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Disney Collections Mirrors
The cinderella, jasmine & ariel mirrors are back! Some other items are back as well.
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Hi! I'm hoping someone has the Cinderella compact from 2012 for trade or etc. if you do, please PM me!! Thank you :) see post
Niacin/niacinamide and Vitamin C in a cream/serum?
It's been suggested to me that a cream or serum with both Vitamin C and Niacinamide could help lighten some slight melasma on my lip and cheek. Does anyone know of a cream or serum like this? Thank you!
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BEAUTY GURU allegrissima / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
I have been adding the booster C powder from Philosophy for years.  It is like a miracle potion.  It does take care of the melasma gradually.  But, you also have to comp... see post
Sephora vs. Ulta - The Verdict
I've been a VIB for a few years now, and my local Sephora is within walking distance of that "other" brand. I've heard rave reviews about their rewards program, most especially about their generous giving of free product with each new level reached and not samplers.   Today, I headed to my Sephora store for the VIB event, got my bag loaded up, and then...went to Ulta. I was actually there to get a tube of NYX lip gloss since I've heard so much about it, but I went through the whole store out of pure curiosity.   The verdict? While Ulta does carry drugstore brands and their rewards are pretty lofty in comparison...Sephora has my heart. Ulta felt too "superstore-ish". No offense, but a little...below...the standard and prestige of Sephora. So, Sephora, heed our call! Amp up our VIB rewards. Tidy up the shelves and demos in your stores (our store is a tad lacking in that dept.). And, keep up the great work! = )
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Spot on.  see post
What happened to Cargo
Haven't seen it in Sephora stores since 2009. Did they axe the line or something...   Cargo was such a great little company with gorgeous colors and such innovative ideas; the prices where pretty decent for what you paid for too. Those quads they sold had huge eyeshadow pans and the best pigmentation by far, all for only 28 bucks! Hard to find anything to match that. One eyeshadow at MAC costs almost 19 dollars in Canada...  So you know I'm on the hunt for any deals I can come across elsewhere, without forking it out for MAC.   Does anyone know what happened to the line...
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sarahleeb / RISING STAR / replied
In Canada, London Drugs and Murale (owned by Shopper's Drug Mart) sell Cargo. You can also google "cargo canada" and find some Canadian sites that offer free CAD shippin... see post
Is clarisonic a waste of money
I have been using mine for about two months now. I still get dry patches occasionally and I get new pimpes almost every other day (they are small and go away in a day or two) Before using clarisonic my skin was good (a small pimple maybe once a month and some blackheads but not many ) Also I still need to use pore strips and occasionally squeeze the blackheads and I notice that a lot of gunk comes out of my pores My milias on the forehead have not disappeared and I noticed that I have small wrinkles on my forehead now. I am only 21 and people my age dont have any wrinkles. My pores on and around the nose did not shrink either. The only thing that shrinks them is manual squeezing Has anyone noticed similar changes to their skin after using Clarisonic?
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I used Clarisonic from December until today.  I admitted that I feel my skin clean. But do not clear or minimize blackhead on my nose and my skin still have the dry patc... see post
What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?
I was wondering, what beauty products that Sephora has stopped selling or cosmetic companies have stopped making do all of  you miss the most? Have you been able to find other beauty products to replace them? The products I miss like crazy are:   1. Benefit Cosmetics "Depuffing Action Eye Gel " In the morning, sometimes my eyes get a little puffy and tired-looking. This product was the most effective and fast-acting way to get rid of puffiness and make my eyes look brighter in one easy step. I'm so sad that it's gone!   2. Tarte "Rise & Shine Lip Gloss and Stain " This combo of pretty-colored long-lasting lip stain and plumping colored lip gloss is the prettiest lip color I've ever tried. It looks better in photos than anything else I know of. Sephora recently stopped carrying this. I'm glad it's still avaiable on Ulta, but I'd rather buy it from Sephora so I can get Sephora beauty points!   3. Bare Escentuals "Brilliant Gold Beauty Duo " This is such a fun little set that includes a top quality and heavenly soft brush as well as a case of highlighting powder that adds a beautiful golden shimmer to your complexion. It's more convenient and easier to use than any other complexion-brightening product I've ever tried. I love my "High Beam" and "Girl Meets Pearl," but this product is so much faster and easier to apply. I know it was a limited edition, but it's just such a great value that works so well, I really wish they'd bring it back. If they did, I'd buy one for myself, of course, but I would probably pick up a couple for gifts too.   What about all of you? What no longer available products do you miss the most? Have you found good replacements for them? By the way, if anyone knows of an effective replacement for any of the products I mentioned, I'd be most grateful to hear about it!
