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KVD Upcoming Releases & General Love Thread
Isn't it time she had her own dedicated post?  I would like to create a place solely to discuss KVDs new releases and all other things regarding her brand.  I love KVD...whose with me?     Although KVD is currently a Sephora exclusive line, Kat's own online makeup store (Kat Von D Beauty) will launch on or around 10/30/15.  You can sign up for updates on her website.   NEW! KVD lip design contest...winner gets a trip to NYC! Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Recently released products: New shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks stick-P384954?skuId=1705078          (pics removed due to color changes; preview did not match final products) Metal Crush Eye Shadows 23?skuId=1711035 Spoiler (Highlight to read) New shades of Studded Lipsticks (some appear different than preview) 35?skuId=1704915&om_mmc=oth-bt-richlinks-2013 Spoiler (Highlight to read) UPCOMING PRODUCTS! Mi Vida Loca Eye Shadow Palette: September 15th Spoiler (Highlight to read) Mi Vida Loca Studded Lipstick Set ($42): September 15th -1 Full Sized: LE Gold-Blooded (a rich red with gold shimmer in white casing) -7 Minis: Wolvesmouth, Halo, Coven, Sexer, Bachelorette, NaYeon, Noble Spoiler (Highlight to read) Studded Obsession Set of 20 Full Sized Studded Lipsticks ($275): October ~ Shades included: La Femme, Magick, Noble, Lovecraft, Cathedral, Underage Red, Adora, Bachelorette, A-Go-Go, Countess, Backstage Bambi, Sexer, LUV, Wonderchilde, Coven, Plan 9, NaYeon, Piaf, Mercy, & Hellbent ~ Faux leather On The Go makeup pouch: TBA Spoiler (Highlight to read) 10 shades of High Voltage Metallic Liquid Lipsticks: December (formerly August) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Compact mirror and Saint/Sinner perfume: TBA Spoiler (Highlight to read) Shade + Light Blushes: TBA Vampira Studded Lipstick & Formula X Nail Polish Set: TBA Spoiler (Highlight to read) Upcoming products without photos: Mini Everlasting Lipstick Set: Holiday Season Kat & Kandee Collab:  TBA Train Case: TBA Serpentine Palette: TBA     Updated as of 8/20/15
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Rose Shock and Rocker are definitely going to come live with me too!  see post
New brand Farmacy - feedback and discussion
So I noticed this new line of skincare products that both Sephora and QVC is carrying. Has anyone here used any of their products or personally heard good/bad things about the brand? I thought about purchasing the lip balm they have just to try the brand out. It appears to be an all natural line (which I can appreciate). Thanks in advance!
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The buffing grains caught my attention too - that and the moisturizer. Hopefully someone will chime in. see post
Kenzoki Skincare products
Has anyone here ever used Kenzoki Skincare products? Are they whorted the price?
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Sunday Riley Oil for Skin
Hi, So I have combination oily sensitive skin that is prone to getting congested and breaking out. I've been checking out Sunday Riley after hearing good things about them, but I'm not sure which oil would be best for my skin type. I'm currently using boscia Tsubaki oil as my oil with no problems, if that helps. If anyone has any experiences with the different oils and recommendations, they would be must appreciated! Thank you
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Sunday Riley Skincare Users, I need some advice....
So I've bought both Juno and Luna and am loving them so far. I have oily combo, sensitive skin and they haven't bothered me at all which is amazing!!! Plus they do wonders for my skin. I'm writing because I'm thinking of buying another one of her oils. I've been eyeballing Good Genes, but I was curious what you guys have to say about it (or her other oils). I'm looking for an oil or treatment to layer with Juno in the morning. Thanks!
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BEAUTY BOSS beautyaddict99 / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I have a full bottle of Good Genes and really like it (including the smell). It smells like lemongrass/ginger. I've always been surprised when people complain about the ... see post
Sigma Brushes: Any Bad Experiences?
