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Hello. I have an oily skin and for the past few months had a lot of breakouts. I went to a dermatologist and took a treatment which helped me greatly. Now that my skin has got rid of most of the acne and blackheads I have some acne marks and hyper pigmentation which I would like to treat now. However, as I have been struggling against those breakouts for the past few months I am being very skeptical of many products as I am scared they might break me out again. I need something that will help even my skin tone and texture. The price of the product is not an issue as long as I am sure It will help with the hyper pigmentation(post acne marks, slightly uneven skin tone, and some freckles on my T zone) and also fight against future breakouts. I would like anti acne products, serums, cleansers that're dermatology tested and clinically proved to work. Would appreciate any kind of advise and recommendations.
In the morning I cleanse with GlamGlow Cleanser and then put on Tarte Sunscreen moisturizer and Shishedo Brilliance Eye Cream. Everything is fine in the morning but by 1-2pm my skin just feels like an oily mess. I'm using tons of blotting papers, tissues etc. Is it the Tarte moisturizer?    stats: 39, combo oily skin, lives in so cal
After extensive research I have found out that what I thought were huge clogged pores on my nose are actually called sebaceous filaments.   I been told to never, never, never pick at them because you can damage the skin. Your nose gets red and inflamed and causes foundation virtually impossible to stick to. (wish I knew this like a year ago) Now I been on a liquid foundation kick for a while now. I have combination skin with my nose being EXTREMELY oily with large pores and sebaceous filaments and my chin being dry.   I love the dewy look I get from liquid but my nose just doesn't agree with it and even with primer, my sebaceous filaments get enlarged big time and my nose just completely rejects it. its like it doesn't even absorb it just sits on top of the skin. I would love to go back to powder but im afraid of the possibility of it grabbing dry patches and showing off my wrinkles. Anyone have suggestions if I should go back to powder? Anyone with large sebaceous filaments have better luck with powder? If so, can someone recommend a brand?
What is a good daily moisturizer for oily skin? Need something that will be good under a primer and foundation and wont clog my pores or make my face feel oily or greasy.
hello! i'm 23 and just looking for new products to try to make my skin look better. i use bare minerals products for face coverage. and dermatologist prescribed face products including Cetaphil. looking for a new exfoliator (always have used st ives) because lately my nose/sides of my nose get red/tend to break out after using this exfoliator, i only use it 1-2 times a week at night and i make sure to scrub lightly, so i think i just need something better and for sensitive skin. also, any others tips/products that can be helpful towards acne scars/oily skin would be super helpful, thanks!
Long term user of philosophy hope in a jar oil free 30 SPF. I have an oily face that is prone to breakouts and that seemed to be my only help but it has been discontinued. The gel they replaced has been receiving negative reviews. Any tips on oil free moisturizers? I am not done with my current tube but will be soon.
Hello!    Between the Urban Decay De-slick Oil control, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, and Make Up Forever Mist&Fix, which one do you prefer and why?     Also, I usually apply before setting powder and after. 
  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Hello! Spoiler (Highlight to read)     Hello!   Well first of all, i have oil skin, and i haven't gotten the right formula sunscreen. I used this one by neutrogena and i broke me out because of the type of formula they had. it wasn't the liquid one. However, i am looking for a good non oily sunscreen that has great SPF protection.      Next, I heard it is good to start using anti aging products while we are young! As i mentioned, sunscreen is a go to for any season, what are good moisturizers, night creams, that are anti aging, non oily, greasy and that has the right formula consistency that i can wear? please let me know guys! It would be greatly appreciated! 
So i have been going through this struggle for years and can't find a solution. I have pretty much given up on make up/skin care and have returned everything to sephora. I have a very oily t zone but my skin is also dry. I will apply a primer and foundation but for some reason every foundation sticks to dry patches on my face that i didn't even know i had. I thought i had "combo" skin which is what everyone at sephora calls it but every product they have given me doesn't help my skin at all. I also have very red sensitive skin. I've used oil free moisturizers to try to control my oil but it just makes me even more oily. I use the peter thomas roth oil free gel type moisturizer and the gentle cleansing pads (sorry i don't know the name off the stop of my head) and the firm x exfoliator. I use the cleanser by first aid beauty with a clarisonic. the glam glow super mud mask has helped clear out my large pores so much but now i have holes in my face!! there is NOTHING that will help tighten them. I'm just so upset because i love make up but i can't find anything in skincare that will help me. please help!!!!