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BEAUTY PRO desertgirl501 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Dior Lip Serum de Rouge in 740 Rosewood was MLBB.  see post
Cinderella Compact Mirror
So I'm so upset that I missed my chance to buy the cinderella compact mirror :,,(   Has anyone heard if Sephora is getting any more in?
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HALL OF FAMER twilightnicky / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Nope, go get it!!! :) see post
Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Face Peel
I just purchased the Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Face Peel. I also am currently using the Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Cream. Can I used the cream after using a cleanser and then the Face Peel? Or is the Murad plus Dr. Dennis Gross too much?
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Thank you! This Boscia Oil sounds great! see post
Opinions on the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X?
Has anyone tried this? What was your experience like? How easy is it to use? I have wanted to get professional laser hair removal done for years, but the high cost has prevented me from going through with it. The idea of an at-home laser device always kind of freaked me out, but once I started doing research and found that this particular one is FDA approved, I felt a little better about it. So far nearly all of the reviews I have found were raving about it. But then I found one review on Sephora where the person said their original (somewhat negative) review got deleted, and that made me nervous that other bad reviews may have been deleted as well...especially ones where they wrote in detail what they did not like, because all of the negative reviews left on there were something like "I did not like it and I returned it." and didn't give any details why. Any thoughts??
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Can you share your experience with the Trial? I am thinking about purchasing it for my birthday next month. My only concern is that I have pcos and I worry it will have ... see post
Will the Urban Decay Vice Palette ever come back in stock?
I know it's a limited edition item, but I've been on the email notification list for ages and I haven't gotten an email saying it's been permanently discontinued yet. Does anyone know if there will be another shipment or is it done for good?
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On the Urban Decay site…December 4, I think at 1:00 am pst.  Temptalia posted that on her blog…and she usually gets accurate information. see post
New Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Will you try it? The innovative new s curler fits any eye shape and offers precise application so that you can really emphasize parts of your lashes without pinching skin, thanks to its small structure without side-bars.  
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I've had it for a long time and it basically does what any other does, in 4x the time. Wish I kept my old one and didn't give it to my sister see post
NARS Ita Brush
I was wondering if a mod could please help me     When will the Nars Ita brush #21 come back in stock?  I've been wanting this brush for a while now and I'd prefer to purchase it from Sephora. I talked with Nordstrom's and they aren't planning on carrying it anymore ( muuuwahhhh     I'm not sure if NARS is discontinuing this brush… Seems unlikely as it's really popular.  
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I tried this brush during one of the Nars training that we had and I feel in love with it! It's super soft and I think it would be the perfect brush for contouring. see post
Clarisonic brush heads on Ebay
Does anyone regularly buy Clarisonic brush heads on eBay? I bought a double pack last year, and I was very satisfied with them. I compared them to the original and all seemed legit. No difference in appearance or performance. I like to stick to Sephora to ensure authenticity, but I wonder if the ones on eBay are authentic. No seller lists them as authentic though...any thoughts??
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I bought a pack from eBay last summer and they were practically the same thing! I have normal skin and they work just fine. They aren't claiming to be authentic because... see post
Silicone-free moisturizers
Other than Korres, does anyone have suggestions on other brands that carry silicone-free moisturizers? I'm starting to think that I may be sensitive to this..and it's in everything!
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Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream  see post
Do you ship to the Uk please
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smwynne / FRESH FACE / replied
Sephora do not own any UK stores so really before it's converted to UK currency, it's very cheap therefore you have too spend a certain amount too even have certain prod... see post
Favorite makeup removing wipes?
What makeup wipes do you suggest? What kind do you use? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. <3
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They're not specifically for removing makeup, but I like using Burt's Bees face wipes (sensitive version) for when I just can't be bothered to use cleansing water or act... see post
Has anyone else ever heard of AHAVA?  I love their stuff and it's all really, really good fro you as they use loads of ingrediants that come straight from the Dead Sea.  I would absolutely LOVE if Sephora stocked some of their products, because they're a bit hard to find where I am, but I'm very near a Sephora and I think AHAVA's collection would fit in perfectly with Sephora's stuff.  Anyone else second this?  
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buddhatheprince / FRESH FACE / replied
You could purchase AHAVA online at Shipping is FREE to all over the world for orders of $40 or more. see post
Any Foreo Luna Facial Cleaner users?
