum - Spend $1500 yearly + write minimum 10 product reviews + let others benefit from your beauty know how - answer 10 questions and pen one yearly original article on something you excel at BEAUTYWISE (how to, best practices, building a basic cosmetic wardrobe, skin care case studies, best face forward, step-by-step quite to best looks). Refer 2 new members to BI.


VIB Diamond - Spend $2000+ yearly + write minimum of 15 product reviews + answer 15+ questions on product Q/A or BEAUTY TALK and pen an original article on something you excel at at BEAUTYWISE. Refer 3 new members to BI.  


Find some additional way to credit points for those that contribute over and above expected to the Sephora Community. (reviews, questions, BT, BI memberships - after that person makes a min. Purchases they get points too, etc)


Now that we know how to get there - maybe the "perks" can be depending of your "level". 


The 100pt and 500pt levels need more choices and maybe a bit better ones. Also, add a 1000 point choice. Be able to pick multiples - others have suggested this and it would get me to spend on "stock" items if something was enticing me to purchase then. 


Maybe VIB should have a differing set of stock samples based on their level. 


 BI samples could remain 


For VIB - add VIB sample selection and let them choose 3 from each

VIB GOLD - the BI/VIB Choice + add choice of 1 of 3 Deluxe GOLD Samples

VIB PLATINUM - the BI/VIB Choices + add choice of 2 of 5 Deluxe PLATINUM Samples

VIB DIAMOND - the BI/VIB sample choices - let them take 3 of each + add choice of 3 of 6 Deluxe DIAMOND Samples. 


As for other benefits have periods of FREE SHIPPING with $25 purchase -- no coupon required for VIB's. (This allows the VIB to take advantage of another coupon offer)

2/year for VIB's. - announce the dates well in advance

6 a year for VIB GOLD - announce dates well in advance

Monthly for VIB PLATINUM - 1st thru the 10th or something

UNLIMITED for VIB DIAMOND with $25 purchase.


BIRTHDAY GIFT - Well, I know that has varied in the past (not a big vanilla fan either - but, this is offered to anyone who signs up so - a routine discount or free product for everyone/anyone would be cost prohibitive) and it would be nice to have a few choices and maybe that would be dependent of the coin one spends and their LEVEL within the program.


Other perks for the Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels?


Bump up the Holiday Gift Card on membership level. 


Have VIB, GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND Sales and Events!


Do DIAMOND Days - maybe early AM hours or late post close hours - early access is preferential treatment to someone spending thousands is a good thing for everyone. Can you identify your top customers by store, zip, state? Maybe these numbers are not "real" - only you know who spends what - but, these folks do deserve some special goodies. 


Maybe something like "Birchbox" - only on a quarterly basis. Do 2 price points -  BASIC 20 & OUTRAGEOUS 35. Have a choice of "looks" that will be detailed in the program. Make them a bit age specific and look specific. Classic or Fashion Forward. The options are only limited by your imagination - call me if you need ideas. :lol:


All I have - maybe more will come to me. 


Be Beautiful!







Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

When Beauty Insiders reach 150 points, they get a free Sephora makeup brush of their choice:heart:



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I agree with the previous comments that free samples shou...

I agree with the previous comments that free samples should be thrown into your bag at the store as well, not just online. A great coupon on birthdays would be amazing as opposed to just a product that frankly was nice but i ended up giving away to a friend. There should also be a tester for the 100/500 point items available in the store - maybe away from the register so that before we go up to purchase we can decide whether or not we want to use our points. I just used my 500 points on the Lancome set that was available at the Soho store and was frankly quite disappointed with it. I appreciate the gift but when youre at the register, you feel pressured to decide quickly whether or not you want the product. It would be better to be able to walk into the store and have a display showing testers of whats available to beauty insiders - That would also get those who arent beauty insiders to join if they are intrigued by the samples. It would also be great if you could give out points for reviews, and more points to those with 'starred' or 'favored' reviews.

Re: We love discounts too! But, let's get creative: What other new benefits would you like to see fr

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Yes to the birthday gift or discount card;

Yes to the choice of more than one 100 or 500 pts reward online and better/bigger sample choices;

Yes to the free shipping limit to be lowered or be permanent for the VIBs (seriously the VIBs are usually addicted to Sephora and would be shopping even more often);


You might even consider offering the VIBs the choice of more than coupon (specially for deluxe samples) at least online.

(Almost always trying a new great makeup or skincare product from the deluxe sample makes me buy the full product. It is not always the same for those small samples at checkout as they are...well, small: in fact too small to be able to judge a product by it.)

I have always to decide between a skin care or a makeup sample coupon at the checkout (or a discount code :smileywink: ) and it would be great to be given the chance to stack them (say up to two coupon codes at a time).


The last item I would like to see is an extra discount coupon (yes, I know, you wanted some creativity :smileyhappy: ) for the VIBs that qualify in the first 6 months of each calendar year (so you get one for the year that you qualified in and one for next year). I think it would entice us (do I really need that?!?!) to buy more at the beginning of the year, rather than wait for your F&F sales  and pre-holidays discounts :smileyhappy:


Double points on certain products. Especially the brands...

Double points on certain products. Especially the brands that are purchased the most.
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