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My skin is terribly oily, but I haven't found anything to either hide both or found the combo of foundation and primer to hide both issues.  Any suggestions?
I am in need of a new moisturizer. Currently, I have just run out of my stockpile of Olay's Fresh Effects: Dew Over gel moisturizer (which was discontinued) and I'm on the hunt for something new and more in line with my concerns. I did love that product, but while I did find my breakouts happened less frequently - it really didn't do much for oil control.    Concerns: I have HELLA oily skin. I eat blotting paper for breakfast and I am triple-glad that dewy/hi-lighter gleams are trending because oh em gee, I am a-gleaming 24/7. That said, I do get the occasional zit and I have noticed some fine lines creeping near my eyes and around my mouth.   Basically, I want a lightweight preferably gel moisturizer that can keep my oil production under control, while helping my skin transition into my thirties. Also, interested in night cream ideas as well.   Thank you for any and all suggestions!
Spoiler (Highlight to read)     Hi! So I have very oily skin and I am looking for a morning skincare routine. I often get acne in my cheeks and nose, I have acne scars in my cheeks and uneven skin tone. I am 23yrs old as well. Any advice on products to use for my morning routine to get clear, healthy skin? Please and thanks!
Hi!   I have oily/ combination, sensitive skin, and am looking for a SPF-containing BB cream that is non-comedogenic (won't break me out) and will keep my face matte throughout the day. In particular, it gets really gross in my T zone and I have to blot 10 times a day to keep it at bay. And, acne-wise, my skin is clearing up but the texture on my forehead is pretty bumpy and I'm prone to congested pores and blackheads. Pore-minimizing would also be nice.    Does anyone have any recommendations/ must-have products? I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of products out there so I want to try to narrow them down as best as I can.    Thanks so much!
If i'm matched 1y06 what color should i buy in hourglass immaculate? It doesn't have an exact match and i don't want to buy the wrong one. i've tried "shell" before and it looked way too yellow.   Should I use a primer with this one? Any recs? I have an extremely oily nose/chin but normal skin elsewhere.
Hello!  I have very oily skin and enlarged pores.  I currently am using the Clinique 3-Step and I have been using it for about 3-4 months.  I previously used Dermologica and some other random products.  Right now I use the 3 step-in the morning and then at night I use the Clinique City Block Charcoal Clenser in the evening (instead of the 3 Step Clenser) and use my Clarsonic.  I also use the Clinque Moisture Surge after using the gel moisterizer and I like the way it does feel.  I have stopped using it a few days to see if the moisture surge was causing the extra oil.  I am looking for products or regimines, things I can change to make my skin less oily and at least reduce the breakouts.  I can start doing something mid-day to cut down the oil, but the breakouts need to stop! haha.   Thank you for anyone's help!
Hello! I am looking for a night and day cream? I heard that Clarins is good but not sure about which one is the best for me.. I am mid 20's
Does anyone have any recommended cleanser for oily skin and the packaging is nice?   I have tried many cleansers and masks for the oily t-zone and pores but nothing really worked for me   Origin : still oily after washing my face. Fresh soy:  large pores afterwards Caudalie instant foaming : didn't clean the oil Kate Somerville detox : made my cheeks super dry Kate Somerville exfoliate foam : breakouts Kate Somerville gentle:  didn't clean the oil Clinique 3 steps : the toner had a strong smell and if I skipped the toner, the products had not effect Erno Laszno oil and sea mud soap : finally worked, but I prefer a simpler cleansing product   I heard other products that could work ( First Aid , Boscia, Philosophy ), but I would really prefer a nicer looking packaging.   Right now I'm considering the following products, does anyone know if any of these could work? Perricone MD citrus wash Amorepacific treatment cleansing foam (I really like the packaging) Sunday Riley Clay Cleanser (the packaging is okay) Or anything else?   I do use moisturizer twice a day and sunscreen during the day.   Thanks oxox  
I've been using a clay mask for a couple weeks that was recommended to me by a lady at a Shoppers drug mart and it seems to be making my skin worse. My skin has become rough and bumpy. I have a s*** ton of blackheads on my forehead and chin that weren't there before and the pores on and around my nose have gotten a lot bigger. Is it just this particular product that I'm using or do clay masks do more damage than good?
I am traveling to Antigua in the new year to meet my boyfriend's family. The weather will be very hot and humid compared to what I am used to. I have oily skin and have had trouble with acne since I was twelve years old. My makeup will always come off after a couple hours. I am looking for recommendations for a primer, foundation, and setting powder that will last in hot and humid temperature even with very oily skin.
I'm looking for skin care products that will reduce oiliness and the size of my pores, but also isn't too harsh. I'm specifically looking for a cleanser, moisturizer (that doubles as a sunscreen for daytime), a night cream that isn't too heavy, and a mask/peel. I'm currently using this product line from Vichy, but I feel like it kind of just maintains my skin without really doing anything to improve it. Basically, I just want something that works and isn't going to be a waste of my money.
Hello all! i have fairly oily skin with big pores on my nose. I bought the vanish foundation stick and love the coverage and the way it looks when I first put it on. However after a couple hours I feel like it's sliding off my nose and very oily. Any suggestions on primers or finishing powders to go with this foundation to help with the staying power and oilyness ?   thanks in advance!
