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Their popularity seems to be growing and with all the their brands why not have a thread dedicated to them!





The Chemistry Brand

The Ordinary


The Fountain


White Rx

Ab Crew



Grow Gorgeous


The Ordinary - Foundation - Mid April


Where to Buy

Sephora - NIOD/Hylamide/Fountain

Beautylish - The Ordinary

ASOS - The Ordinary - Hylamide/HIF/The Ordinary

The Bay - Hylamide/HIF/Fountain/Hand Chemistry/NOID/The Ordinary


~ Updated: April 5th 2017 ~


@ZombieMetroAnt  my hair dresser showed me this product a few years back and I still love it!  It's like a creamy oil.  I don't find it heavy and it does a good job. And the scent is just amaze balls!!! Smiley Very Happy


Cross posting some thoughts I'd posted elsewhere last week about The Ordinary products I've been sampling for a few months:

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin
- has been approximately 60 days of use and I have noticed it lightening dark spots, but (maybe I'm imagining) I feel like it might also be lightening my whole skintone a touch. Unsure if I will repurchase.

The Ordinary Niacinamide Zinc
- similar usage timeframe as the AA serum, daily usage seems to have helped with controlling oiliness in my t-zone.

Also, have had the chance to try their Pixi Glow Tonic dupe (7% Glycolic Acid Toner) a few times and have some thoughts on it as well.


I'd say it has some similarities to the Pixi Glow Tonic, but there are definitely differences;

  1. it doesn't have the soothing aloe scent that the Pixi does. In fact, it kind of smells dusty and like dirt.  I have to assume this is the Tasmanian Pepperberry they are using to buffer irritation.
  2. the Pixi product says you can use it 2x/day and while I don't typically, the Ordinary one says to only use 1x/day and preferably in the PM.  I'm not clear on why - whether that extra 2% of glycolic acid makes a huge difference in how often it could be used(?)
  3. texturally it is different. It comes out as a liquid, but when I swipe it on my face and then continue with the rest of my routine, I can feel an almost imperceptible oily film.  When I use the Pixi it makes my skin feel refreshed.  When I layer the rest of my products over The Ordinary, I can feel them sliding around more than usual. 

Overall, I'm not sure if I would repurchase.  My skincare decisions aren't solely based on cost, but also efficacy and enjoyment I get out of use.  The Pixi is a little more expensive, but I enjoy the experience of using it more, and it doesn't leave an oily film.


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@Mochapj Thanks so much for the reviews! Don't like the sound of that oily film the toner is leaving on your skin Smiley Sad I'll stick with the Pixi. Also happy to hear about the Arbutin. I was looking at that to lighten Post-acne marks so this sounds promising. 


Thanks for the little review of the Pixi dupe. I'm sticking with the real thing, I think Smiley Happy.


@JenniferOhJenny no problem!


I think I might, as well.  I will use up the bottle and perhaps my opinion will change over time but at the moment it isn't blowing me away.


I received my first the ordinary products last week. I bought the hyaluranic serum, niacinamide serum, azelaic acid, alpha Arbutin serum. I am trying to reduce some hyperpigmemtation. I am excited to hear others review their products. Especially to hear about some that are dupes for Pixi, Paula's choice, drunk elephant. I use Pixi toner and Paula's choice bha so am curious if these can replace them. 


I purchased a handful more of The Ordinary products recently and have started to test some of them out.


Purchased: salicylic acid 2%, glycolic 7% toner, azelaic acid 10%, alpha lipoic 5%, aha 30% bha 2% and the rosehip oil.


i have tried the salicylic acid 2% about 4 times now and have some comments. I've never tried the Paula's Choice one but this is supposed to be a dupe. I have used drugstore salicylic topicals in the past, so I'll compare it to those. The Ordinary one has an interesting texture. In the bottle and dropper it looks like a thick, clear gel. When I rub or pat it onto the areas I'm trying to treat, it almost foams up (it's hard to describe) and leaves a filmy/sticky white residue. If you keep working it in you can get the whiteness to disappear, but the stickiness doesn't really go away. For that reason I'd probably only use it at night. However it seems to work well. I've used it on a couple of congested spots overnight and in the morning it has cleared the clog and brought it to the surface.


i finished my pixi glow tonic this morning, so next to try will be the glycolic 7%, which is supposed to be a dupe for that. I can say already that it does not have the same soothing aloe-y scent that the pixi one does.


