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Hello! I'm 24 years old & I have combo oily skin. Some months ago, I had a really bad breakout due to stress (cystic acne-like) and only lasted like 2 or 3 months thanks to some treatments my dermatologist recommended (antibiotics, prescribed face wash and topical ointments). Now my skin is under control; I haven't had a bad breakout in, I would say, 3 months? I only have one or two pimples that will show up when my period is about to start or if I'm ovulating. I would like to use something that doesn't mistreat my skin (that doesn't cause too much redness, dryness and doesn't make me breakout), that controls the oils and prevents acne. My question is: Which is better suited for me,  Clinique Great Skin, Great Deal Set for Combination Oily Skin (I TEM 1599422) or Clinique   Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Starter Kit ( ITEM 1027499) ? Oh, and I also live on an island, so it's always hot and I don't know if that information helps for when you are trying to help me. Thank you all in advance!
Hi! So I have VERY oily skin and was hoping to find advice to get clear skin. I often get acne but my biggest problem is acne scars and uneven skin tone (redness, etc). I also get a TON of oil on my face after a few hours, specially around my nose and chin. any advice on products or things I can do?
I have oily skin and I use Laura Merciers oil free tinted moisturizer. Do I need to wear primer or moisturizer with it? Or can I just apply the tinted moisturizer to my face after cleansing and toning? 
My skin is the bane of my existence. I have tried low and top-shelf solutions, all natural, Proactive, Acutane, creative visualization, raw veganism (ewwww) and nothing works. my pimples are small, around my hair and jaw-line. I also have a scattering of little flesh-toned bumps all over my face. My Clairisonic used to take care of those, but it seems it's not effective anymore. My skin is also VERY oily. I drink tons of water, don't smoke, workout regularly, have a relatively healthy diet, etc., and I get plenty of sleep. I do however, have a lot of stress (work 50+ hrs a week, in grad school). I've also started getting little pimples on my neck which never happened before. Currently I'm using the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox cleanser, Proactiv toner and the Shisheido Ibuki moisturizer. It worked for the first few weeks, but now my skin is worse than ever and the moisturizer just feels sticky on my skin.    I need help! It's so expensive to keep trying new products only to have them fail and the Sephora staff always recommends products specially formulated for acne but those harsh ingredients just dry my skin and make it itchy and more prone to breakout.    Any suggestions for a gentle, effective regimen?   Thanks!!! XOXO
I have tried so many and nothing works...just break out!  Need moisturizer for extremely oily skin!  
Hello beauties, I need your help with my skin care routine. I didn't care much about until a couple months ago! I live close to Ottawa and in Germany. Every couple months I fly, which makes my skin very dry for a Dareus afterwards! Any recommendations what I can do here?   Right now, I just use a moisturizer from nivea for combination skin. I have a special moisturizer though that I put on just when I wear makeup. It's a German brand. It makes the makeup last longer too. To clean I use a cleanser/facewash from Neutrogena. Extra gentle. I was thinking of buying the cleanser from Cetapil because I heard good things about it..... But I haven't really found a moisturizer that I really really like. And I'm looking for a real skincare routine! Right now, I try the philosophy moisturizer. Hope in a jar! That's so far the best I ever had. (When I'm in Canada) When I'm in Canada my face is just a like oily but in Germany mostly an hour after I applied the make-up or cream it is very very oily. If I wouldn't have makeup on, I probably would wash my face! Lol But the skin in my nose is so dry (just when I'm in Germany).   What can you recommend? Thank you!
Hello all. I'm 30 years old and still dealing with oily skin. SIGH! Lately, I've had a real issue with my foundation and powder becoming cakey after only a few hours. I feel like my skin is getting worse, and I need some advice on a foundation and powder product that won't make me look horrible after a few hours of wear. I typically use Tarte products, because I like the fact the company uses fewer harsh chemicals, but they have been letting me down lately. Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated. Thanks! 
I have oily skin and wanted to know good brands for cleansers, toner, moisturizer and eye cream. I want a brand that is hydrating but keeps my skin matte and will help when I apply my pore control bb cream.
