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My skin always gets very oily in the afternoon. I use a cleanser and oil free moisturizer every morning. I have been thinking about getting Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. D oes it work? Does it clog your pores and make your skin more susceptible to breakouts? Or is there a better alternative? Thanks!  
It's a very niche question (Oily/combo people, who've tried proactiv, who also received that same sample, liked it, managed to escape ProActiv, missed the oil control thing, and managed to find a dupe probably isn't very many people), but maybe someone will have something, or at least an idea to try?   I tried the Murad Oil control, but it only does about 1/4 of the oil control the proactiv one does. I could probably just get it on eBay, but if I can avoid it I'd prefer to. I don't like the idea of, in some roundabout way, supporting a company that literally forces you to continue paying for their products. (I took them off of my paypal list, since the first person I talked to refused to cancel my account, so they sent the next box with a bill. Either I had to pay for the products or pay for return shipping.)
I am new to this beauty thing, I need help covering dark spots, I also need help with oily skin, mascara, lipsticks/lip gloss, eyeliner, eyebrows foundation, primer! please help!
So I had been using Clinique's 3 Step System for a few months... At first I loved it and after a month or 2 my skin went back to its oily self.   I recently got a sample of Soap & Glory's Daily Detox Vitamin C Cleanser and LOVE it!!!!!!  I went on sephora tonight to purchase the full size and I guess Sephora no longer carries it!?!?   Does anyone else know of where I could purchase one/a good cleanser that is similar?  Thanks!
I've been using Tarte's BB Cream for a while and loved it but wanted more coverage, I got talked into the new Bare Minerals Serum Foundation which I now layer on top! I like it but by the end of the day my face is an oil slick! Any advice on good BB cremes and/or foundations to combat oily skin? Preferably something oil free and all natural
Does anyone know of a titanium free foundation. After trying many, many foundations I have figured out that it is the titanium in foundation that causes some of the ashy/unflattering grey glaze that some women of color experience when wearing foundation. It totally kills the vibrant golden/yellow tones in my skin. My true foundation match does not exist (somewhere  between mac nc45 and nc50..or possibly nw). I usually have to choose between one shade that is too dark and the next on up which is often 10-20 shades lighter with an overpowering amount of titanium that makes it hard to even blend 2 shades without looking dead and muddy. I also have oily skin that hates most silicone based foundation (makeup forever hd, etc.). They somehow un-blend from my skin and swim on the surface after 2-4 hrs. If I rely on blot papers I will use the entire pack in one day. I have tried the color matching at Sephora which was not helpful. Any help is appreciated, 
Ok ladies and gents, if you have oily skin with acne you understand finding a good skin care routine is necessary . I'm trying to make my routine better by using products on my skin that are a little more friendly, aka paraben and phthalate free. So far this is my routine... I need help fixing it so that my skin feels more clean, clear, and refreshed. If possible I do prefer recommendations from some of the lines I'm currently using but I'm also open to suggestions. Morning: Cleanser - Origins Checks & Balances & Glamglow Supercleanse Toner - Origins United State Moisturizer - Origins Ginzing Spot Treatment - Super Spot Remover  Serum - Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment   Night:   Makeup Remover - Baby Wipes Cleanser - Origins Checks & Balances & Glamglow Supercleanse Toner - Origins United State Moisturizer /Serum - Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment   Masks: Glamglow Supermud & Powermud Peels: Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel Exfoliant:   Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant  
I was looking to try out a new foundation. Right now I am using the MAC Pro Longwear compact. After a few hours, my face gets oily again and all of my foundation is gone. I do set it with the Studio Fix powder, but it just helps for maybe an hour if I reapply. Anyone has issues with super oily skin and found a foundation that lasts all day? with pretty good coverage.
