Summer crushes is out!


what do you all think? I think I'll get it... It has quite a few products I want to try, but I don't like that bumble and bumble surf spray at all...

Re: Summer crushes is out!

Re: Summer crushes is out!

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Thanks for the heads up!  It says it's in stock at my local store so I'm going to stop in this week to grab it! Smiley Happy


I like the LaVanilla perfume in Grapefruit so I'm interested in the Coconut version, the Divine oil works great to moisturize my skin after I shower, I have had luck with the Bumble & Bumble surf spray but I prefer this product from Oribe called Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray but it's expensive so I try not to use it too much.  I'm interested in the self tanner and the hair mask as well.  Sounds like the first kit I'll buy that I'll actually use and like and use the products, lol!

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