BEST deodorant??!?!

Hey guys!

I was using the Lavanilla deodorant during the winter. While it worked great, it wasn't awesome at sweat control. Now that the summer months are coming up, I find that I have to constantly reapply and it definitely does not last me the whole day.


What is a good deodorant to use during the summer months??


i basically sweat like a faucet so I need something that will last me the whole day! thanks Smiley Happy

Re: BEST deodorant??!?!

I love Degree men's deodorant too! Their clinical strength is the bomb diggs. 

Re: BEST deodorant??!?!

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Yes, ma'am!

Re: BEST deodorant??!?!

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Oh yes, i think ive tried that one before. im not a fan of the smelly ones. i leave whatever at work, doesn't matter but for when i leave the house i use the mens one. the secret clinical was the only one i thought of trying. i also feel like the womens you have to scrub off the residue lol

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