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Their popularity seems to be growing and with all the their brands why not have a thread dedicated to them!





The Chemistry Brand

The Ordinary


The Fountain


White Rx

Ab Crew



Grow Gorgeous


The Ordinary - Foundation - AVAILABLE NOW


Where to Buy

Sephora - NIOD/Hylamide/Fountain

Beautylish - The Ordinary

ASOS - The Ordinary - Hylamide/HIF/The Ordinary

The Bay - Hylamide/HIF/Fountain/Hand Chemistry/NOID/The Ordinary


~ Updated: May 1st 2017 ~


 Thinking of getting some things from The Ordinary soon and have been reading a lot of reviews!

Things I'm thinking of getting:

Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA


Advanced Retinol 2%

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5


Also thinking about the Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% since I suffer from hormonal breakouts around the chin from time to time (mostly all cystic too..), but I have it more or less under control with Sunday Riley UFO Oil (which the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution could possibly be a dupe for?) I know the Advanced Retinol 2% has the same active as Luna Oil, so i'm excited to try that.

Any opinions or thoughts appreciated Smiley Very Happy


@flyte I've also tried a few of the items you mentioned.


I posted lengthier reviews further below, but I'll recap:


- Alpha Arbutin HA: this did lighten my hyperpigmentation some, but I felt it actually lightened my whole face just a touch so I'm still undecided on whether to repurchase.  Have been using 1x/day since January.


- Niacinamide: I found after using this for 3 months that my skin seemed less oily during the day.  It's hard to quantify whether I break out less because of it, but for the oil control alone I will likely repurchase this.  Also have been using 1x/day since January.


- Rosehip oil: I'm not a fan.  I've tried it on 4 separate occasions as an overnight oil and each time I woke up with clogged pores, so I think it's too rich for me.  


I purchased the Azelaic Acid in my last order but haven't gotten around to trying it yet as I was more curious to test out the AHA 30% BHA 2% first.  


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@Mochapj def read your reviews down below! love them Smiley Wink

I'm glad the Niacinamide sounds like it is doing something. I will probably pick that up then I'm pretty oily with my t-zone being even oilier but dehydrated. Hopefully it'll kind of help with that.

That's not good about the Rosehip oil. My face doesn't do too well with things that are too rich. Argan Oil just kind of sits on my face or clogs my pores. I think the heaviest I am doing right now is the Sunday Riley Juno Oil. Things with coconut oil in them tend to clog me too so I can see Rosehip doing the same.

Glad that the Alpha Arbutin is actually doing some lightening. I will probably give that a go too.

I saw the AHA 30% BHA 2% too and was very intrigued! But baby steps haha!


Hi @flyte, I've tried a few of your mentions and can give some thoughts. 


-Alpha Arbutin: nice texture, not at all moisturizing on me, I've seen some improvement in pigmentation. 

-Buffet: I've only used this twice, so I can't speak to effectiveness. But a nice light texture and sinks in almost immediately. Also not hydrating for my 35 year old face. 

-Retinol 2%: if you try this, go slow! Consider mixing with a little oil the first few times. Though it shares an ingredient with Luna, I found it much more drying/irritating by comparison. I had better luck the second time around, mixing with oil and being very respectful of it as an active. (Extra hydration before and after, no other irritants in the face sandwich.)

-Azalaic Acid: I picked this up only to get to free shipping, and because I was curious. I'm not sure it will have a place in my routine (I use other acids), but that says nothing about it's usefulness for you. I do find that it pills like crazy. So if you want to use it, pat it on and leave it alone for a while. Definitely not good under makeup.


Hope that's useful info!


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Thanks so much! Would you say Luna just might be picking up on it's own then? I don't mind mixing the Retinol 2% at all either (I have a bottle of Juno with a lot left).

Oh no, I definitely don't like pilling, but I guess maybe that would be more of a night time thing for me.

That's good to hear about the Alpha Arbutin though Smiley Very Happy And that Buffet isn't sticky or sits on the face at all. 


@flyte This didn't occur to me before, but I wonder if mixing the Luna and 2% Retinoid could be the sweet spot? For me Luna was on the super gentle/did nothing side of things, but it does have some nice ingredients. The 2% I think has a lot of promise, but to some degree they expect you to adjust the bare-bones formulation via your routine. Just my opinion, of course. 


