Foreo Luna?

   I am just wondering about the Foreo Luna 

I have been using Clarisonic for a while, and I feel like the trend has shifted to Foreo Luna. 

But I'm a bit hesitant to buy them because I ONLY see not just positive but over the top 5 star reviews.. 

I know from experiences in the past that reviews can be either altered or sponsored.. is it the case for Foreo Luna too or is it genuinely crazy good?


I'm thinking of either replacing or alternating it with clarisonic.. any thoughts?

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@ShinyMagpie I don't believe so.. we don't have confirmation of it yet but I'm sure myself or MakeupMaven will find out eventually and update you all Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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You said it, Diana! I have small hands so I like how ergonomic it is. You don't need to buy replacement brush heads, the silicone is hygenic (and gentle), and it stays charged. I use it a few times a week, and I love it with Boscia's Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel. I noticed a little surface redness/ purging when I first tried it (mild), but now I don't. The anti-aging side helps to deliver your serums, and you should use a lower setting when using it on the eye orbital bone. I think it's pretty amazing!


And yes, it is crazy good! But there are video reviews out there, I've seen one from an esthetician comparing it w/ Clarisonic (she uses both). I prefer the Foreo myself.

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Thank you for your detailed opinion!

I'm actually convinced to try it myself.. 

I thought I would be using the clarisonic for at least 10 years but I guess it becomes a different story when a new device comes out ... 

It catches on the flaws of Clarisonic too.. Smiley Sad I hate replacing brush heads.. they don't always run on schedule, so I sometimes don't know that the brush is done, and use the damaged brush to make my face super irritated and red..

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You're welcome and I hope you love it!


I also forgot to mention that the shape of the Foreo really fits the contours of the face well (like the eyes, cheeks, etc). From what I can tell (to answer your question about the silicone), it doesn't seem like it will break down over time. Good question!

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I have no interest in the Clarisonic but would like to try the foreo luna. However, I have to see it in person first. The foreo luna has rave reviews by Tanya burr and wayne goss which is why I want to try it. I also like that its sanitary, the silicone brushes don't need to be replaced and wont collect bacteria, it stays charged for a long time and it seems to be easy to hold. I have sensitive skin that reacts with redness, irritation and breakouts to harsh skincare/treatments and they have a foreo luna for ultra sensitive skin Smiley Very Happy

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