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Isn't it time she had her own dedicated post?  I would like to create a place solely to discuss KVDs new releases and all other things regarding her brand.  I love KVD...whose with me?   Kat is currently working on videos for her new metal crush collection (which will be posted on her website)...     Although KVD is currently a Sephora exclusive line, Kat's own online makeup store (Kat Von D Beauty) will launch on or around 10/30/15.  You can sign up for updates on her website.   (top & bottom left: Kat modeling Metal Crush Eye Shadow "Thrasher" & High Voltage Metallic Liquid Lipstick "Rocker", top right: Kat modeling Metal Crush Eye Shadows "Thrasher" & "Black No. 1" , bottom middle:  Kat working on her new items with the Sephora team, bottom right: Erik Soto presenting swatches of the new Studded Lipstick & Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades)   Upcoming products & release dates! 16 new shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks: July 17th 11 shades of Metal Crush Eye Shadows: July 17th   9 new shades of Studded Lipsticks: August 10 shades of High Voltage Metallic Liquid Lipsticks: August   Mi Vida Loca Eye Shadow Palette: Holiday Season LE Gold-Blooded (red/gold shade) Studded Lipstick: Holiday Season Mini Studded Lipstick Set: Holiday Season Mini Everlasting Lipstick Set: Holiday Season   Compact mirror and Saint/Sinner perfume: TBA Train Case: TBA Serpentine Palette: TBA Shade + Light Blushes: TBA Vampira Studded Lipstick & Formula X Nail Polish Set: TBA Kat & Kandee Collab:  TBA Pics of upcoming products in the spoiler! Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Updated as of 6/30/15
What happened to the Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer?! Arrrrr. Did Sephora stop selling it? Sad Eye's for real   Anyone know what's up? Thanks in Advance!
I'm ~20 years old. I have normal skin with a very mild, if at all, breakout area along my jaw line. I use the Clarisonic Smart Profile every day to wash my face, along with a Amore Pacific under-eye cream and Clarisonic Redness Solutions moisturizer. I don't get enough sleep. I was wondering if a night cream would/could be helpful and which ones you guys suggest.    
Does anyone know when the Sephora + Hakuhodo brushes are going to be released?
Hi there, which shade would be best for contouring? I wear shade 'Golden' in Bobby Brown's Long wear even finish foundation. I have yellow/golden undertones. Many thanks
I really want to try some new foundation. I sadly live 100 miles from the nearest Sephora so going in and testing foundation is hard to do. I currently wear Urban Decay Naked foundation in 4.0. Any suggestions on good matte foundation?  
Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 8.15.45 PM.png
Can it be true?  The Emerald Tip Nail Ring is no longer showing in the Sale section!  I's gone!  
Call me crazy but isn't this a bit out of their price point at $48?  Are they trying to go higher end? -1-super-serum-P389007?skuId=1630342
I just bought the mini Issa toothbrush and I'm super excited for it but super nervous it's a waste of money.. Has anyone tried it ??
Hello lovelies,   What are those products that are pricy but you absolutely can't live without. Specifically, luxurious ones that you find saving for those special occasions but love using each and every time.   For me, here are a few that I aboslutely adore:   Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray - the smell is to die for Oribe Maximista - again, gorgeous smell and great results on my fine hair Omorovicza products because they literally are the equivalent of a facial
I'm turning 21 in September and taking 2 of my best friends and my sister to a nice hotel for 3 nights. I want to either put together a goodie bag or give them pre-made giftsets. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe travel sized makeup or skincare and some SPF since we're in south Florida and the hotel is on the beach.   Thanks in advance
Hi, I just bought bareMinerals Matte foundation in golden fair today. However, I realized the expiration date is this upcoming October after I came home. I thought foundation is supposed to have longer lifespan than 3 months?
Hello fellow beauty and cosmetics, ("goo"), junkies!  I am an need of some product guidance, particularly as I am a brand-loyalist, (to Clinique), and unfortunately the product line doesn't include make-up removing/cleansing cloths.  Here's my situation, I'm an oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin type, AND, per having a stressful and MORE THAN full-time job, (AND it's the 'busy season'), have been just too tired and lazy to make the effort to do my full routine at night, every night -- which I normally LOVE doing!!  Anyway. , in an attempt to not sleep in a full face of make-up, have tried Neutrogena's wipes, and just don't feel very clean, and my skin doesn't seem to like that chemical-combo very much.  Any suggestions on Boscia's cloths?  Or other brands???  Help!  Need some advice to get me through this **momentary** beauty no-no rough patch! Thank you!