I recently saw a Tanya Burr video mentioning this product.  It's awfully pricey ($139), so I'm curious if any BT-ers have this and whether they think it's worth the cost.  
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Oh wow. I've been in 2 and in one right now and I never gave a second thought about those kinds of things happening.. that's so annoying though;.;; its meant to be given... see post
Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner
With summer almost here & the much anticipated Sun Safety Kit almost out, I was wondering which sunscreen & self tanner are your favorites? Reason why?   I'm super fair skinned. I do tan, but prefer not to (since a tan is just skin damage). My favorite everyday sun screen is Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40. It's broad spectrum, which means it protects against UVA & UVB rays.   UVB protects you from the rays that burn, stronger mid-day and during the summer. & UVA protects you from the sun rays that cause aging, pesky little rays even make it through on cloudy days (which is why you need to wear sunscreen everyday!) Easy to remember- UVA= Aging,  UVB= Burns.   @ the moment I don't have a go to self tanner. I tried the Bare Minerals and was pleased with the results. It turned out very natural. I can't wait to try the new one from Tarte!  So ladies & gents, what are your favorites???
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i used shiseido oil-free urban environment spf 42 for face! its very thin and blendable and works well under my makeup, and my tarte maracuja self tanner is great for fa... see post
Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review
Koh Gen Do don't get many reviews on it seems, despite the positive things I've heard about it in general. Here's what I've tried, and I'd love to hear what others have tried, liked or disliked from Koh Gen Do brand products!     Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing Water : Take off makeup well if you press the cotton pad/ball to let it soak then wipe. It really do feel like water but more hydrating. It does not leave residue or film like Caudalie or Sephora brand. I have combo skin and I can just wipe my face with this then go to bed and it's hydrating enough (except in dead of winter). Great all-in-one to have, the only complaint is I run out of it too fast, using it up just like water. =(   Koh Gen Do Spa Gommage Gel : After cleansing and making sure the face is dry, you smooth it on. It looks like clear liquidy gel, but take on a more jelly texture and balls up/rolls together as you smooth it on and rub it in. It will slowly turn whiter. It smells a bit plastic-y but is easy to rinse off and is definitely very gentle. Face feel smooth and not dry (I used a slightly drying foaming cleanser before it). Not sure about the other claims it make since I've only used it once and can't really tell the brightness/redness of my skin thing. o.O   Koh Gen Do Spa All in One Moisture Gel : I used this after the gommage gel without toner since it claims to be toner/serum/moisturizer in one. KGD really got the no-residue thing down. Usually when I apply gel moisturizers too generously, I can feel it flake/roll up on my skin, but I applied a layer of this, it feels sticky for a bit, then sinked in leaving nothing on the surface. I was afraid it's not moisturizing enough for winter so I applied a 2nd layer, sinks in well and no flaking. It will work well with oily skin or if you want a hydrating boost under your make up. =)   Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Premium Pressed Powder : The prettiest of them all. I have to admit I was attracted to the luxe packaging and the claim it hydrates but mattifies. The compact comes in a black velvet pouch, and there's a black flat brush in a black pocket. The brush actually feel like a brush instead of the "plastic broom" thing drugstore powders usually include. Since the brush and powder are separate, I feel like it's not very practical if you want to travel with it since you need to carry 2 item.   However, the powder is great for combination skin. It feels buttery instead of dry and powdery, so it's very finely milled. It doesn't feel dry on the skin and didn't emphasize my dry skin until I rub it in with my finger. =X My face does not look shiny/oily and not matte/powdery but a toned down blur/glow. I did 3-4 generous swipe with the black brush and applied liberally on my face. The skin look a tad brighter did not show up white and you can't see the powder. I swiped it onto back of my hand using my finger and some powder still remains after I rinse. The only gripe I have (aside from carrying applicator separately) is that the middle white stripe have a bit of fine shimmer. It doesn't show when I apply normally, but if you like touching up a lot or piling on the powder you can see the tiny shimmer when you look in the mirror under strong light. It's great for combination skin or dry skin, but probably not mattifying enough for oily skin. So, that's everything I've tried (also tried cotton, very soft and feels good but not sturdy). I know a couple ladies here have tried the make up. Do share, what have you tried and do you like them? =D
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Treat the spa water as a makeup remover if you wear lots of makeup. I read somewhere that with primer and heavy duty makeup, even when you removed all the colors, there ... see post
Naked 3... anyone else not loving it? :\
I have this same problem with the Naked 2... I feel like all of the colors just get really muddy when you try to use them together. Anyone feel the same and/or have any suggestions? It's so much money that I feel like if I really don't love it, I'm just going to return it.