Hi fellow beauty lovers!   So I have been suffering from oily skin for quite awhile now... Back in October I switched my skincare regimen to Clinique's 3 Step system for oily skin and that seemed to help a lot.   I'm not sure if my skin has just gotten used to it or what but recently my skin has been sooo oily!  I usually use Estee Lauder Double Wear or Lancomes Teint Idole for foundation, always set my foundation with Laura Mercier's Pressed Powder, and usually use either Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer or I have been recently liking MUFE's new mattifying primer!   Do any of you guys recommend any other products for oily skin!?   I am always looking for new skincare items to try and primers/setting powders.   For some reason I have not been the biggest fan lately of Hourglass's Mineral Veil Primer
Please help me find a foundation that lasts past noon...my skin is so oily the make up breaks down every day by lunch :-( I've tried tons of brands and have spent tons of money...
Hi everyone, I have the HARDEST time finding a great moisturizer for my skin. I would say my skin is oily due to the amount of moisture my skin gives after applying my moisturizer. This is my routine. -Cleanse with Aveeno brightening daily cleanser (actually the best and works wonderful)  -Masks: I have used Glamglow Thirsty Mud works great, Boscia black peel-off mask works great, Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask wonderful! I have no problems with these masks.  -Moisturizer: I have used Oil Free Sheer Transformation Moisturizer by Ole Henricksen and changed (just two weeks ago) to Origins Anti-Aging oil-free moisturizer. The origins worked for the first 4 days and now I am getting back the same effect of oily skin just when I applied the Sheer Transformation.  What have you guys tried that works? and please do correct me if I am wrong in any of my routines I am open to suggestions. Maaaaaaaany thanks!  
I currently use philosophy purity to remove all of my face makeup. I like it because if I use makeup remover wipes it will irritate my face. I normally get oily on my t-zone and I'm acne prone. So does anyone have any recommendations on face makeup removers? I just want to try something different.  I also have acne scars, does anyone have any recommendations on any products that will help with that? Any skin care products from cleansers (currently use nude), moisturizers (currently using Clinique), toners, exfoliator, masks. Anything will help thanks 😊
I like full coverage look. I wear Laura Mercier Silk Cream foundation and love it. I use lorac primer and powder...BUT I have such an oily face that makeup melts off my nose especially. Do you have any ideas how to keep my red nose covered?
I have very oily skin when I use foundation and also a lot of redness. Any suggestions on what foundation brand works best?
What is the best foundation for oily skin and breakout around the t-zone? Is there a liquid foundation that works for oily skin and gives a natural finish?
Im not a huge make up girl so I dont know most of the tricks or what exactly I should be doing, but I feel as though anything I have tried, doesnt work. My forehead and nose is what gets the most oily, then the rest of my face gets dried out. Im also acne prone. I used Covergirl for most of my life, then just this summer switched to MUFE HD and I love the coverage it gives me and how little of it I need. I ordered the MUFE matte foundation last week and just got it the other day. Tried it once, and it instantly dried my whole face out way too much. I've tried using Vichy mattifying gel under my MUFE HD and it may have given me an extra hour before things got oily.    Before I ordered more MUFE HD, I thought I'd see what you guys have to say. Any suggestions for me?
I feel like I have tried everything. Can someone please tell me what skin care regimen will reduce the oiliness of my skin and what makeup will contain the oiliness of my skin for more than two hours? I put makeup on at 8am every day and by noon I am extremely oily.   I am currently using Proactiv for my skin care regimen and I am using Cover FX mattifying primer and the Cover FX BB foundation, as well as the Cover FX bronzer. I wash my brushes regularly. I don't know what I am doing wrong and need some help. The girls who work in makeup stores, and I am sorry to throw you all in one pot, I think are just looking to get me to buy the most expensive thing. I don't care how expensive anything is as long as it works, and I have tried many cheap and expensive things, its like my skin gets used to a certain regimen or makeup and then it doesn't work anymore.   I would love an educated answer if someone could please give one!
Hey all, I need recommendations on a skincare routine. I have oily skin, and there has been times that I breakout. I'm not sure if it's because I don't cleanse my skin well, or if it's just the foundation that I use. So far I wash my face every morning and night. I use Philosophy to take off my makeup first, then I use the clarisonic gel cleanser with the clarisonic machine which I love. Is there something I'm missing ? How do you care for your oily skin ?