I'm thinking about buying the Sigma Complete Kit in Chrome for $379 and the Sigmax Essential Kit 10 Brushes at $146. I really want to invest in some good quality brushes. Literally the only ones I have have come in kits or I picked up at the local drugstore They shed and I'm not thrilled with their application (I'm looking at you foundation brush. What's the verdict on these kits? If I'm going to spend that kinda money, they all better be hits haha. I like the idea of having a complete kit so I will be able to just grab a brush when I need it.   Brushes in Sigmax kit: F80 - Flat Kabuki™ F82 - Round Kabuki™ F84 - Angled Kabuki™ F88 - Flat Angled Kabuki™ F86 - Tapered Kabuki™ P80 - Precision Flat™ P82 - Precision Round™ P84 - Precision Angled™ P86 - Precision Tapered™ P88 - Precision Flat Angled™   Brushes in Complete kit: E05 - Eye Liner E10 - Small Eye Liner E15 - Flat Definer E20 - Short Shader E25 - Blending E30 - Pencil E35 - Tapered Blending E40 - Tapered Blending E45 - Small Tapered Blending E50 - Large Fluff E55 - Eye Shading E60 - Large Shader E65 - Small Angle E70 - Medium Angled Shading F05 - Small Contouring F10 - Powder/Blush F15 - Duo Fibre Powder/Blush F20 - Large Powder F25 - Tapered Face F30 - Large Powder F35 - Tapered Highlighter F40 - Large Angled Contour F50 - Duo Fibre F55 - Small Duo Fibre F60 - Foundation F65 - Large Concealer F70 - Concealer F75 - Concealer L05 - Lip   *by the way there are no repeats   So are these Sigma brushes good quality?
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BEAUTY PRO silversoleil / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I purchased Sigma brushes when I was just starting out with makeup. They were pretty great for just starting out, but they don't hold a candle to the Suqqu and Wayne Gos... see post
What new Surprise is waiting for Canadians?
Two months ago on a weekend most things showed "Can't be shipped to Canada" and lateron we were given a surprise of Canadian warehouse with limited products access. Now Every single product of many brands is gone OOS,,,what we should expect now. I just checked the brands which interest me personally and following Brands are totally OOS Alterna Algenist Atelier Cologne ABH Bite Bio Ionic Burberry Bumble and Bumble, Buxom Clinique Dr Brandt DDG Dior Estee Lauder Fresh Georgio Armani GlamGlow Guerlain hourglass Jurlique KVD Lancome MUFE Murad Marc Jacob  Nars Ren Tarte T3 Tria Tom Ford Shishedo Smashbox UD YSL     These are the only ones I checked. No idea whaich others are gone. Is it such a hardship to inform us before time when some massive changes are going on? 
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That's what I think as well. Sephora policies or Canadian warehouse don't have anything to do with price increase. It's all the outcome of decreasing value of CAD. see post
Dior skincare - Which products make me more oily and what are your must-haves?
Hello. I use a few Dior products and want to know which ones you find to be "essentials" and if there are some I could do without. I tried many of them to see what I like.   So far, I use Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Serum, Multi-Perfection Emulsion, Dreamskin,and Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Makeup Base 25 SPF PA+. I adore the Diorskin Nude BB cream.   My must have is the BB cream and serum. I'm thinking of trying the One Essential serum and comparing it to the MP serum since I've read such great reviews.   Of the others, something is making me oily and I can't figure out which one. I figure it is the Emulsion, Dreamskin, or the make up base.   My skin issues are large pores, oiliness and dryness, and I am approaching mid-thirties, so I'm entering the wrinkle prevention category. I am looking for general advice from those who use Dior products and would like imput on order of application, ones that could be causing oiliness, and your must-have products of the Dior line.   Thanks.