Hi guys - so I was recently perusing shoppers drug mart here in Canada and I came across an exfoliating foot mask called feettreat PEDI by look beauty.   Apparently they're little socks with a bunch of exfoliates/acids that you wear on your feet for 60-90minutes and then for the next two weeks your feet shed of calluses and dry skin and you end up with baby soft feet.   I, of course, couldn't resist the urge to try it! I had it on last night and waiting to see the miraculous shedding process over the next few days.   Have any of you tried a product like this before? Good/bad results? I know there are many other brands that do this sort of thing and my understanding is "Baby Feet" is the original Asian brand that came up with the concept.   For those interested, here's a link to the product that I purchased:     Results: The process was taking too long for my liking but my feet did stat to peel slightly around day 8/9 but my feet were feeling really dry. I wasn't willing to go another week waiting so I expedited the process by using a pumice stone to get all the dead skin off and then a nice foot scrub with lots of lotions. My feet feel greeeeattt!!! A bit tender as I may have been a bit rough with the stone but very soft and a good chunk of my calluses are gone.
Today I noticed two products where it is actually cheaper to buy the smaller product size than the larger version. Normally the more you buy the more you save, but I wonder if I am missing something? ( Canadian Prices ) Is this to get rid of old packaging or is it simply the way they are priced?   1st is Fab Radiance Pads. • 28 for $14 = $0.50/pad • 60 for $37 = $0.61/pad   2nd is Miracle Worker by Philosophy • 0.5 oz for $5 = $10/ounce • 2.0 oz for $74 = $37/ounce
Just if there are any plans to sell the makeup forever primer with sunscreen. Heard about it on youtube, seems to be a great product, but for some reason not sold at sephora. Or does anyone have suggestions for an equivalent product? Looking for oil free with NO white cast, and not shiny like most chemical sunscreens. I loved the old josie moran sunscreen, hate the new one and can't find anything that works.
Hi, everyone! We're all beauty fanatics here, so I just wanted to start a thread about everyone's beauty tips and tricks. I was sitting here thinking that some of mine might help out you guys and I'm sure some of yours will help me (along with everyone/anyone else reading).    I'll start with a couple of mine in the comments!
Hi friends, wasn't exactly sure where to post this or if someone has already discovered this beautiful availability (sorry if I'm late to the party!), but it's back in stock! on-15-us-P395543?icid2=Just_Arrived_makeup_sku_gri ...
So I was browsing for new Givenchy products and noticed that this eye shadow  from 2013 winter collection is for sale on the website, presented as new uId=1565274   Any thoughts?
Need new eye cream for hubby. I swear by kate Somerville products for myself. Love her age arrest. But at $75 and with the way hubby uses eye cream want something a little cheaper. Anyone recommendations ? Was thinking origins plantsubscription serum. Recommendations???
I have a question about Facial & Eyebrow Razors.  I saw there is one on Sephora: P136216?country_switch=ca&lang=en   I have seen cheaper ones where you get 3 in a pack.  But my question is, once you use this product, and the hair grows back, does it actually grow back soft and not thick? Like it's not really like a actual shaving razor.   I am very hesitant to try a product like this.  I have really bad hair on my face, well use to...and for years I have been waxing.  Just wondering if this is better then waxing and doesn't grow dark and thick with this razor.  Not specifically this Sephora one, but in general the facial razors I have seen online.
I know samples (from the vendor, not created on site) can be really hit or miss in stores. I've gotten a foil from time to time, much to my surprise and delight, but I don't think I've ever received a deluxe sample except when special events offer a promotion that includes deluxe samples with purchase.   Does anybody know if stores ever have the items that are offered online with promo codes? 
This item is back!  How did I not notice this sooner? lor-contour-P387424?skuId=1615723
After receiving a sample from Sephora, I have fallen absolutely in love with Flowerbomb. (Yes I know. I'm very late to the party). I placed a few small orders to get samples and it is no longer available as a choice at Sephora. I can't afford to purchase a bottle of the parfum at this time so if anyone knows of any stores offering it as a free sample with purchase could you let me know via PM or this post? If I can pick up an item that is in my budget at this time from one of those stores I will so I can collect a few more samples. Yes, I love it that much. Thanks ladies
I have never tanned or self-tanned before.  I am indian (hindu), so I was wondering what color should I use or what product is good for someone of my color?  I am medium colored skin, black hair and dark chocolate brown eyes.   I don't have a very dark tan obviously, but just a nice soft glow.  I don't even know if it's worth doing a self-tanner for someone like me.   Any ideas? Thoughts and tips?
Hi!   Love my sun safety kit!  But is the plastic insert recyclable?  I didn't see any code on it.   Thanks!
I was browsing the "what's new" section at Ulta, and saw that they are now carrying z-palettes! So far, they are online only! I love my z-palettes and happy to be able to buy everything in one convenient place!    Spoiler (Highlight to read)
Hello, I am really interested in getting the 2015 sun safety kit but the product seems to be sold out online and it suggests that you use the "find in store" option to find it in the stores nearby but that button never worked for me. I believe someone has mentioned that button did not work for Canada for a long time and has not been fixed? Anyway I went to 3 stores and asked the S/A's about the kit but all of them were unable to help at all. One said it is just an online thing while another one told me it hasn't be released, another time I was told to come back later in the week but nope, still couldnt find it. Please help, how can I purchase this sun safety kit in Canada? Thank you I really appreciate it!