Hi beauties!    I've been using the L'oreal infallible pro matte foundation for a while now and it's worked okay for my skin but I'm still searching for my holy grail. What foundations/shades would you guys recommend for oily/sensitive skin that will give me a natural finish that's not overly mattifying? I don't mind a demi-matte finish and really want to avoid looking cakey. I'm in the shade nc 25 in Mac pro long wear foundation and use 104 golden beige in the L'oreal infallible pro matte for reference. Any recommendations on primers and moisturizers to pair with the foundations would also be greatly appreciated.    Thanks in advance! :~)
Can you recommend face wash and moisturizer for oily skin - both for day and night??  My skin is oily but have some dry patches. The last time I got a facial the woman recommended I put a vitamin c serum on daily.  Help!  I just have no idea what to buy.
I have tried countless amounts of skin products and I still have not found a skin solution. Does anyone know any products that treat oily skin and blemishes??
Hey Beauties, I'm looking for a foundation for oily/combination skin.  I tried the foundations from make up for ever (recently the matte line, which is good, but I'm very shiny after three, four hours. There has to be something better on the market)!   My skin care regime was recently changed to Avene also to the matte line. Which made my skin a little better so far.    I was looking at the foundations from BECCA and from Tarte. What can you recommend? Doesn't matter if it is a cushion or liquid. I just don't want to try powder because I sometimes have try spots on my cheeks.   And do to put some moisturizer on the spots that are very oily before you apply makeup? I usually apply toner + moisturizer. (And of course primer) Maybe not a good idea?!    Thank you,    
Hello. What would be the best foundation brand to get for oily, sensitive skin? I would like to find one that has medium to full coverage but leaves a more natural finish. I have tried several different brands and can't seem to find one that controls the shine and has decent coverage. What would you suggest?
hey guys im new here im just trying to figure it out with my holy skin, i have large pores and im really looking for something to make them smaller, I've tried with avene, some products of clinique and i haven't noticed any difference so im open to suggestions xo. Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
I have extremely oily skin, struggle with acne and have large pores on my nose and cheeks. I'm looking for a full coverage foundation that will help me deal with these things! 
I have very oily skin in my t zone (my nose and forehead) but every where else is normal. I start shining from oil after about two hours. I want to stay matte all day. I am acne prone (not terribly so but I'm sure the excess oil doesn't help). I do have sensitive skin so anything that's very strong will burn. Any suggestions?
Hi all! what's the best way to combat everyday oil? I've heard all the basic things, like loose powders and such, but is there a product (like a moisturizer or something?) that's going to help set my makeup at keep my face nice and matte all day? I don't think I can overstate how much oil my face is producing on the regular it's smearing my foundation thanks!   edit: I use aczone in the morning and the eucerin daily moisturizer and at night I use aczone, tazorac, and then either the clarins serum or aveeno night cream
Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows of any luxurious creams or masks for oil-prone skin? I'm looking for something that makes my skin feel really good, like a spa thanks!
Okay, so I was thinking of getting the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting spray and HOURGLASS Veil mineral primer. Would use those two products be too much for my skin? I don't want to make my skin more oily nor get more acne because I have too much product on.
I am 26, I have very fair/sensitive/oily skin. I finally just tackled the acne issue by using a retinol cream at night (Kate Sommerville's RetAsphere) but no matter what I do, I cannot seem to clear up the congestion and bumps all over my forehead and cheeks/chin and now I see some are appearing on my neck! I have tried the Clairsonic, ended up returning it because it did nothing, I've done a Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel with SkinCeuticals and she convinced me to buy the Clairsonic again a year later - still isn't changing anything. I have eliminated dairy/gluten/sugar from my diet. Exfoliating doesn't work, Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizer doesnt work. Glamglow Supermud doesn't work either. Organic/natural products do nothing.  I've tried a bunch of different foundations. I'm looking for someone who might have similar skin as me and has had this issue. I'm an actress, so when the camera is close, it's very embarrassing! The photo I have posted is kind of an extreme angle and lighting and the camera REALLY picks up the bumps - it doesn't look that bad when I'm in normal light and at a normal distance from people.   Any suggestions are wildly helpful. Thank you!!      
I have VERY oily skin, to the point where my powder on my forehead doesn't last longer than 2 hours. What kind of products can I use to help eliminate my shiny skin and oil
Hey! So I have been struggling for months to find myself a good skin care regimen as well as a new foundation. SO! My skin is VERY oily.... I mean like holy oil. I have milia under my eyes, not too bad but some. I also suffer from acne, ranging from small little white bumps to large cysts. I'm also kind of sensitive. I went into Sephora in my town and had a skin iq and a color iq done. They suggested First Aid Beauty skin rescue, and that worked for a bit, but recently it has stopped working and I've been breaking out frequently. They also suggested Smashbox studio skin 15 hour foundation, and I tried it once and LOVED it... but after a time or two more... it got cakey... and my oil shows through... and the coverage sucks.. it covers like nothing on my face... HELP ME! Any suggestions?
What is a product that will keep my skin matte all day? The mac fix plus and UD setting spray dont work for me, and neither has the Laura Mercier translucent powder.
What's the best mattifying, pore minimizing and long-lasting primer? I'm trying to decide between the cover fx mattifying primer, becca ever matte and hourglass mineral veil
Hello, I am looking to add either Drunk Elephant TLC glycolic serum or Sunday Riley UFO Clarifying oil. I'm breaking out daily and have combination oily skin. Which product would be better for me?