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I have very oily skin in my t zone (my nose and forehead) but every where else is normal. I start shining from oil after about two hours. I want to stay matte all day. I am acne prone (not terribly so but I'm sure the excess oil doesn't help). I do have sensitive skin so anything that's very strong will burn. Any suggestions?
Hi all! what's the best way to combat everyday oil? I've heard all the basic things, like loose powders and such, but is there a product (like a moisturizer or something?) that's going to help set my makeup at keep my face nice and matte all day? I don't think I can overstate how much oil my face is producing on the regular it's smearing my foundation thanks!   edit: I use aczone in the morning and the eucerin daily moisturizer and at night I use aczone, tazorac, and then either the clarins serum or aveeno night cream
Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows of any luxurious creams or masks for oil-prone skin? I'm looking for something that makes my skin feel really good, like a spa thanks!
Okay, so I was thinking of getting the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting spray and HOURGLASS Veil mineral primer. Would use those two products be too much for my skin? I don't want to make my skin more oily nor get more acne because I have too much product on.
I am 26, I have very fair/sensitive/oily skin. I finally just tackled the acne issue by using a retinol cream at night (Kate Sommerville's RetAsphere) but no matter what I do, I cannot seem to clear up the congestion and bumps all over my forehead and cheeks/chin and now I see some are appearing on my neck! I have tried the Clairsonic, ended up returning it because it did nothing, I've done a Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel with SkinCeuticals and she convinced me to buy the Clairsonic again a year later - still isn't changing anything. I have eliminated dairy/gluten/sugar from my diet. Exfoliating doesn't work, Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizer doesnt work. Glamglow Supermud doesn't work either. Organic/natural products do nothing.  I've tried a bunch of different foundations. I'm looking for someone who might have similar skin as me and has had this issue. I'm an actress, so when the camera is close, it's very embarrassing! The photo I have posted is kind of an extreme angle and lighting and the camera REALLY picks up the bumps - it doesn't look that bad when I'm in normal light and at a normal distance from people.   Any suggestions are wildly helpful. Thank you!!      
I have VERY oily skin, to the point where my powder on my forehead doesn't last longer than 2 hours. What kind of products can I use to help eliminate my shiny skin and oil
Hey! So I have been struggling for months to find myself a good skin care regimen as well as a new foundation. SO! My skin is VERY oily.... I mean like holy oil. I have milia under my eyes, not too bad but some. I also suffer from acne, ranging from small little white bumps to large cysts. I'm also kind of sensitive. I went into Sephora in my town and had a skin iq and a color iq done. They suggested First Aid Beauty skin rescue, and that worked for a bit, but recently it has stopped working and I've been breaking out frequently. They also suggested Smashbox studio skin 15 hour foundation, and I tried it once and LOVED it... but after a time or two more... it got cakey... and my oil shows through... and the coverage sucks.. it covers like nothing on my face... HELP ME! Any suggestions?
What is a product that will keep my skin matte all day? The mac fix plus and UD setting spray dont work for me, and neither has the Laura Mercier translucent powder.
What's the best mattifying, pore minimizing and long-lasting primer? I'm trying to decide between the cover fx mattifying primer, becca ever matte and hourglass mineral veil
Hello, I am looking to add either Drunk Elephant TLC glycolic serum or Sunday Riley UFO Clarifying oil. I'm breaking out daily and have combination oily skin. Which product would be better for me?
I've noticed lately that my skin gets pretty oily especially with the hot weathered days. Is there any way to control my oily skin or reduce the appearance of my oily skin?
So I'm looking for a good cleanser for oily, acne prone skin, with large pores I've tried a few and haven't seen much differences any reccomdations?!