I have oily skin in entire t-zone, and some pores on cheeks. I have tried so many primers to help. I read everywhere silicone helps with my issues. So I keep trying, and swear all they do is make my makeup slide off. My makeup looks perfect after application, but within an hour yuck. I do not like heavy matte foundations either.    Anyone else find primers and foundations with silicones just don't work for their oily skin? I have a good skincare routine and just can't find a makeup routine that works. Or maybe I just have to accept I will have to blot several times a day forever. 
What is the best foundation for oily skin. I have tried Kat Von D but it changed to an orange color once applied.. 
I purchased Bobbi Brown's Foundation and it's insanely liquidy. Normally my skin is absolutely fine, not dry or oily, but this foundation brings out oil around my nose and chin a little bit. I was curious what a good mattifying primer was for skin that doesn't have that much oil?   P.S. Is mattifying spelled with one "t" or two?
My skin is a combination of oily and normal. My t-zone is oily and my cheeks are completely fine. However, when I put on foundation my forehead kepis very flaky. I exfoliate once a week and I put gel moisturizer on my face after.  How do I fix this?
I'm currently using the First Aid Beauty Mattifying Oil Free Moisturizing Gel and it's doing nothing for me. Can't wait until the tube is empty. I'm considering splurging on the Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel but wanted some opinions on it since it's so pricey. I use the CeraVae PM moisturizer at night and would prefer not to use the AM in the morning before my makeup.
I am in my 20s and have oily skin. Even though I put a pore control bb cream I still get shiny and oily during the day. Blotting paper barely helps. I use Cetaphil Gentle cleanser and their moisturizing cream along with a Japanese brand toner and it still gets oily. Are there any brands to make my skin smoothe, and matte?
Hello, I have really oily skin in my T-zone. I am looking for a foundation that makes my skin look more flawless. I am currently using the Beyond Perfecting foundation by Clinique. I think its good for the first few hours but after that I can literally just wipe it off my face and my pores are very noticeable. I apply my foundation with a beauty blender.  I'd like to find a foundation that lasts longer and controls the oil and doesn't make my pores stand out.  I also use the Marc Jacobs face primer. Any advice for a more flawless poreless look?
Hello, wondering what everyone suggests for a skincare routine for someone who is 32 and has oily skin and large pores. I'm looking for skincare that is not too expensive. I am currently using Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser, Toner #3 and Smart Night Custom Repair Anti Aging Moisturizer. I am currently not using a Exfoliator. Not sure what is a good one to invest in.   Wondering what everyone else uses before I reorder the same stuff. 
I can't find anything for my skin that works! I use Finacea Gel for my Rosacea as prescribed by my dermatologist. My face is a mess though! Red, oily, sensitive and full of aggressive acne bumps. I've tried everything and I'm beyond caring whether my routine is anti-aging or not. I just want my face back! My scalp already itches from Seborrheic Dermatitis and I have tiny bits of Psoriasis on my fingers and toes. Help me anyone! I'm willing to dip my face in acid at this point!
I need a comparable product to Philosophy's Hope in a Jar, oil-free? They discontinued it and I need something that works equally as well for more oily skin. It also had spf so something with spf in it as well would be best. Thanks.
Hello, i am in need of a new foundation for oily skin. any recommendations you are loving lately? i need full coverage due to redness around my cheeks and lower eyes. 
  0 I am in need of help to make sure I am using everything I need to for my skin which is oily to combination I also have sensitive skin. right now I am using am cetaphil face wash pixie glow toner and a moisturizer from my dermatologist called urea Pm basically the same as Am but 2 times a week I use the garnier charcoal scrub it helps with my oil and exfoliates. is there anything else I need to be using as far as anti aging and I don't want to have so many step to do either as I am a mom of 2
hi, I need some help with my skin routine........the thing is I fly every couple months and I live in two different country's (europe & Canada)! My skin almost never breaks out but when I'm in Europe it's very oily on the T-zone. And when I'm in Canada it's much better and sometimes even dry on the nose and chin!    
hello !! currently i have been using the COVER FX mattifying primer with anti-acne treatment, the mac PREP AND PRIME primer before my makeup. And the UD de - slick oil control setting spray when I am finished. I use the mac studio fix foundation (suppose to control oil, matte finish) and the MUFE 'Duo Matte powder foundation' to set. Sometimes I even bake with the COVER FX Illuminating Setting Powder.  I apply this all at about 6am. And before even 10am, my makeup is oily and I feel like its literally sliding/melting off my face. Im so confused to why none of this keeps my face matte and keeps my makeup on. Am I applying wrong, or do I need to use different products?? Does anybody have any tips or product recommendations on how to makeup matte all day on oily skin?? My skin is super oily!!! thank you to all!!
