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Fellow makeup lovers with Rosacea, how do you treat and conceal it?
So it turns out I may be entering the early stages of Rosacea and I was wondering how others treated and concealed the redness. What skincare products do you think works best? Whether it's over the counter or prescribed. 
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Mix-and-matching has worked the best for me. Unless you have a noticeable bad reaction to something keep trying something that doesn't seem to be working before you give... see post
Cleanser to smooth the skin?
I'm looking for a cleanser to smooth out the texture of my skin. Any suggestions?
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BEAUTY BOSS beyourbeauty / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
this was once a go to of mine!! see post
Negatives from retinol/ retinoids?
I've just started using Sunday Riley's Luna oil, which has retinoids in it.  I use it maybe once a week, but only for a few weeks. I don't have sensitive skin but AHAs are an immediate and noticeable issue. I used the Luna oil last night and this morning my skin has a few red blotches, a bump and some other spots.  It could be totally unrelated to the Luna oil so I don't want anyone to assume the oil is a bad one!!!  And everyone's skin reacts differently to different ingredients (if this oil has any AHAs in it…then that would be the issue for me, probably not the retinoids). I've uses retinoids/retinol a few times in the past but rarely, so am not sure of the potential related problems my skin could have. Does anyone have input or insights as to what bad effects could retinoids have on skin?   Like I said, it might not be Luna causing the problems or it could be that my skin can't handle an ingredient.  But I thought I'd ask. My skin has a red spot, a few small bumps and this odd patchy area by my temple.   Thanks!
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AHA can be irritating to skin (I can't use AHA but I can use BHA without problems). So does retinol. Some dermatologists say that retinol has to be irritating to make a ... see post
Skin Care Products for Skin Cancer
I was just diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma (a skin cancer) on the bridge of my nose. I have to have it removed on May 12 and I would like to know the best products I can use to lessen the appearance of the scar, and to protect my skin from future sun damage. It is a very small spot and the doctor said he will make the cut go sideways so it will blend in with any natural wrinkles I have. I'm 56 and don't have many wrinkles yet but I really would like to minimize the scar as it heals. I would also like to find a foundation/moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30.  I prefer something completely natural.   Thank you for any suggestions and recommendations.
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BEAUTY WHIZ desertgirl501 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I agree with trying Jane Iredale foundation.  It is very nice makeup.  I would suggest taking some time to check out the JI website as it contains a lot of good informat... see post
What should the steps be in a skin care routine?
I feel like there are so many different steps to put into a skin care routine...how do I figure out what the right ones are...and in which order? Should you wash, treat, serum, moisturizer? What about all the face oils out there? Where do those come into play? I would like a routine to help with to help even out skin tone and be anti-aging as well. Help! 
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Briebrie   Here is how I approach skincare and my own thoughts (FYI, I am 40):   1.  ALL  moisturizers, eye creams etc are anti-aging even if they don't say anti-agi... see post
Super Dry Skin Around One Eye
Hi! I don't know if anyone has ever experienced this, but somewhat recently around the corner of one of my eyes has become super flakey. It's the side of the eye where the tear duct is and goes a little into my eyelid. The skin around my other eye is completely fine and all moisturized and smooth, so it's just one eye. I moisturize my whole face equally and have even been putting more around the super dry skin in hopes of fixing it. It kind of works, but the only thing I found that works is putting Neosporin on it. I only put it on there since the skin would become so dry it would flake off and be pretty raw and red (I make sure not to touch my eye with it, and I do it right before I sleep). When i do put Neosporin on it, the skin actually becomes less dry and looks like it's healing. Any suggestions on what it could be and what I could do to fix it? Thanks!
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Hey! Thanks for the reply. I was at the OB/GYN the other day and mentioned my eye and they thought it was eczema just from the looks of it. They recommended me to a d... see post
Dennis Gross peels
I had a sample of this today - I liked the way my skin tingled. Has anyone used these peel pads?
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Great!  I would start with using this twice a week.  If you find them helpful and your skin feels good, you can adjust the schedule as you wish. see post
Best treatment for keratosis pilaris on face?!
I have mild KP on my face, and while it has never really bothered me that much (since I can just cover it with a lot of makeup) I want to finally do something about it.  My skin is normal to dry, and not very sensitive.  I currently use my Clarisonic daily, which helps a little, but it's not quite enough.  Does anyone have any product recommendations that are safe to use on the face?!  