Looking for a recommendation for my oily nose. Tried pore filler, different foundations, different powders. I do not have a lot of time to spend on makeup application, therefore I am looking for perhaps a good powder. HELP OILY IN THE IE
im 48 years old. im sure im in the pre menopause stage. my skin has changed sooo  much in the last few years. currenlty it is oily and i think because of the heat flashes i have developed this wierd acne on my forhead. wierd bumps that i just cant get rid of. im looking for a good skin care product. help!   martha
I have oily skin I need a good cleanser , toner, moisturizer, eye cream, really i need the works.
i have very oily skin and im looking for a mattifying moisturizer with spf.
I just turned 27 about a month ago. I am looking to add a night cream or serum to my skin care regimine. My main concerns are my oily skin, redness / uneven skin tone and large pores. I always feel like I have to pile on makeup to cover up my awful skin, but I'm sure that is just aggrevating it more. It's a vicious cycle! I am also interested in starting with anti-aging treatment possibly... but not my number 1 priority. I was wondering if maybe a retinol cream/serum would work for the problems I've listed? Or any other suggestions are welcome - including brands to try! Thanks!
Most of the year I have combo/oily skin. Summer time in the south means I have oily skin! What is the best foundation for these oily months? I get breakouts during these times. I've been using Lorac Porefection. Still have to use blotting papers at noon the around 5:00. Which is ok but maybe there's something better.
Hi guys! I've been trying to look for new foundation. I've been using my Tarte Amazonian clay for about 2 years and I wanted to switch it up a bit and try a new foundation. I want like a full and matte coverage. Also, I have very sensitive skin, so it's important for me to know what I am using on my face. I have  - very oily skin type - acne help please! Thanks!  
what face oil is good to use when you have olily skin? my skin is medium oil but gets more oily in the summer
I had previously used a gentle cleanser like Purity Made Simple from Philosophy and On a Clear Day to deal with my skin. I wanted more help with my cystic acne, oily skin and being 41, wanted to address anti-aging. Anything used for the acne dries me out or makes my face almost sore, and anything used for anti-aging adds to my oily skin issues. I decided to try the Resist Advance Kit for Breakouts and Wrinkles from Paula's Choice  and have a love/hate relationship with it. The appearance and texture of my skin has improved greatly. The cystic acne is much better. But the one thing I cannot handle is the extra oily skin that has come on. By afternoon my make up is gone. Even though oily skin is an issue for me, I do not have such an issue with it that my make up melts away, especially this bad. I have more issues with clogged pores and blackheads now too, but the cystic acne is smaller, less red and inflamed, heals quicker and the flaky, scaly skin surrounding them is no more. I have tried skipping the daytime moisturizer. Tried limiting the 2%  BHA Daily Pore Refining Treatment to once a day rather than twice thinking I was over exfoliating causing extra oil production. Nothing has helped.   Is there a skin care regime that someone can point me to? 
Im 41 and in the summer with the heat and humidity i cannot wear face moisturizer during the day because i seat so much but i know that is bad, what do i do??