Hi, so I'm 20 and I'm a full time student so I don't have much time or money, basically. Im in desperate need of some new skin care products! I have oily / combo skin with some redness and discolouration from acne scars that I want to get rid of. I don't really struggle with acne now, just a couple pimples once in a while, so that's not a huge concern. But basically, I'm just looking for some wallet-friendly skin care products to help with redness, discolouration and overall appearance of the skin.  Im open to serums, cleansers, masks, scrubs, night creams, anything relatively low maintenance!   Thanks a bunch! xo
I have extremely oily and acne prone skin. I have been using CoverFx and for a couple of months it seemed like a breakthrough. Then I started noticing that I was getting shiny again so I got the primer. Now I am completely melted by noon. I am a nurse and I work 12 hour shifts. I need good coverage so my patients won't think that some teenager with acne is taking care of them but I also don't want to be accused of being sweaty (which has been pointed out to my embarrassment). I need some sort of treatment or alternative that will keep me put together through the course of a day. I also cannot change my cleanser, since it is one of the few that doesn't give me a rash. Any advice?
I have oily skin, with a pink/red undertone. I have been using Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder, but it seems to dry my skin out really quickly, I also have been using Cover FX primer and I think it has been working good. I tried Clinique and Smashbox and they made my skin break out with acne...  I am in search of a different liquid foundation that might work for my skin type, or a BB or CC cream that might work for summer, Any suggestions?    Also, I have checked out Mac - Studio Fix Fluid, and it seems to be okay, any thoughts?
I'm liking my Hourglass Immaculate foundation but....would love something less expensive. Any suggestions?  
Hi everyone!   I have the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, and while I think it works great, my face still feels oily, and within about 5 hours my face starts to feel really oily, which is pretty normal for me I guess. But I'm wondering if it might have something to do with my primer? Maybe a different one would help really make it matte? I'm using the Rimmel London Matte Primer.    Or is this something that might be helped by a new skincare routine??   Any thoughts?? 
I have oily and very sensitive skin. I want to find a good natural, healthy makeup to use. I use Revlon but I want something new. Is bare minerals a good brand to invest in? I don't want to spend all of that money and hate it.
Hello, I am looking for a facial wash/cleanser that will clean off my makeup (full coverage foundation, eye makeup) and is for sensitive oily/combo skin. Any suggestions?
Hello, I have pretty pale, combo skin, and I get pretty oily in my t-zone throughout the day, mostly around my nose and my chin area.    Once I start getting pretty oily, my makeup ends up looking super cakey right around my nose and my entire chin. I've tried blotting papers, blotting powders, and coverage powder to try and bring back my original airbrushed finish, but nothing really helps, it still looks cakey after I take away the oil.    My current routine is a lot better than my last one, but it's still not as good as I'd like it to be. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the cake face that would be super helpful, thank you!    What I currently use: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Urban Decay Oil Slick Too Faced Primed and Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder  
What is the best exfoliator or cream or face wash for blackheads? (very bad around the chin, jaw line, side of lip area) (wicked blackheads, no acne!!!) I do not pick them (try very hard not too), but they get pretty fair in size. I am noticing some scars being left once they heal. I use the Simple brand exfoliator, which was doing justice now it's not. I feel as it minimizes the blackheads, but they aren't going away completely. 
What products at Sephora do you recommend for controlling a super oily T-zone and reducing shine? I have Glam Glow every day cleanser and the glam glow mask already, but doesn't seem to help my forehead area.
I have Oily, Sensitive skin that breaks out easily to certain products and i need help finding a better skin care routine because every time I put on foundation it looks patchy and cakey and gross. I don't know if its because I don't have a moisturizer that is working for me or because my cleanser is drying me skin out because its for acne or because it's the weather i'm not really sure. But i need suggestions on products or brands that will be good for my skin that I can try out. My teacher in cosmetology school when I was doing told me to try Clarins and he knows a lot about the products because he used to sell Clarins but I don't know a lot about that brand. If anyone does please let me know. I will truly appreciate it.