The Question Thread: Because not all questions need their own thread.

I'm making this thread because I simply don't want to create a new thread for every little question that pops into my head, nor do I think that most questions need a separate topic. 


I had previously just dropped whatever random question that came to mind into the Random Thread (thanks jemly!), but I had been thinking about starting this for a while and figured I'd give it a shot to see if it could be of any use. 


I'm well aware that the people who could best utilize this thread will likely remain completely oblivious to it, but if it can consolidate even a small fraction of questions -- and maybe even generate some interesting conversations both beauty and non-beauty related -- that seems worthwhile. 


Official thread mascots: The Curious Puppies.upload_5938777889175560105.gif


Official thread anti-mascot: Lucille Bluth.



It probably would've been wise of me to have a relatively inane question to use as an example and kick this thread off... 


Well, since I apparently don't have any pressing questions, I'll start with this two-parter:


What's your favorite drug store nail polish shade AND which official mascot puppy is your favorite? Bonus/Extra Credit: What's it's name?

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Does anyone know if Sephora has ever done a BIG promotion with a very high buy-in? I remember there was that awesome sample bag for the Chinese New Year but even that was only a $50 buy-in.  I guess I'm asking because it would be awesome if they did a super awesome promo and I would be totally down to buy more stuff for it... I wondered if there was any chance that it might happen and to that end I thought I would ask if it has ever happened before - say a sample bag with like $100 buy-in?

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I never saw it, but I only started paying real attention to promos for the last 3 years or so.

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Hello, all. I don't usually post on this thread so excuse me for taking up your time. I do have a burning question:


Does anyone know any information about the DevaCurl DevaCut? Has anyone had one before?


I did make an appt to do this at a salon an hour away from my home for six weeks from now. (their first available appt) Only three salons in my state are certified to do this cut and the salon told me that it will take two to three hours. (for a haircut.. eek!)


Here is the information for the haircut:

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.33.07 AM.png

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@willa25 Welcome to the Question Thread! Everyone with either a question or an answer is welcome here. Ask away! Smiley Very Happy

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@willa25 I had a DevaCut a few years ago. The details are a little fuzzy for me since it was so long ago. It took a couple hours; the dry cut took a bit longer, since she'd cut a bit and then check my hair to see how the curls were falling. She washed it afterwards and then styled it. 


It was a good haircut, but I didn't go back for a couple reasons. After trying it once, I realized that my regular hairstylist (although not Deva certified nor did she dry-cut) was doing a GREAT job with my hair. My hair wasn't that different with a DevaCut. And the DevaCut was about twice as expensive as my usual stylist and a further drive. 


With that being said - my hair isn't super curly. More like waves.So I'm not sure I'm the best fit for a DevaCut either.

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@willa25 Just sent you a PM about Deva Cuts.

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Hi guys! I have a skincare demo interview at Sephora tomorrow, does anyone have any tips or tricks?? They told me I'd need to bring my own model, so I'm assuming I would have to apply product 

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Has anyone ever returned an opened fragrance to FrangranceNet? I ask because they say they only accept returns of unopened items and I received this box that was sealed in cellophane, but the perfume had already been sprayed. Also, the batch number said it was from 2015 (I have older perfumes that still smell fresh as new) but this one was little off  and gave me a headache Smiley Sad

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@DaintyDivaoh man I'm sorry : ( I don't know about returns but I stopped shopping there years ago and transferred all my perfume business to Sephora after having to deal with them on a late order - I was traveling to see family and I had bought several bottles of perfumes as gifts - my order was around $500 and I had called and asked customer service about delivery time - I was supposed to have my package about 9 days before I left and even though in Canada we pay an exhorbitant fee for duties and courrier delivery - my package came over two weeks late and I never got to take it away with me to give to my family.  I had made a few sucesful orders before that maybe 2 or 3 and they arrived in about 3 business days but that large order I made was a disaster.  It wasn't even that they package got lost they just never bothered sending/fulfilling my order until two weeks after I placed it that time (I never received a confirmation of shipping with a tracking number until much much later).  When I tried to deal with customer service to ask why they hadn't shipped my order two weeks after I placed it they kept telling me it was on its way and had been shipped but that they were unable to give me tracking info or check the status - customer service was amazing BEFORE I made the purchase but once I made it it was GOD AWFUL.  They have VERY cheap perfumes, this is true, but I have heard of people getting old/bad bottles from them and though it has never happened to me I believe it - I don't think that company has many scruples or that they care about repeat customers i think they have the worst customer service I've come across.  If you purchased a tester bottle I don't think those are refundable but if it was supposed to be new and it came wrapped in cellophane with perfume missing from the bottle then it was already opened - you're not the one who opened it.  If it's a cheap bottle like $20 it might not be worth the hassle but if you paid more for it and want the refund I would take pictures of the packaging and the bottle so that you have something to document that it came that way.  They should refund no questions asked but my experience with this company tells me it might be a challenge to actually get the refund they promise.  I would take the pictures explain that it was ALREADY opened and that you want a refund... Honestly though, I feel like the discounts are not worth it.  Sephora has a very generous sampling policy and amazing customer service ethic so after the disaster I made my first purchase at Sephora and never looked back.