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Yes, I find many of the moisturizers to be too oily for my skin. Still on the search for the perfect one. So far the MP Emulsion works nicely at night with Capture Total... see post
Holiday "Me" List
Sure, we make Christmas Lists for our loved ones, but what about for ourselves? I made one this year of all the holiday sets I would like, along with a few other wants from Sephora. The big problem is that it amounts to nearly $800 (sheesh, that's like a huge vacation) Naturally, I don't need that much and my friend challenged me to pick out 3 holiday sets. *biting my nails*If you can only pick three holiday sets which ones would you pick? If you have a list of the things you want, please post it!
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Oh man. I... I may have to get this now... see post
BECCA & more savings on Verizon Wireless Rewards!
Hey everyone! I just thought I would share this AWESOME beauty steal! If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and you see all those "points" you rack up each month, but never do anything with- now is the time to do something!   If you log into your verizon account and find the rewards section (usually by your point balance), search in the "Beauty & Fragrance" section. There are about 450 products, half and half. I found some AWESOME stuff at a great discount using your points!    I've attached some photos for you guys to get a preview. They had a lot of brands & products, BECAA, Beauty Blenders, Kevin Aucoin, Calvin Klein, Stila, etc. 
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Nice sleuthing! see post
Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
  I'm thinking about purchasing the Josie Maran Argan oil, but I'd like to learn more about it before deciding! Is this used alone as a moisturizer at night? Does it work for dry to combination skin? I've heard some people mix it in with their moisturizer and I was wondering if that was to be used underneath makeup, or just as a duo moisture thing? I'm also looking for a type of hydrating oil to be mixed into my foundation! I have dry skin, but my nose area gets a tad bit oily throughout the day and I am currently using the MUFE Ultra HD foundation. Please let me know what you think about the JM argan oil, and if you have time, a mini review would be great Any suggestions will be very helpful too! Thanks!  
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You're so welcome! I'm sure it will answer most of your questions:) see post
ABH Powder Brows
I have been using the brow whiz in taupe and I am sick of it. I started using the pomade in blonde/taupe I believe and I like it much more. However, I feel the taupe is a little too warm for me and wanted to try the cooler shades in the powders. I have cool blonde hair. Has anyone used the powder? If so, how did u like it?
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BEAUTY WHIZ beauty1bliss / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Thanks jeyrosella! I have the duo brush and clear brow gel so i dont need a set but i will definitely pick up the powder i think if u like it so much. see post
 Hello to all beauty lovers! So I just bought my new Clarisonic yesterday and I noticed that the instructions said to charge it for a full 24 hours before using. However I noticed this morning when I got up that the blinking green light had stopped and that it is fully charged. Is it OK to go ahead and use?
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Blinking green is the charge indicater, when its full/done blinking it's fully charged. How it looks may differ by model. see post
Should I buy the Tatcha Enzyme Powder if I use a Clarisonic Mia daily?
I have a clarisonic and LOVE it. I don't use any other exfoliator. I want to try the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder but don't want to damage my skin by exfoliating too much. (The enzyme powder says it exfoliates.) Is there anyone who uses both? 
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I have both I dearly hope you are NOT planning to use those together? Honestly they are both physical exfoliant so I feel it might be a bit repetitive. You can alternate... see post
Sephora Favorites Customized Skincare Bag
Was browsing Sephora's website and came across this!  I like the idea of picking & choosing the skincare samples I want in my bag.  What do you think?   Here are the available options:
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I noticed the cool thing about this set is it populates into the shopping bag as each item costing $20 each and the bag itself costing $25 but then gives the discount do... see post
Ideas for sets/goodie bags (beauty related) to give to 21st birthday guests?
I'm turning 21 in September and taking 2 of my best friends and my sister to a nice hotel for 3 nights. I want to either put together a goodie bag or give them pre-made giftsets. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe travel sized makeup or skincare and some SPF since we're in south Florida and the hotel is on the beach.   Thanks in advance
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Of course, I'm glad I was able to get these ready in time! Thank you :) My best friend hasn't asked me what I want for my birthday yet so we'll see. Only 23 days left! see post
What is your favorite vitamin C serum? Anyone tried Klairs Vitamin C serum?
