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Their popularity seems to be growing and with all the their brands why not have a thread dedicated to them!





The Chemistry Brand

The Ordinary


The Fountain


White Rx

Ab Crew



Grow Gorgeous


The Ordinary - Foundation - AVAILABLE NOW


Where to Buy

Sephora - NIOD/Hylamide/Fountain

Beautylish - The Ordinary

ASOS - The Ordinary - Hylamide/HIF/The Ordinary

The Bay - Hylamide/HIF/Fountain/Hand Chemistry/NOID/The Ordinary


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@veronika23 yeah it crashed on me too ..but its fine since yesterday....Smiley Happy 

the CS told me delay for 2 weeks or more on shipping foundations but im willing to wait if its that good and cheap...i was tempted to order 4 ( 2 serum + 2 coverage) as i dont know if the shade will match


I followed the chart Wayne Goss had with his video. I hope that it isn't too light, but I didn't want to order multiple bottles since I'm not sure if it will work with my skin.


@mztm  good to know thanks! It is very cheap! I might order 2 shades to see... maybe one in each...


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I've been using the Flavanone Mud mask and I'm not really impressed. Following the directions, I opted to use it for five days in a row, then weekly, for an accelerated start to results. 


The mask is fairly mattifying but it tingles quite strongly and leaves my skin very red. My skin is not sensitive at all and stands up to at-home peels, acids, retinol etc but this stuff leaves my skin very red for at least an hour. Because of this, I can only use it in the evening. Personally, I'd rather just a mattifying mask during the day before makeup application to reap the benefits throughout the day. The website says one 50ml jar will give 18-25 treatments and I find that hard to believe. The glass jar is shaped like a vitamin bottle - narrow neck, wide body - making it very difficult to get any product out. You have to use some kind of tool to avoid sticking a finger deep down in to the jar. I would not recommend this mask. Unfortunately I've used it 7 times already (5x in a row for first 5 days, then once weekly after that for two weeks) so I feel quite sheepish about returning that well used of a product to Sephora. I guess I am stuck with this clunker! And because it is so unhygienic with the jar/spout-less bottle packaging, I don't feel comfortable trying to give it away to anyone else. Sad that this was my first outing with DECEIM products Smiley Sad I am not very eager to try anything else tbh.


Thanks @underwhelmed11 and @Mochapj  this is definitely getting removed from my wish list.


@underwhelmed11 I wasn't a fan of the Flavanone Mud, either.


I find a lot of the NIOD line to be hit/miss. They say you're supposed to use a very thin skim coat of this mask (hence the 18-25 applications) but even doing that I still found it quite tingly/burning and I didn't really see many favorable results from it, whether I did the 5 day accelerated (which I did the course fully once) or weekly usage to maintain that.


The only NIOD product I've enjoyed enough to repurchase was the Copper Amino Isolate Serum (in either 1% or 5%)


The Non Acid Acid Precursor broke me out terribly, as did the Mastic Must. The Multimolecular Hyaluronic Concentrate was ok, but not stunning. 


The Photography Fluid is a beautiful primer but I didn't really realize that's what it was when I bought it and since I don't wear foundation, it's too glowy for me to wear alone.


@Mochapj thanks for sharing your other experiences. i pulled back and did a thinner coat of the mask but still found the redness quite intense. tingling doesn't bother me but if i can't put makeup on for a few hours i'm more likely to use a different mud/clay based mask. also i wish they would use a better descriptor than a 'thin layer' - thin layer is not to same to me as it is to you necessarily. i like when companies use visual clues, like a dime sized amount to cover the entire face. 


@underwhelmed11 I totally agree.  That's actually my biggest complaint about the Tata Harper Purifying Mask (which I love) because the directions state to use a generous amount but what does that mean?? Smiley Very Happy


At any rate, I think NIOD may have gotten feedback about the packaging on Flavanone Mud, because I've seen newer versions of it recently packaged in a tube.  It makes more sense, but I still won't repurchase it, LOL.


@underwhelmed11@Mochapj  Smiley Sad i am very excited to try this mask that everybody is raving about..just waiting for sephora to stock in so i can return if i get a reaction....which products do you guys recommend that you have tried on this NIOD/ORDINARY line...thanks in advance


@mztm as I was mentioning to Underwhelmed11 above, the only product I enjoyed and have repurchased from NIOD was the Copper Amino Isolate Serum (have tried both 1% and 5%) 


From the Ordinary line, I've posted lengthier reviews further in the thread, but have tried:

Niacinamide 10% Zinc 1%

- Glycolic Acid 7%

- AHA 30% BHA 2%

- Salicylic Acid 2%

- 100% Rosehip Seed Oil

- Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA


The only one of these products I would likely repurchase is the AHA 30% BHA 2%.  I may repurchase the Niacinamide in the future, but I finished my first bottle and am trying a Niacinamide serum made by someone else to see if I prefer it.


thank you Smiley Happy @Mochapj





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Hi all 😁I am late to this DECEIM party, i just discovered them today as ibsaw a review from Wayne Goss regarding their the Ordinary foundation and primer on which i ordered right away. Then i saw more videos regarding skincare line and was blown by hiw cheap the products were compare to Sunday Riley or orher sephora brands, i decided to search more and give it a try , its nice that they are Canadians😁 I order way lot more than i need probably as I got too excited for the price , pls help with a step by step routine info, the items i ordered all Ordinary are: Lactic Acid 5%, the Buffet, Squalene, Retinoid 2%, niacinamide, salicylic acid ( want to use only for spot treatment) , caffeine and of course the primer and serum and full coverage foundation

there are more products i want to try but are OOS - Rosehip oil, marula oil, glycolic toner, vit c 23% suspension


i wonder if Rosehip oil is only good for dry skin since what i read below it looks like the case, i have combination skin , more on oily side and currently using LUNA , eventhough it feels oily and sit on top of  skin next morning my face is soft and not oily at all. I put good genes on top of Luna everyday for the past 2 months now...