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lcyogi / FRESH FACE / replied
Great!  Thank you! I will check into that brand!! see post
Milia on eyelids
A few days ago, a makeup artist did a makeover for me and she used face primer (those silicone type) on my eyes. I was horrified but I didn't want to say anything in case she felt insulted since she's the one who studied makeup.. Now I'm really regretting because I have milia on my eyelids. How can I get rid of them (without extractions)?   On a side note: I gave my friend the Too Faced shadow insurance to use as an eye primer but she ignored it and went ahead to use her own face primer on my eyes. Makeup artists.. do you feel offended if your client gave you their own products to use? I previously told the makeup artist that my skin was extremely sensitive and prefer to use my own products..
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A professional makeup artist told me what primer and foundation to buy and try out before meeting with her. On the day of, she said to bring it and I had her use my prim... see post
Getting rid of puffy under eyes
For as long as I can remember I've had puffy under eyes. I don't really have issues with dark circles as much as general puffiness.   I know it doesn't help that I tend to pound water right before I go to sleep - something I've been doing since I was very little. So I'm willing to accept what that creates but would love any ideas or products that can quickly eliminate under eye puffiness and tighten that skin back up. 
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Check out my article http://deesbeauty18.blogspot.ca/2015/04/pulverize-thateye-puffiness-by-diandra.html for tips on how to depuff eyes! :-) see post
Eyelid Dryness
Hello,   So this morning when I went to apply my eye primer I noticed my lids and the inner corner of my eyes near my nose we're dry and slightly flaky. I opted to use my Algenist Eye Cream on my lids very small amount and put my primer over top. It seems to work, now I was wondering what can I do to fix this dryness issue as I know you really shouldn't use eye cream on the lids due to the skin being so thin ?. I only did this today but if you got a quick remedy that would be great.   
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My eye area is always very dry, usually the inner corner, which i'm pretty sure is from my eye makeup remover.  Honestly I just use my normal moisturizer (I use BareMine... see post
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
I am 15 years old and I recently bought the foundation, am I too young to be wearing foundation ? Is the foundation non-comedogenic? My mom has told me that foundations can make the skin age faster, is that true ? I am worrying because the foundation is quite pricy and I'm hoping that there won't be any regrets. Also, Would it work if I were to mix it with moisturizer to turn it into a tinted moisturizer? As for additional information, My skin is quite oily (especially the T-Zone, oh boy) and have a few acne spots and pimples here and there. Thank you
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biomakeup / FRESH FACE / replied
hey dear i recommend u not using any foundation on your skin because you're too young and you're an adolescent and as it's known your skin may be faced some changes like... see post
Looking for an eye cream
I'm in my 20's, and decided to start using an eye cream to help my dark circles under my eyes and help revitalize elasticity and prevent wrinkles. I have fair skin, so the sun takes a toll on the most delicate parts of my skin, and I want to start using an eye cream now to help. I've been looking at eye creams like these that Sephora recommended via the filters. http://www.sephora.com/miracle-worker-retinoid-eye -repair-cream-P377330?skuId=1482546 http://www.sephora.com/hypoallergenic-firming-eye- cream-P294204?skuId=1366814 http://www.sephora.com/bio-performance-super-corre ctive-eye-cream-P378348?skuId=1507631 http://www.sephora.com/plantscription-tm-anti-agin g-power-eye-cream-P394702?skuId=1675206 http://www.sephora.com/lift-lighten-eye-cream-P783 25?skuId=945337   Any suggestions?
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BEAUTY WHIZ redsoxshorty58 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Depending on what your dark circles are from, you won't get rid of them.  I have allergy induced dark circles and I love the Caudalie Polyphenol C-15 Eye Cream, it reduc... see post
Best serum for a beginner?
I'm looking for a serum/oil to try. I have never used one before and could use a little help. I have pretty bad rosacea and some acne/oily skin. I have the Ole Henriksen vitamin C truth serum in my cart now and am wondering if I should be looking at something else to try? Help a sister out!
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OH truth serum is a great choice. I didn't find OH to flare anymore redness on me ( I have dry sensitive skin with redness but not rosacea.  I agree with kb though about... see post
Relatively Inexpensive Eye Cream
I just started using a new face moisturizer with sunscreen in it so I can't use it around my eyes, like I was able to do with my previous moisturizer.  Now I am on a search for an eye cream to keep this area moisturized, however, my eyelids tend to be oily.  So I'm trying to find an eye cream that moisturizes, but isn't too oily on my eyelids.  Any suggestions?!  I was looking at the Clinique All About Eyes since it has such great reviews, but I want to ask around first.  I don't want to spend an arm and a leg either on it, at most $35.  Thanks!!  