I'm a big fan of vitamin C serum and have used Ole Henriksen Truth Serum since forever. I've tried PTR camu camu and it was ok. Right now there's a $10 off $25 on SokoGlam for referral(carries lots of popular Korean skincare and makeup, PM me for code if interested) so I've been eyeing that Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C serum.   Meganlisa got me interested in the brand Klairs. It's got similar ingredients to Truth Serum but for almost half the price, so I was wondering if anyone's tried it? or have a vitamin C serum you like better than Truth Serum?   Thanks~  
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Thanks for the tip!  I'm currently using the Kate Somerville Mega-C and like it enough, but not enough to repurchase.  I'll add the Algenist one to the loves list right ... see post
Makeup website/freebies
Hey beauties, I got this entire haul free with dotfully points! If you sign up with this link you'll get 275 points just for joining, it's really awesome! Fell free to ask me if you have any questions, it's basically a makeup swap website that uses points rather than cash! 
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lavanila deoderant change
I've been using Lavanila deodorant for awhile. But lately my last two have gotten hard edges...sort of like it's supposed to exfoliate but it's never been that way before. Usually it's smooth to apply. Anyone else have this issue? 
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HALL OF FAMER e4stofthesun / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Uh oh, I do that too. I have 2 back-ups right now. I haven't opened them yet, so hopefully the plastic wrap will keep them. I should remember to be careful about stockin... see post
What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?
I was wondering, what beauty products that Sephora has stopped selling or cosmetic companies have stopped making do all of  you miss the most? Have you been able to find other beauty products to replace them? The products I miss like crazy are:   1. Benefit Cosmetics "Depuffing Action Eye Gel " In the morning, sometimes my eyes get a little puffy and tired-looking. This product was the most effective and fast-acting way to get rid of puffiness and make my eyes look brighter in one easy step. I'm so sad that it's gone!   2. Tarte "Rise & Shine Lip Gloss and Stain " This combo of pretty-colored long-lasting lip stain and plumping colored lip gloss is the prettiest lip color I've ever tried. It looks better in photos than anything else I know of. Sephora recently stopped carrying this. I'm glad it's still avaiable on Ulta, but I'd rather buy it from Sephora so I can get Sephora beauty points!   3. Bare Escentuals "Brilliant Gold Beauty Duo " This is such a fun little set that includes a top quality and heavenly soft brush as well as a case of highlighting powder that adds a beautiful golden shimmer to your complexion. It's more convenient and easier to use than any other complexion-brightening product I've ever tried. I love my "High Beam" and "Girl Meets Pearl," but this product is so much faster and easier to apply. I know it was a limited edition, but it's just such a great value that works so well, I really wish they'd bring it back. If they did, I'd buy one for myself, of course, but I would probably pick up a couple for gifts too.   What about all of you? What no longer available products do you miss the most? Have you found good replacements for them? By the way, if anyone knows of an effective replacement for any of the products I mentioned, I'd be most grateful to hear about it!
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BEAUTY PRO desertgirl501 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Dior Lip Serum de Rouge in 740 Rosewood was MLBB.  see post
Urban Decay Matte Lipsticks
Does anyone know if (or when) Sephora is getting the new Urban Decay Matte lipsticks?
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They are also in stores now! =] see post
YSL Touche Eclat
I LOVE the Touche Eclat line of products from YSL! They smell AMAZING and make my skin super supple and help to give a flawless look. Together these products help to reduce pore size and give a light overall rosy healthy glow to my skin. I was worried at first about the glitter in the Blur Primer, but once applied to the skin it doesn't really show the glitter at all. You can use this product alone for brighter skin or under your makeup to have it last longer. The Blur Perfector starts out as a balm and once applied to the skin turns to a powdery like finish which leaves your skin looking even, and helps to get rid of imperfections. Another great aspect of the Blur Perfector is that it applies transparently so it can be used with any skin type or skin tone! LOVE these products!