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The N3 looks to pin for me so I'm not even interested specially since the shades are all so similar. I have the Naked2 but never use the shades together I always use the... see post
How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)
So I know some ladies here use Mario Badescu products, and others have gotten samples from them*. Their lines get pretty good reviews and I really like their rosewater/aloe facial spray so I decided to try a couple more products. What did you ladies get? Any favorites?   For reference, I have oily/combo in the summer and dry/combo in the winter (nowish). Orange Tonic mask - It smells like orange juice but it looks white. It is a thin clay mask, like Glamglow white or Boots Botanic but a little lotion-y instead of watery. It's a soft mask and you can feel a gentle tightening as it dries. It rinse off ok but....doesn't leave me with a super clean feeling like Origins charcoal that I use....   Strawberry Face scrub - It smells like strawberry gum, and the scrub is basically a light pink cream with sparse amounts of strawberry seeds. It reminds me of Origins Modern Friction, altho I prefer thick paste of grains rather than cream/watery solution with sparse grains.   Enzyme Cleansing gel - It's non-foaming gel cleanser, kind of like Anthony Logistic glycolic, with a very mild pleasant scent. After rinsing, my skin felt clean and comfortable. It does cleanse off makeup but you have to rub it in for at least 10-20 seconds (tested with UD eyeliner, powder eyeshadow and KVD lipstick)   Special Cucumber lotion - It reminds me of Clinique toner 2 (with an even shorter ingredients list). Both have a astrigent scent, refreshing and leaving no residue on the skin. Clinique toner 2 does dry my cheeks out in the winter and this didn't. This also didn't sting even when my skin is a bit sensitive after a peel. I might get this for next summer.....   Hyaluronic Eye cream - It's a normal cream, not lightweight and not heavy. There's absolutely no scent and it does not irritate even around lash line. A great basic eye cream for sensitive eyes and, pretty much all skin types unless you are super oily or super dry.   Collagen Moisturizer SPF15 - scentless, a lightweight cream that sinks in easily. It's perfect for combo/normal skin and I would imagine this is good for sensitive skin. Nothing super fantastic about it but very nice.   Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater - this is actually the first thing I brought from the brand. I like the simple natural ingredients list. Very mild rose scent and feels just like water on the skin. In addition to use on skin it's great for taming my static-y hair in the winter.   They are a pretty natural brand with simple ingredients list, which I like. I'm not a fan of the mask and scrub. The eye cream and moisturizer are good but nothing fancy (but then again, they also don't cost $50 per oz or something). I'm going to purchase a full size cucumber toner and the drying cream to try next time (after my wallet recovers from all the Sephora holiday goodies).   *Mario Badescu will mail you free samples if you fill out the skincare survey on their website. It doesn't always work, so make an account, do the survey, maybe even put the products in your basket and wait. If you don't get an email within the week then try again?
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I would love to do the survey.  I have heard nothing but great things about these products and I want to try them all. see post
What EXACTLY is the Difference Between the 2 GlamGlow Facial Products?
Is there additional specific information available for these two GlamGlow products?   -Glamglow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask (black jar) -Glamglow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment (white jar)   I have read all information on the individual product pages but still am unsure of the answers to these questions: -How do these 2 products differ? -Does each perform a unique function? -Is one better suited for certain skin types? -Is it useful to own both, or will one suffice?
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Make sure you use it a few times.  (Not that you are or are not, but...) Kids now days are an impatient, different breed of people.  If they don't get results NOW, they ... see post
Has anyone tried the Clarisonic Pedi-one?
Has anyone bought or tried it?   Makes me super curious
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jess21445 / FRESH FACE / replied
yes but left me a bit red...... see post
Rockateur Lipgloss?
Do you think that they will make a Rockateur lipgloss to match the new blush? I don't know it's just a thought. They have a matching lip gloss for all of the other boxed powders. Would anyone be interested in a rose gold lipgloss? I think it's a neat idea, I don't think there are any on the market. Let me know your thoughts on this. It just came up in my mind while I was shopping, so I thought I'd share
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Just checked Macy's website and I think I'll have to get it, because I love the blush so darn much. see post
Foreo Luna Products
Hey guys,   I just got the Luna mini and really like it. I got a discount through bzzagent and they gave me promo codes if anyone wants one. The discount is 35% off. 