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@RoseCharlie I'm sorry you had such an unpleasant experience Smiley Sad I buy most of my perfumes from Sephora or department stores, but this scent was not available so I gave them a try.

The bottle was supposed to be new, but the main problem was the off smell of the perfume. Given the discount I would be okay'ish' with the fact that it had already been sprayed once and sneakily sealed again. It was possibly returned for being bad and then sent to me. 

I really don't have the constitution for gambling so I can't imagine buying from them again, even though the other bottle they sent me was smelling very fresh and for sure never sprayed before Smiley Tongue


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@DaintyDivaThanks for the sympathy and opportunity to commiserate - shoot you're right though does have great selection and a bunch of perfumes that are not available anywhere else... I'm kind of annoyed because they still have some that were limited editions or no longer made that i would like to buy but I can't bring myself to give them any more business.  I remember doing some research on them before I made my purchase and it seemed like the perfume forums were really split on the quality of their product - a lot of people said the products were totally find but I thought that maybe 25% of people said that they had received a bottle that didn't smell like the perfume they were used to or had sampled at a department store... I did notice that one of the bottles I had received from them was an older design for that line and that the brand had changed their bottle design some 3-4 years before my order.  I the perfume was ok but I had no way to know for sure because i had never tried it before - it smelled fine but there was no denying that it must have been at the very least 3-4 years old so if a bottle has already been opened and they've had it for a long time it would absolutely degrade...  They definitely owe you a refund - there's just too many sketchy things about the bottle you received and I hope you get it.  If they refuse to offer a refund after sending you an pre-opened, pre-used and off-bottle that was supposed to be brand new that would be crazy!

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Warning: Non beauty rant. I need mommy adviceSmiley Sad


I got an email from my nieces school today saying that her water bottle had been broken while she was running some papers to the office for the teacher. It was broken intentionally by a group of students that have been bullying her relentlessly all year. I've tried getting the school to take action and they have failed every time. This school claims to have a `0 tolerance policy to bullying but when it comes down to punishing students they completely drop the ball and nothing happens, not even in-school suspension or a detention, nothing. I now have a heart broken 9 year old because some kids decided to break her Tarte water bottle that she was so proud of. I'm not sure what to do. Transfer her to the school in the town over(30 minute drive?), home school? I've tried going to administrators about this time and time again but nothing has been done and I worry for my little girlSmiley Sad


Rant over: I'm off to find a replacement 

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Edited at 9:48am on 04/27 (Sorry, I was so tired when I wrote this and when I re-read this I realized how some of it was not written correctly. Changes have now been made to fix the mistakes.)


@StephaniLynn, I apologize for the late response but this is the first time I have ever visited this thread.


Okay, I'm going to give you a bunch of information based solely on my own experiences. I have been a middle school teacher for the last 11 years. I personally cannot stand bullying and always do my best to stop it as soon as I find out. Usually, I will not send it down to the vice principal's office unless it meets the following reasons: the bullying is repeated and my interventions have not made a difference, the bullying is more physical then mental and a child actually got physically hurt and most importantly, if it violates HIB.


So now I get to HIB. I teach in NJ and a few years ago a law was created called the Harassment Intimidation and Bullying Act, hence, HIB. So, basically, there is now an "HIB Monitor" in the school that is supposed to handle all HIB violations. (even teachers have to follow HIB) If you receive a HIB it stays on your permanent record throughout your K-12 career. It is my understanding that even goes in your transcripts.


So here is what I would suggest to you:

1. Look up if your state has a HIB law. All you need to google are the words: harassment, intimidation, and bullying. I would be very surprised if your state didn't adopt it at the same time we did.

2. Read the law you find and see how it would apply to your daughter. If you would like to me read the law as well I have absolutely no problem doing that. (just message me)

3. Once you are feeling secure about the law, now call the assistant principal. Yes, call them out on the non-existent discipline issue but also explain that you are even more concerned that they did not have violations/legal consequences. (this is when you cite the law you just read) You might want to go the extra step to say that your daughter is terrified but most schools will not move the bully to a new class, it is the person who is in distress that has to actually move classrooms.


4. If the call goes wrong or it seems like you are not getting anywhere, you could do one these two scare tactics during your the course of the phone call: One would be that you tell the vice principal right before you get off the phone that you will be speaking to your lawyer shortly regarding this issue. School districts despise lawsuits and the moment they hear even a murmur of that they usually kowtow to the parent. Or you could say that you have retained the services of an education advocate (which I could even count as that). and that your advocate is considering conducting their own research into the matter to see if there was any negligence.


Note, you never say you plan on directly hurting the district. Just that you are thinking of going to outside sources for advice. I almost guarantee if you say one of those two things (only if you have to b/c the phone call is not going your way) that you will get through this just fine.