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I love this line too! see post
Which eye shadow palette?
I am looking for an eye shadow palette , more neutrals and browns , and also i want to get like 1 or 2 blushes , I have dark brown eyes and i have a light/medium ish skin color (my concealer is custard shade in nars concealer ) Which palette do you guys recommend ? and which blushes ?  And also can you tell me your favorite brushes for applying eye shadow and blush?  Thanks !!
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BEAUTY BOSS preciousdreamsx / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
For neutral eye palettes, my favorites are the original Naked palette, Stila "Not So Nude" and Naked Basics 2. The Naked/Not So Nude palettes have a variety of matte and... see post
Sephora Favorites?
Where did the Bronze Bares All Sephora Favorites kit go? Instead of showing oos, it just disappeared. Will there be any more? Also, when will there be another Lip favorites kit? I loved the large one from last year.
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Available in Coquitlam as well, there were quite a few see post
When will the new Kat von D Studded Kiss shades be available?
She's been teasing them on instagram and I was really hoping they'd be out to coincide with 4x Rouge points.... 
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Yes, I'll have more time to ponder the shades, and maybe swatch if they make it to the store early.    Yeah, the gift cards are nice since I'm on a no-buy...I literall... see post
Something Exciting is Happening With Urban Decay...
I went on a little shopping spree today and both my Sephora and Dillard's Macy's were tearing up their Urban Decay displays. On Friday my Ulta was also dismantling theirs but I didn't think anything of it (they recently revamped to make room for a new Clinique and Lancôme center). Makes me wonder what new things are in store for the permanent line.
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I'm trying to decide what color to get in the new Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer... Help would be appreciated!   I'm fair with pink undertones. I wear Cover FX in P20, Too Faced Born This Way in  Porcelain, and Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour Full Coverage foundation in fair beige.   Make a recommendation please! I'm thinking 02 Meringue will be my best bet!
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Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer- What Color?
I'm trying to decide what color to get in the new Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer... Help would be appreciated!   I'm fair with pink undertones. I wear Cover FX in P20, Too Faced Born This Way in  Porcelain, and Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour Full Coverage foundation in fair beige.   Make a recommendation please! I'm thinking 02 Meringue will be my best bet!  
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Sephora vs. Ulta - The Verdict
I've been a VIB for a few years now, and my local Sephora is within walking distance of that "other" brand. I've heard rave reviews about their rewards program, most especially about their generous giving of free product with each new level reached and not samplers.   Today, I headed to my Sephora store for the VIB event, got my bag loaded up, and then...went to Ulta. I was actually there to get a tube of NYX lip gloss since I've heard so much about it, but I went through the whole store out of pure curiosity.   The verdict? While Ulta does carry drugstore brands and their rewards are pretty lofty in comparison...Sephora has my heart. Ulta felt too "superstore-ish". No offense, but a little...below...the standard and prestige of Sephora. So, Sephora, heed our call! Amp up our VIB rewards. Tidy up the shelves and demos in your stores (our store is a tad lacking in that dept.). And, keep up the great work! = )
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burntstar / FRESH FACE / replied
The skinny: sephora: FREE beauty classes, free samples on anything you want to try, exceptional expertise knowledge from employees, high end and all about the customer,... see post
Murad versus Korres?
Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser versus Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refining Buff Cleanser? Has anyone used both of these products? I would love a comparison. I'm debating between the two of them for my morning exfoliating cleanser. Problems: breakouts on chin, rosacea (but not necessarily sensitive).
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I've only used Korres out of those. You do feel the buff part, do not use with the Clarisonic or you'll tear up your skin. I can't use it daily, as it's too much for me.... see post