Hello Sephora family, i am curious to know what i should start using as, i am becoming really hopeless when it comes to my everyday makeup.. with the summer months quickly approaching, i am sincerely nervous about how my face is going to look with all the oil that gets produced. I am a well-rounded person that takes care of my skin (since it is dear to me and how I look). I have a daily skin care routine which involves using a non-abrasive face cleanser (along the lines of spectro gel), a moisturizer (murad from Sephora with spf), a primer (Becca), and a foundation or a mineral passed pressed powder depending on how I feel the temperature will be outside. At nights, I wash my face with the same spectro gel base, and apply a moisturizer. Also I don’t have acne prone skin. Here is my issue. My skin is more than oily in my T zone, my makeup will stay in areas that are less affected, however I don’t know what to do anymore. I have tried laura mercier’s primer, the hour glass mineral veil, any of those included in sephora’s collection, and nothing helps. I am at a loss.. EVERYTHING melts off, or comes off on my glasses L with wedding season coming along, I don’t want to look greasy.. I also wanted to try using products that were more environmentally friendly however that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore as, a lot of the ingredients contain argan oil which, doesn’t really help my skin. My goal is just to try and have skin that looks even in all places with a minimal amount of oil. Dermatologists wont recommend anything to me as they don’t think my condition is bad (and I think I made it seem like a bigger issue that It actually is) but it has come to the point where I no longer feel confident. Everytime I walk into a Sephora, everyone has differences in opinions and it is confusing.. I need a solution and fast! Someone PLEASE HELP! I am willing to try anything (and hope it is not too pricey). Patricia
I am 30-ish with extremely oily skin! Especially in my t-zone. I get high build-up in my cheeks, nose and chin area causing very large red bumps. I have never really built a skin care routine so I think it's time for me to do something as my skin is now aging badly. I wear make-up often and I usually use a moisturizer under my foundation. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I'm not very suave when it comes to skin care. 
I'm looking for an uncolored foundation primer. I'm currently using Bare Minerals' "Prime Time." It's not working well for my oily skin - the oil still comes through within a few hours, and it feels greasy on when I apply it.     I'm looking for a primer that will minimize oil, feels light to wear, and works well as its own base/lotion.  I'd use it on my full face, so if it's got SPF in it, that would be great.   I'll be putting Bare Minerals' "Correcting Concealer" on top (for specific scars, not on my full face) and then the Bare Minerals' "All Over" face powder. I do NOT use liquid foundation. Please let me know if some brands come to mind! If the concealer and powder aren't good for oily skin, either, I'm open to other possibilities.  I've tried quite a few brands already and these feel the lightest-weight and effective so far.     Thanks!
Hi all!  I'm looking to update my skincare regimen.. i have a few samples of the Ren renewal mask that I was going to try as an exfoliator, but I do need some advice as to which cleansers are best for my skin.  I tend to be very oily - t zone to be specific.  Also noticing my pores are pretty large.   Since we're starting to turn a corner and head into summer, I'd love some recommendations.. Should I be cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing, etc?  Currently I use the La Roche Posay cleansing gel and a Clean & Clear scrub (about 3x a week).  I loved the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Mattifying Moisturizer, but I'm wondering if I'm somehow getting a bit oilier as days go by from using it.   Any tips/recommendations from the experts and fellows beauty lovers are more than welcome.  Thank you!!
I can't find anything for my skin that works! I use Finacea Gel for my Rosacea as prescribed by my dermatologist. My face is a mess though! Red, oily, sensitive and full of aggressive acne bumps. I've tried everything and I'm beyond caring whether my routine is anti-aging or not. I just want my face back! My scalp already itches from Seborrheic Dermatitis and I have tiny bits of Psoriasis on my fingers and toes. Help me anyone! I'm willing to dip my face in acid at this point!
Hello lovely ladies! So, my skin is so oily it could be used to fry bacon, and as much as love my darling NARS Sheer Glow in Tahoe (you + me forever baby!), I wanted to try a foundation that's more suitable for my skin and that I don't have to baby in order for it to last.   Thank you so much for your help!
I'm looking to have full coverage on my face, but by the middle of the day, and definitely by the end of the day, my nose is greasy and shiny. How do I fix this?Oi
Hey guys im looking for a good lotion for oily skin. Im currently using Kate Sommerville Goat Milk Cream and it was great for fall/winter but im pretty sure it wont work for summer. I wore it on a few hot days and was greasy and i think it broke me out.  Any suggestions? 
I have heard great things about the Dior Skin Nude but I am not sure what shade I am. I wear the shade Desert Beige in Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation and am in-between NW20 and NW25 in MAC.  Any suggestions??