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My thoughts:


the ordinary 10% vs good genes: the ordinary has a weird perfume and it IMO is not a good dupe as I don't notice a difference with my skin as I do with good genes


im using the rose hip oil right now and I'm not sure if it's hydrating enough for my dry skin; i was under the impression it was better for oily skin; I'll finish the bottle and fhen decide but I think the herbivore oil I was using was more hydrating 


the baby facial from drunk elephant vs the 30% I posted more thoughts on the skin 101 page but essentially I liked the ordinary's better but I think they're both good products


the caffeine eye serum didn't do anything for me good or bad but I only used it for 4 weeks, but I need something to brighten my eyes


i was using the vit c suspension but I didn't notice a difference and it's very gritty. I think I'd rather have the oil formula. Or another product cause I just couldn't keep up with the texture


that's all I've tried so far, but I'll be definitely trying some other things and repurchasing the 30%


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Thank you

for Vit C - i recommend SR CEO, ive been using for 2 months each morning and my skin gotten brighter, i have to adjust my foundation shade one lighter


 Thinking of getting some things from The Ordinary soon and have been reading a lot of reviews!

Things I'm thinking of getting:

Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA


Advanced Retinol 2%

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5


Also thinking about the Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% since I suffer from hormonal breakouts around the chin from time to time (mostly all cystic too..), but I have it more or less under control with Sunday Riley UFO Oil (which the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution could possibly be a dupe for?) I know the Advanced Retinol 2% has the same active as Luna Oil, so i'm excited to try that.

Any opinions or thoughts appreciated Smiley Very Happy


@flyte I've also tried a few of the items you mentioned.


I posted lengthier reviews further below, but I'll recap:


- Alpha Arbutin HA: this did lighten my hyperpigmentation some, but I felt it actually lightened my whole face just a touch so I'm still undecided on whether to repurchase.  Have been using 1x/day since January.


- Niacinamide: I found after using this for 3 months that my skin seemed less oily during the day.  It's hard to quantify whether I break out less because of it, but for the oil control alone I will likely repurchase this.  Also have been using 1x/day since January.


- Rosehip oil: I'm not a fan.  I've tried it on 4 separate occasions as an overnight oil and each time I woke up with clogged pores, so I think it's too rich for me.  


I purchased the Azelaic Acid in my last order but haven't gotten around to trying it yet as I was more curious to test out the AHA 30% BHA 2% first.  


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@Mochapj def read your reviews down below! love them Smiley Wink

I'm glad the Niacinamide sounds like it is doing something. I will probably pick that up then I'm pretty oily with my t-zone being even oilier but dehydrated. Hopefully it'll kind of help with that.

That's not good about the Rosehip oil. My face doesn't do too well with things that are too rich. Argan Oil just kind of sits on my face or clogs my pores. I think the heaviest I am doing right now is the Sunday Riley Juno Oil. Things with coconut oil in them tend to clog me too so I can see Rosehip doing the same.

Glad that the Alpha Arbutin is actually doing some lightening. I will probably give that a go too.

I saw the AHA 30% BHA 2% too and was very intrigued! But baby steps haha!


Hi @flyte, I've tried a few of your mentions and can give some thoughts. 


-Alpha Arbutin: nice texture, not at all moisturizing on me, I've seen some improvement in pigmentation. 

-Buffet: I've only used this twice, so I can't speak to effectiveness. But a nice light texture and sinks in almost immediately. Also not hydrating for my 35 year old face. 

-Retinol 2%: if you try this, go slow! Consider mixing with a little oil the first few times. Though it shares an ingredient with Luna, I found it much more drying/irritating by comparison. I had better luck the second time around, mixing with oil and being very respectful of it as an active. (Extra hydration before and after, no other irritants in the face sandwich.)

-Azalaic Acid: I picked this up only to get to free shipping, and because I was curious. I'm not sure it will have a place in my routine (I use other acids), but that says nothing about it's usefulness for you. I do find that it pills like crazy. So if you want to use it, pat it on and leave it alone for a while. Definitely not good under makeup.


Hope that's useful info!


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Thanks so much! Would you say Luna just might be picking up on it's own then? I don't mind mixing the Retinol 2% at all either (I have a bottle of Juno with a lot left).

Oh no, I definitely don't like pilling, but I guess maybe that would be more of a night time thing for me.

That's good to hear about the Alpha Arbutin though Smiley Very Happy And that Buffet isn't sticky or sits on the face at all. 


@flyte This didn't occur to me before, but I wonder if mixing the Luna and 2% Retinoid could be the sweet spot? For me Luna was on the super gentle/did nothing side of things, but it does have some nice ingredients. The 2% I think has a lot of promise, but to some degree they expect you to adjust the bare-bones formulation via your routine. Just my opinion, of course. 


I think that of the products I've tried, there's little harm in testing them. The return policy is quite good if you don't mind the hassle of potentially shipping things back. But be careful with that Retinoid! Seriously. I'm a tough old alligator and it caught me unaware. 


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@fairlywell Definitely! I learned my lesson about strong ingredients when I tried some Glamglow Cleanser and got something akin to a chemical burn on my face for the next 3 weeks haha.

Time for a long debate with myself now, since I was intending to get Luna tomorrow at the Sephora sale, but then i found out about the 2% Retinol.

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