I think that of the products I've tried, there's little harm in testing them. The return policy is quite good if you don't mind the hassle of potentially shipping things back. But be careful with that Retinoid! Seriously. I'm a tough old alligator and it caught me unaware. 


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@fairlywell Definitely! I learned my lesson about strong ingredients when I tried some Glamglow Cleanser and got something akin to a chemical burn on my face for the next 3 weeks haha.

Time for a long debate with myself now, since I was intending to get Luna tomorrow at the Sephora sale, but then i found out about the 2% Retinol.


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Not to be a total enabler, but the whole SR brand is totally polarizing. If you decide to try Luna, just keep your sephora return policy in mind. Some people really love it. I just don't think that Luna and the 2% are interchangeable. I do love Good Genes, and I think it's worth the $$. Someone else will no doubt feel differently!


I've been using the Buffet and the Alpha Arbutin for about a month now and I quite like them. The buffet feels like a traditional serum, absorbs nicely and plays well with my other treatments. I use it AM and/or PM depending and I feel like it really smooths and tightens (at least the appearance) of my skin, I'll definitely buy another bottle when I get through this one.


The alpha arbutin has already lightened some old acne spots so I'll keep using that too. This has more of a gel texture, and I haven't quite figured it out, but occasionally, this in combo with something else I'm using will pill up a little (I'm thinking the caudalie detox oil...). 


I also purchased the niacinamide but it did not play well with others; every time I used it with even just another essence or oil or moisturizer, I'd get those weird like blobs coming off my face. Too bad since it sounded intriguing!


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Buffet sounds like a real winner, as does the Alpha Arbutin! I have old pimple scars (and a new one just appeared, thanks cystic pimple) so I'm all aboard with it actually lightening. I'll keep it in mind that I might have to let it sink in more or it'll pill. I'd probably put some Sunday Riley Juno Oil, then face moisturizer, then sunscreen over it haha.


Has anyone tried Niod photography fluid Opacity 12% ?

I Swatched it at the Deciem store at the back of my hand and the skin of my hand looked so neat and glowy but my hands are very light as compared to my face so I am not sure how it will look on face. Too bad the store don't give samples. The SA told me to buy whatever I want and if I don't like it, I can bring it back for full refund in a period of 1 year. Lol 

That is a very impressive return policy but I prefer to sample or have a review before buying instead of buying and returning.




@fatimamummy I have.  I bought a bottle last summer-ish.


It's a nice glowy primer type thing.  


I didn't quite understand what it was for when I purchased it so I don't actually use it often, but it does make the skin look incredibly luminous. However on my tone it does sometimes give a bit of a white cast.


I think if the intention is to apply foundation or some type of base on top of it, it's great.  For someone like me who doesn't wear foundation, it looks a bit crazy on its own Smiley Very Happy


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@Mochapj I think we are pretty much complexion twins so it will probably give me a white cast as well specially with summer approaching there is more Tan ahead. I don't use foundation often but I do use tinted moisturizer or a drop of CoverFx Custom drops in my moisturizer.

Here I was thinking when I go base makeup free in summer this photography fluid will make me glow. Alas it won't be the case 😂


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@Mochapj & @fatimamummy —

There's a similar product under the Hylamide line that comes in two non-translucent shades, if you want to try one of those out. Everything I've heard/read makes it sound like a cross between a blurring primer and highlighter to the naked eye; the results are supposed to be most visible in photographs (color correction, shine reduction, textural improvement), hence the names.


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I just got a little order from NIOD and The Ordinary yesterday. In my neverending search for the perfect cleansing combination, I'm giving Sanskrit Saponins a whirl. On first impression, I love it. It smells a bit like hazelnuts, and rinsed clean easily. It did leave me feeling a bit tight, but as advertised that faded quickly. I'm hoping it will be a good "dirty" cleanser to pull all the dirt off my skin after a day gardening. 


I also have Buffet and Azelaic Acid to test, but for once I'm going to wait in between introducing new products. 


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Slightly late to this party, but I ordered a handful of things by The Ordinary directly from Deciem about a month ago (names not exact). One thing to check, as I haven't looked into the listing on beautylish or asos—Deciem has a 365 day return policy, so I'd make sure those sites will honor the same policy.