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aesummrgrl   I have used Mario Badescu Hyarulonic Eye cream for years - it is my eye cream of choice.  I use it under my eyes and on the eye lids.   I think it is $2... see post
Thoughts on Paula's Choice?
Do you agree with her views on skincare products?  I'm on a hunt for my Summer night serum & moisturizer. I think I'm going to purchase the Perricone Blue Plasma even though it stinks so bad of fish & I hate fish. I've been researching products a lot and one of the sites I was on was Paula's Choice. She is not a fan of the serum... Actually the more I read through her "beautypedia" reviews, it seems like she's not a fan of a lot of products. I also got a feeling she was mainly trying to push her own products and Olay.  Examples:  - She's against treatment cleansers since it's just "washed down the drain". I have to disagree with this. When I use a treatment cleanser, although they can be drying, I do see improvement in my breakouts.  - Witch Hazel is bad. I find witch hazel to be an important ingredient when choosing a toner. She think it's just as bad as alcohol if not worse.    Products she gave a "poor" rating to:  - Anthony Logistic's Glycolic cleanser got a poor rating because it doesn't contain any glycolic acid.  - doctor dennis gross's A/B pads since we can just skip step 2 by simply splashing water on our face to deactivate step 1.  - Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum because it's not a "miracle serum" since it's primarily just "water, slip agents, and alcohol" - ExfoliKate - Just about every Ole Henriksen product I love   - Origins Checks & Balances, Charcoal Mask & every other decent product from them - Most Murad products   I do agree with a few points she makes, like companies need to stop putting active ingredients in clear vials so the sun doesn't break down the properties of the treatment. Also jar packaging is a big no-no for her. I understand that some creams are too thick to be put in a pump, but what about those airless jars that Bosica & Dermadoctor are using? I hate sticking my fingers in jars & the air does break down the active ingredients over time...  Overall though, I don't think I'll be going to her site when I'm researching a new product I want to try. 
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Me too! I don't use her judgment as an important decision making criteria, but I just check out whether they contain "potentially" irritating ingredients and decide whet... see post
Exfoliation. Or rather, lack thereof.
So I've finally realized that since I started to get really into makeup a little over a year ago (I'm 27. I'm a little late to the game, here), my skin is not, of course, perfect.   I've managed to deal with my combination skin type for years, and I'm pretty sure the thing I'm lacking is exfoliating. An oily T-zone can be pretty common, but the fact that my nose and chin still decide to peel like I'm an exotic snake shedding my skin is not. (I just made myself go "ew" out loud)   Is there a good exfoliating product that's better for someone that hasn't used them before? Or even preferably for someone with sensitive skin (I'm not necessarily sensitive, I just don't want my face to go raw).   Any recommendations would be fantastic, thanks <3
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I have sensitive skin and my absolute fav exfoliator to use is Lush Dark Angels! It has charcol and sugar in it to gently exfoliate the skin. I put it on when I get into... see post
Q. I have white spots on my chest and arms. They are not bumps
Can anyone recommend a product to fix it or at least make it not so noticeable
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bjshep / FRESH FACE / answered
A. I've had the white spots on chest and arms and my physician said its Tinea versicolor. see post
how to help my acne??
im all of a suden been breaking out a lot, i use the orgins cheeks and balances face wash and the clean and clear moisturizer. What are some good products for me to use?? I'm 12 years old and looking for something not to expensive!! what are your thoughts??
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I also recommend going to a dermatologist as soon as possible. So much of acne at age 12 (and up!) is hormonal, and all the products in the world may not keep some acne ... see post
Q. Can someone help me find a sunscreen?
I used to use chemical sunscreens like from Neutrogena but they burned my eyes so I switched to physical sunscreens.I used the Shiseido for face/body SPF 50 in a blue bottle. However, I found those too drying. I feel like I'm at a dead end here in terms of finding a sunscreen that works for me. Can someone recommend a sunscreen that won't burn my eyes, isn't drying, doesn't feel greasy and doesn't have that sunscreen smell? It seems like a tall order but I'd appreciate any recommendations.