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Hmmm I thought maybe I could get a substitute for my beloved PC BHA 2%, but if it leaves a sticky residue that'll be a no-go for me since I use BHA in the morning!


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I also ordered the AHA/BHA and next on my list are the Paula's Choice and Pixi dupes. I used the AHA/BHA once already and I liked it. Honestly, the warnings that are on the bottle and on the website (for professional use only, etc.) scared me a little, even though I have used acids before & have never had a problem with them. I have never used the Drunk Elephant that it is supposed to be a dupe of, though, so I can't compare the two.


I know what you mean about the "foaming" of the salicylic acid. Another serum I bought from them does that, but I can't remember which one. At first I thought I was applying too much but even when I use less, it still does it. It's kind of weird. I don't mind dealing with it for the price difference between The Ordinary and the Paula's Choice (provided they work the same) Smiley Happy.


Really interested in the Mast Must. Has anyone tried this yet? I understand it appears to minimize pores, but I'm also curious how well it works as a morning Cleanser. 


Can't beat their price for Squalene! It's in my cart, still waiting to place an order. Just trying to whittle it down a bit. If the products actually do the job, the prices are unreal! Lots of products without silicone too, which is a big selling point to me. 


Hey @pixiedust2! I tried the mastic must a handful of times last fall and each time it ended up clogging my pores terribly and causing a ton of congestion. It had a very viscous texture and tbh I didn't see a ton of pore minimizing.


@Mochapj Well this is disheartening 😂 Thanks so much for replying! This definitely gives me pause.  I have enough issues with clogged pores as it is. 


The Ordinary products have quickly become my favorite skincare products (minus the Vitamin C suspension) and I use them in my daily routine. I've noticed an overall difference in skin texture and brightness. I love the simplicity of the products because I can mix and match whatever I need to form a cocktail and/or mix certain serums into my moisturizer. :-)


I've been using products from The Ordinary for a couple of months now and I love them. My favourites are the advanced retinol, vit c suspension, and the lactic acid 10%. The niacinamide, alpha-arbutin, and azelaic acid are also in my rotation. My main skin goal is reducing hyperpigmentation from old acne and I've been seeing good results


I want to try the 7% glycolic acid toner and the 2% BHA treatment next. It's also a bonus that they're based in Canada so my orders arrive pretty fast. Smiley Happy Their prices don't make this student's wallet cry either. A skincare lover's dream come true!


Sephora sells some of these brands? I can't find them?


i love the niod copper serum, and am

much happier with the non-refrigerated formula Smiley Happy Although the cold serum was nice in summer.

Just started using the ordinary's retinoid product - love love love. Will definitely repurchase and will be trying a couple of their other products with my next order!


Beautylish has started to sell this line (or will be very soon as they had early access a week ago) @Zpsid91 also ASOS has it as well for America. I know our lovely Canadians ladies can purchase it at another place as well (I just don't remember the name of the store sorry). Smiley Happy


@niki172- I order directly from Deciem - they are easy to work with.


I am still confused as to Sephora selling them? I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere and t doesn't say Sephora is a retailer on their website....( I will continue to purchase through Deciem)


@Zpsid91 It's Sephora Canada that carries some of the products from Hylamide, NIOD, and Fountain


I couldn't find them, either. I was thinking maybe it is Sephora in Canada that has them?


I tried the Hylamide SubQ Anti Age and did not see any results (used entire bottle, 2x/day); I was disappointed because the cost is amazing.  I'm interested in the Ordinary niacinamide, though.  I think it's definitely great if one of the products is useful, but when I added up the cost of all the products (that come in my current serum), the cost was exactly the same ($85).  FWIW, I am trying out Nuface smoothing serum.  I have been using it 2 weeks and so far I have seen results.


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I've been using The Ordinary vitamin c suspension 23% + ha spheres 2% for a couple weeks now. So far, I'm impressed! I use it 2-3x per week in the evening.


It is gritty when you apply it (it has powder in it), and I find it does cause a tingling sensation at first. 


I tend to have a hard time with Vitamin C products (a lot of have them have irritated my skin early on) but I haven't had any issues at all with this one. 


I noticed just a couple days ago that I could see a difference in my skin - more even-toned and brighter. It seems to work well with my regular routine.


I have the Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA on its way to me, to test out next.


Next on my list to pick up: the salicylic acid 2% solution (I want to compare it to my HG standard PC 2% liquid). 


Oh, and I have tried some of The Fountain too. It hasn't been long enough for me to form any sort of opinion.

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