I know someone suggested calling the news below. I'm going to strongly suggest NOT to do that. If you want to make yourself an enemy of the school district fine, but otherwise no. You could go to the board of ed meeting but once again you will probably face a ton of animosity from your daughter's building administration.


One last thought.. what does your daughter's teacher say about all of this? Has she personally made any accommodations for your daughter since the incident to improve her personal safety. I would definitely suggest a meeting, even in person, to make sure everyone is on the same page to help your daughter through this.


EDIT: (additional information) After reading through all the responses, I just want to add one more thing. I would definitely not send your daughter into school with a undisclosed recording device. (either audio or visual or both) I'm not sure if there are actual laws to say you can't do this but if you look in her school issued agenda, I'm pretty sure the school policies address the proper/only acceptable uses for devices. If you chose that approach and your daughter was found out, she could be subject to major discipline. 


I hope this information help you.  Honestly, I've seen similar cases to yours over the years and I've learned the ropes. Please do not hesitate to message me.  


Oh, and most importantly...




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@willa25 Thank you for so much information! I'm off to look up if Texas has HIB!

Her teacher in the class room tries to help, but all she does is seclude her from the others. Her PE teacher on the other hand turns a blind eye to it. Someone tripped her in pe and pushed her resulting into her smacking her head on the brick wall and the teacher said 'what happens in pe stays in pe' She had a lump for days! I brought that to the principals attention and she reprimand the teacher but nothing else. 

It is the bottle on the right but I actually ordered one last night on ebay before bed. /.\

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@Willa95  @StephaniLynn


As a highschool teacher for 14 yrs (eeek)  I agree with what Willa said.  I wouldnt call the news...that always leads to becoming an enemy of the school district and makes the school less likely to want to help.


I also agree with looking up the law and citing it, the threat of a lawyer always usually incites some action.


Id def ask for my child to be moved to a different class, but Id consider a new school if possibly as bullying is almost always hard to completely stop.  The other kids will taunt her without the knowledge of the adults, its almost impossible to completely stop.


Good luck StephaniLynn!  I know u want to protect ur baby.  Ive gone as much once to get on the bus and say something to the bus driver in front of the kids...NOT that I recommend that, as I lost my cool (when it came to my own child.)


ETA--  Id not have her resort to violence unless she is hit first, then Id say teach her to defend herself.

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@makeupobesessed since we are such a small town we only have 1 class per grade. Each class is roughly 20 students. 1 teacher and 1 teacher's aid per class/grade. There is 0 chance of switching her to another class:/

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Is she right or left handed? Teach her to throw a mean hook. I had this girl that was bullying me, because I jumped on her trampoline while she had her barbies on it. It got to the point one day I turned around and scratched the *h8ll* out of her arms and made her bleed, she left me alone after that. I'm so sorry about what happened to your niece. I'd definitely ask her what she would prefer. I'm glad to hear things worked out for Pinyo, but kids these days are even crueler than they used to be. It could be a blessing to transfer her, even if it is at the start of the new year. You could call the potential new school and talk to them about bullying and what they do about it. She could meet great new people. 

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I agree with going to the local news. You may also have reason to file a police report especially regarding the destruction of property, physical abuse, and threats. Have you spoken directly to the teachers overseeing gym class and recess? I know it's a depressing task, but keeping a log of each incident with day/time, perpetrated action, whose class it happened in and responsible parties will help you if you decide to pursue legal action. Also log the actions you've taken to address things that The school and perhaps district are ignoring. Did the email you received actually say the water bottle was broken on purpose? Did it name the kids responsible? Threaten going to the news/police if they aren't suspended. Keep escalating it until someone listens to you. If she comes home with bruises or scrapes, broken belongings take a picture. 


I am so sorry for both of you having to deal with this. Bullying takes such an unseen emotional toll. It's also tough because there's no guarantee switching schools will end the bullying. If she even has a couple close friends at school, it might be even more of an emotional upheaval to pull her out. There obviously is no perfect solution. I do think she should be involved in whatever decision you make regarding schooling. I think kids have a lot more insight than we give them credit for.


Another thought that just popped in my head is reaching out to an anti-bullying program. Rachel's Challege is the one that comes to mind, though I'm sure there are others. They may have more resources for you, or you can work with allies to get them to come to your school/district.


I wish you all the strength and luck dealing with this. Regardless of your solution, It's worth fighting for your niece's happiness, and I know she will (some day) appreciate you having her back.


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Does your local news also do pieces on schools that don't follow their bullying policy? Where I live we have a local news agency that does - they leave your name(s) and face(s) out of it if you want them to. You'd be surprised how quickly the school superintendent gets involved when they hear the news is there asking why they aren't implementing the school's bullying policy. Especially if you have proof - just a thought....

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@niki172 That's a good idea, especially if I can get a few other parents that are/have had the same problems as I am to get together for this. Thank you!