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Sorry. The code expired in January see post
Estee Lauder
Hey!  I know that a few select Sephora stores have started selling Estee Lauder (my mom loves the night cream sample I gave her!)  I was wondering if the plan is for all Sephora stores to eventually carry the brand?  And will Estee Lauder products be available on the Sephora website anytime soon?
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Try online now! see post
Alcohol-Free Moisturizer
What's everyone's favorite Alcohol-Free Moisturizer?  With warmer weather on the horizon, I need to phase out my retinol serum and want to start using the Dr Dennis Gross A/B pads at night ace-peel-P269122?skuId=1352194   I've had success with them in the past, and my skin isn't as sensitive to sunlight with it like other treatments are. I know in the directions it states to avoid products containing alcohol, and checked out my stash... all my moisturizers have alcohol in them. Even the Korres sleeping facial   I'm also considering trying Perricone's Blue Plasma instead, but am unsure how much sun sensitivity it has. I hate that "warm, I feel like my face is going to fry" feeling even when wearing SPF 50 with big sunglasses. It's most annoying when driving in the car and the sun magically finds a spot on my face that I can't block.   
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Night: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Face Cream, which I don't think has the "bad" alcohols. Ingredients: WATER, GLYCERIN, ISOHEXADECANE, NIACINAMIDE*, ISOPROPYL ISOS... see post
11 (Not "10") Things We All Need to Know...
There are 2 people that I've come to really respect their knowledge of skin care and makeup: Lisa Eldridge and Caroline Hirons.  Lisa is exceptional at knowing how to make makeup wear and look better, while Caroline is equally brilliant at understanding the skin and what ingredients it does and does not need--and she is blunt, straight-forward, and speaks from knowledge, not theory.   To follow are Caroline's "Things I Say Over and Over Again".  I know a lot of my questions have been answered by her blog--especially her "Cheat Sheets", so I'd thought I'd share with y'all in case it helps even just 1 person.  Enjoy!   1.  You are obsessed with your pores. They do not open and close like doors. You say they are HUGE - then send me a picture and I can SEE NOTHING.  We CANNOT see your pores. The only person that can see your pores close-up is your opthamologist - or your boyfriend. Your opthamologist is looking at your eyes. Not your pores. And if your boyfriend is thisclosetoyou and notices your pores? He's gay. Or not attracted to you. Or at best, rude. Rethink the entire relationship. 2.  You overuse the Clarisonic. A lot of you. A LOT of you. You can use it - you're just not meant to use it every time you brush your frigging teeth.  Step away from the trendy facial tool and wash your bloody face properly. 3.  Nothing good ever came from scrubbing your face with a peach kernel.  There's a reason they are 99p. Step away. 4.  In general, foaming is what you want Fairy Liquid to do. Not your cleanser. And to the brands: I am unapologetic. 5.  Freckles are cute. At any age. You will do damage to your skin trying to get rid of them. Leave them alone. Embrace them. 6.  Stress is the key to most flare-ups, whether they are acne, rosacea or eczema. Practise relaxation. And not in some hippy-dippy way. Seriously. See the bigger picture. Chill. 7.  Inflammation is the root of all evil. Eat less sugar, take more fish oil supplements. A lot of fish supplements. 8.  Natural doesn't mean you won't react. Essential oils are one of the biggest triggers for skin. 9.  'Dupes' belong in makeup and nail varnish. There is no 'dupe' for a high quality, years-of-research-behind-it skincare product. 10.  Spend your money on supplements, skincare, foundation and concealer and scrimp on the rest. You will look fabulous.     11.  If you would spend more on shoes, handbags, lipstick, jeans or fashion in general than you would on high quality skincare - you will be a sixty year old woman (and man) with a vintage wardrobe and a face like an alligator.
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HALL OF FAMER jennypenny1995 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Because I've been asked, here's a repeat of my post.  Update: I'm now Month 13 (over 1 year!) without cystic acne problems.  I'm now considering myself less "breakout-pr... see post
Why would anyone wear black lipstick
I understand for the purpose of catwalks and Edgy fashion modeling, and halloween, but I can't find a good reason why any women would wear it out. Multiple studies show that men think red lipstick is okay but find it to be a turn off because it makes a woman look less "kissable." So imagine how a deep satin black is going to make them feel. I just don't understand, you shouldn't wear it. It's not flattering and if we are in highschool it sreams "trying to hard" I feel like bright red lipstick is only barley acceptable for highschool, because it will only look non-sultry if the rest of your makeup is toned down.
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Did anyone else noticed that this was originally posted back in 2011? lol see post