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BEAUTY GURU allegrissima / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / answered
A. Shiseido, Dior whitening, algenist, Chanel.   Also, Elta MD that you can get either online or at dermatologist offices.   Best of luck ;) see post
I have been wanting to get lighter, brighter, and whiter skin on my face and body. I need advice on how and what products to use. I looked online for whitening creams but im not sure of any of those products are safe. I hear that some whitening creams can be dangerous. Lately I have been noticing that my skin isn't as healthy brighter as it used to be. I don't if it may be because i over exfoliate and wash my face to much but all I know that is getting worse and I need to fix it. Im only 16.. Also, any advice on how to get clear skin. I get blackheads and breakouts and i have some dark spots. I also have combination skin.   Please help  by telling what products to use and home remedies based on your experience. 
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IT GIRL HartlyQuin / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
Meowers  Have you tried using Papaya soap its a natural skin whitener  some fruits have enzymes that help  get lighter and brighter skin  Personally I use Papaya soap... see post
Using a serum to fight dark spots with a retinal serum to fight lines
Can I use Murad rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum before I use Algenist  Retinol firming and lifting serum?  
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Products/treatments that genuinely minimize pores?
I've searched high and low for products that will "shrink" the pores on my cheeks after years of irritated skin/acne/benzoyl peroxide treatments/using the wrong products for my skin. Google usually takes me to YouTube reviews, which is full of information... But these days I can't tell which is genuine and which is sponsored.   So, I thought I would ask what has worked for YOU?   I know there is no magical "thing" to make them disappear, but I'd love you to share anything that helped minimize or even just tips to hide them when wearing makeup !   I'm actually looking in to skin resurfacing (I heard this helps?) but it seems so drastic. Does anyone have experience with this treatment?   Thank you
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Two best things for my pores that I use are: Perricone MD Pore minimizing toner $55 and Estee Lauder's Pore Minimizing Serum to keep my oil at bay. I also exfoliate too ... see post
I am 42 and have "stress acne" as well as the beginning signs of aging...*sigh* What would be the best product for both issues as far as skincare? 
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Have you ever fully figured out your detailed skin type?  (I like the skin type solutions quiz as it's pretty accurate.)  One thing I have found you have to be careful o... see post
Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm cause breakouts?
Hi   Does any faced random breakouts using  clinique "Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm".I use this as first cleanser followed by fresh soy cleanser.I have oily/combo skin which is very acne prone .I am observing breakouts on forehead and around jaw line. I use kate somerville oil free moisturizer
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BEAUTY PRO alkapassi / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Thanks Everyone :)   Do you recommend any other second cleanser or Fresh is fine ? can you please suggest some serum/oil that I can add in nighttime routine for pores... see post
eye cream
I am looking for an eye cream that works on puffy eyes and wrinkles. Any suggestions?
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Oh, we are opposite when it comes to eyes then. Hmmm, Shiseido Benefiance eye cream is popular for dry skin around the eyes. I do have puffiness and those undereye masks... see post
Obey Your Body- does anyone know this brand?
Is anyone familiar with this brand?  While this brand seems to me a bit less legit, their facial peeling gel is so awesome. It's the best I've ever used, and I tried many, many, exfoliating/peeling products (except harsher ones) since my skin needs frequent polishing.  I am tempted to try out their other products, but I really find this brand just so mysterious. Anyone enlighten me please!
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Face shaving for women?
I've recently seen a few articles about shaving the peach fuzz off of your cheeks and upper lip and so on, to help you have a more even complexion and to allow your makeup to apply better.  I don't believe in the whole "it'll grow back darker and thicker" thing, and I know that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did the shaving thing, and that dermaplaning has become popular.   Has anyone tried this or know anyone that has? I have fine peach fuzz over my cheeks, and sometimes it's annoying when I'm trying to go for the flawless makeup look, and I don't think I could handle waxing or threading my cheeks, but if razoring works, then I'm willing to give it a shot.    I also read online that it helps to remove a layer of dead skin, like exfoliating, and can give you a more even complexion.   
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It's pretty light. I'm brunette with very fair skin but the hair is pretty fine/blonde. see post
good cleansers
i need a good cleanser and i am trying to figure out which one best fits me. I have oily skin, large pores, and acne prone skin. I use josie maran argan oil as a moisturizer and I use first aid beauty as an exfoliater. I love both of these lines of skin care. I need help in deciding what would be the best cleanser for my skin. 
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Thanks for your help everyone! see post
How to remove a Tan
Any advice on how to remove a tan and have brighter skin.
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It appears the OP is looking to change her skin tone/coloring itself based upon her other thread here: http://community.sephora.com/t5/All-Other-Concerns/Skin/m-p/19480... see post