  • 30% AHA + 2% BHA Peeling Solution: I'd read a couple reviews around the web that mentioned the stinging sensation (which I didn't find surprising), but I didn't experience it at all on my first use. The directions on the bottle say to apply with fingertips for ten minutes once weekly, but I tend to use it more like 3-4x bi-weekly and apply it with cotton (as per the website). I've experienced mild, short-term stinging on subsequent uses, but I'm attributing that to overall changes in my skin. I haven't had any flakiness or need to use a physical exfoliant since—I was using Boots Botanics Age-Defying Microdermabrasion Scrub, which is a pretty spot-on dupe for Dr. Brandt (but I don't see it on the Botanics site anymore, unless it's been redesigned/branded)—and am much happier with the results compared to my experience with Philosophy's peel/scrub.
  • Glycolic 7% Toner: I use this 2x/day on most days, sometimes with a cotton round, but often jus with my hands. I find it actually stings more than the peel, but not enough to be uncomfortable. I don't find the finish to be oily, but I also only use a few drops in the palm. Haven't had any problems with the scent and I'll occasionally precede (more likely follow) with a quick micro-needling. The 240ml size is a steal.
  • 2% HA + B5 Serum: I started using all of these products at the same time, so it's somewhat difficult to judge the effects of each. My skin can get incredibly dry and flaky in the winter and around spring allergy season—I'm sure my college professors would have understood that excuse for missing class back in the day—and I think it helps to diversify with humectants (this one uses sodium hyaluronate form) instead of just pasking on emollients and occlusives. That said, I also have HA in other skin products (some listed relatively high) and cannot compare the concentration. Also, my skin was more tame this year and I didn't torture it by trying to scrub away the dead skin, which also helped. I like the dropper packaging and the texture is slightly viscous and temporarily tacky.
  • 100% Plant-Derived Squalane Serum: I only got this for the benefit of free shipping (another product for $3 more than S&H) and I've never used squalane before, but I can only say it hasn't had any negative effects. It's an oil, so take that into consideration, but I mix maybe two drops with three of the HA, pat into my skin, and let it sit for a minute with eye cream before I moisturize (I've definitely cut back to something lighter) and it works for me.

My skin is more gooey than ever. To put it into full context, however, I've also started cleansing with organic olive oil before my normal wash (CeraVe SA) and using CosRX Advanced 96 Snail Mucin Power Essence after toning. Coming from a CeraVe, miceller water, pumice scrub, occasional mud mask, moisturizer routine, a difference would be expected. But I fully vouch for the two AHA products. Now to fill in with Vitamin C and other antioxidants (and a mineral SPF).


Clearly, you'll want to read through the lineup and customize for your skin type or the season, but the Deciem website has a useful amount of information about how the products work and how different forms of each element vary in stability and benefit. Good luck and enjoy! (PS – Apparently CVS also carries a few Hylamide products? I went in to look for the transparent Photo Foundation, but that was not one of the things in stock. Shrug. Going to try out my Neo Bronzer that came in the mail. . . . Sorry, I'm a babbler. If anyone used to be on the What Not to Wear forum ca. 2002, we should catch up.)


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Colours are up on TO's site but not yet available for purchase.


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I just ordered the Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA and Latic Acid 10% + HA 2%


Cant wait to test them out. I am in love with Sunday Riley's Good Genes but not the price. I came across a review that compared the 2 and The Ordinary brand won so we shall see


I tried out the dupe of the Drunk Elephant Babyfacial last night (AHA 30% BHA 2%)


I was a bit nervous to try it, but in all honesty I didn't feel any tingling at all.  I even started to wonder if I hadn't put enough on.  I also started to wonder how strong is what I regularly use, if this didn't feel like much of anything Smiley Very Happy


After 10 minutes I rinsed it off and my skin was very soft but I didn't notice much of a visual difference.  I loaded up on layers of hydrating oils/balm and went to bed. 


This morning I noticed my skin felt a little tight and dehydrated, but other than that it was still quite smooth. To the touch it didn't feel that different than it does with my other exfoliating efforts, but I noticed it more in how my makeup was applying; it appeared smoother going on.


Overall, I would use this again.  I still wouldn't use it more than once a week, and I will probably have to juggle some parts of my routine around to accommodate how drying it is, but it's a nice addition.






Are you supposed to wipe it off?  I havent tried out most of my products yet?

PS  Thanks for your reply to my question about cost below...


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@makeupobesessed yeah, you leave it on for a max of 10 minutes and then rinse it off with (they recommend) lukewarm water.

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