I'm looking for a toner and moisture that will work for my oily skin. I want to use a product that doesn't make my skin oily during the day and one that can worn on top of bb cream. I've been using a cheap Japanese but I think it's time to change to new products. My bb cream melts and disappears on my face.
I've been looking through blotting papers and can't decide which one to get for my oily skin. I want to be able to wipe away the excess oil and then touch up with a bb or cc air cushion but I can't decide on that either. My choices are the Laneige Pore Control bb cushion or Banila Co.'s cc cushion.
I have really oily skin what will keep me matte all day? I use Sephora concealer and becca translucent powder on a day to day and I get super oily.
I struggle with oily skin, and I MUST carry my oil blotting sheets with me everyday to blot away the oil throughout the day. I've been trying to find a good face wash to help reduce oil, and I'm having a hard time on identifying a good product specifically for oily skin. I was using Proactiv previously, but wasn't satisfied with the results. So I now use Cetaphil, and I've been OKAY with it.   Another thing I should mention is that I wear very minimal makeup - I only put on mascara, and occasionally wear blush, but no foundation or concealer or anything like that. The times I have, my face felt very heavy because of my oily skin.   Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated - thanks all!
I have the most odd skin!! This post is really about suggestions for a daytime moisturizer for my extremely oily yet dehydrated skin but I would also welcome skin care suggestions. I do not have acne but have a lot of clogged pores and a few blackheads. My skin is extremely oily 30 minutes after makeup application, very large pores, very sensitive and many fine lines (due to the dehydration). When I first wake up my face looks great.  Then when I get out of the shower and my face is clean and wet, it looks great and feels the best it does all day. However, as the day wears on, it gets worse. I have to 'blot' my whole face every hour and use 2-3 blotting sheets to combat the oiliness or I look like a complete oil slick. After using them, my face feels very dry and tight and will leave my makeup patchy in some areas but shiny again in about 30 mins. I can't use anything mattifying or oil controlling as they aggravate my skin. I can't use gels as they aren't moisturizing enough and leaves my face tight, warm, red and itchy. Heavy oil based creams are too rich for my skin and clog my pores even more altho they feel great on! I also tried facial oils but they just leave me even more of a greasy mess.   My current skin care routine:   Clinique Take The Day Off Oil (nighttime as makeup remover) Create Hydrating Cleanser (twice a day) Clinique Mild Toner (alcohol free, twice a day) Clinique Turnaround Essence Lotion (twice a day) Mac Moisture Infusion Serum & Clinique Turnaround Serum (daytime) Estee Lauder ANR / Drunk Elephant TLC Glycolic Serum (alternating nights) Clinique Turnaround Overnight Moisturizer (always at night, now also in the morning as it is the only thing I have right now) Clinique Turnaround Facial Oil (only at night, over my moisturizer) Clinique Clay Mask (twice a week) Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (once or twice a week, in place of my moisturizer)   I have tried many, many products over the last few years and nothing has solved my issues. Price is not an issue as long as it works. Any suggestions or recommendations would be great! Thanks Ladies
can only afford a cleansing bar or serum or face oil from drunk elephant skin care line. which MUST HAVE would anyone RECOMMEND
Hi all!    I am looking to switch my skin routine. I have very oily skin that is prone to breakouts, especially in my forehead area. I do not wear makeup daily, so I am not very concerned with products that are great at removing makeup. I have been using proactiv for the past few years, but am no longer satisfied with the results. I am also in college, so I would not like to break the bank and would like to stay in the $20 or below range for each product! Also, I do not have much time in the mornings for getting ready, so I was wondering if you guys had suggestions for what part of the skin care routine is essential for everyday, versus extra things I could do from time to time I'm a newbie when it comes to skin care, so any advice is great, thanks!