Train case, worth it?

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I've been wanting a Sephora train case for a while but they are soooooo expensive! I've seen people on here talking about Caboodle, which is much cheaper (but not as pretty in my opinion). Are the Sephora ones more sturdy? out of better material? I saw this and I'm tempted....SO tempted.....


(Personally I prefer a color other than pink. I used to be more tomboy and angsty, but BT has made me more mellow and all pink and girly...)


Persuade/dissuade me. >.<

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The traincases from Sephora are soooo worth the investment!  I have had mine for almost 4 years and it still looks brand new.  It is pretty durable too.  My boyfriend dropped it down a whole flight or stairs once!  He is still alive to tell the tale after giving me a heart attack when it happened.  It didn't break anywhere and also none of my products and tools inside broke either.  Well worth the money.

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There's an awesome train case in the sale section right now--half off! $55 

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Beauty tester,


If you play the current (can't remember the name of it) bouncy ball promo on the left side of the front home page of Sephora, one of the prizes is a code for 10% off and can be used until 10/31.  


Now you have got me wanting the train case for storage too.  LOL

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Well, it is a good investment. I'm considering whether to get the one on sale right now (as mentioned by half dozen posters here, lol) or the super pretty pink one. But with the % off......I might just get the black one, AND the pink one if that goes on sale. =X

Darn it, there goes my money.

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