06_29_COVER_FX_GET_MATTE_2885 (1).jpg
  Hey Beauty Talk Babes! Have you tried our summertime superstar, Custom Blot Drops? It zaps excess shine whenever and wherever. Oh, and whatever, too. It mattifies your products as well as your skin!  Here are 4 ways to start! 1. Ridin’ Solo   Feel like an au natural day, perhaps poolside or at the beach? Add a few Custom Blot Drops  onto your palm, then press it on your shiny, oil-prone zones.  Now you can rock your amazing bare face without looking like you spent too much time over the grill!   Pro-Tip: Use it as a nighttime blotting treatment for super oily skin to go to bed feeling fresh. 3. Mix & Matte   Do you have a foundation that could use a little extra shine control?  Mix in a few drops of Custom Blot Drops into your foundation to lessen the shine and give yourself an all over matte finish.   3. Ace Your Base   You might be surprised to learn that applying Custom Blot Drops BEFORE foundation will also help control excess shine.. It’s the perfect base before your base. Use your fingers to press a few drops all over your complexion. Follow with your primers and foundations. Have you tried this technique? Tell us by commenting below. 4. Shine Shield Not a fan of using powder to set your foundation? Use Custom Blot Drops as the final step of your routine and lock in your makeup for all-day shine control. This works best for normal to mildly oily skin.  If you have very oily skin, you should continue to bake, set, & finish with translucent setting powder.  If it works, don’t change it      If you’re touching up throughout the day always remember. If you swipe, you wipe. So press the product onto the oily parts of your skin and avoid rubbing it on. Tati truly explains it best. Watch her video ( https://youtu.be/cCc7txXQZkg)  to see how well Custom Blot Drops held up on her skin throughout the day. ---   Now that you’re in-the-know about Custom Blot Drops, tell us--how many ways have you tried or will now try?  Are you using them in creative ways we’ve missed here?  Let us know!  
I'm currently using only one oil, and at night at that - the Boscia Tsubaki one. I have sensitive combination skin on the oily side (but dry spots...). However, Sunday Riley just came out with the UFO Oil and I've been sampling it and I love it. It's great for my easily congested chin acne prone skin and I'm teetering on the edge of purchasing the full size lol T_T That being said, I'm also considering Sunday Riley's Juno Oil, since winter is coming. I know there's Flora and Luna too, but I'm allergic to avocados and that might extend to the oils, and both products contain avocado oil. I'm also looking into getting the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil, to use during the day since I currently am only using UFO at night. Or something to switch around using UFO with so my skin doesn't get too tolerant. Anyone have any experiences using multiple facial oils? Does it work okay? I would probably also use a light oil-free moisturizer with these oils since my skin does not like heavier ones at all. Thanks in advance!
I bought this moisturizer because I have oily skin. It's been so out of control lately. This moisturizer is amazing, but it reacts with my Becca Mattifying Primer is such a awful way. I want to continue using the moisturizer because it's so good. But I wondering if there a primer that will go well with the moisturizer or a moisturizer that will go well with the primer.    Please Help!     
I have extremely sensitive skin + oily acne prone skin. I tried Estee Lauder Double Wear and it made me break out so much I got white painful bumps all over my face. I think it might have been an allergic reaction to some ingredients. So I wanted to try a matte medium to full cover foundation and I'm debating between Kat Von D Lock it Foundation and Becca Ever Matte Shine Proof Foundation. Which one should I get ?
I have EXTREMELY oily skin, work in a restaurant in which I am around heat a lot and run around, and I live in Texas where the humidity is decently high. I have yet to really love a foundation that controls my oil, I love power foundations but am open to suggestions. 
  So I was browsing Instagram today and saw something very exciting!! There were several pictures of new Sunday Riley products that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere before. One was an oil (possibly replacing Artemis, since it's being retired?) called UFO Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil. It's a 1.5% salicylic acid dry oil aimed at oily to combination skins and is supposed to target blackheads, acne and signs of aging.   There's also a interesting sounding product called Martian Mattifying Gel Toner, though I couldn't find a clear picture of it. Apparently the oil and the toner have already launched in some Sephora stores!   I know there are a lot of Sunday Riley lovers here, so I thought it was strange that I haven't heard anyone talking about this! Neither Sephora nor Sunday Riley has mentioned the products at all, so perhaps the stores put it out too early?? I'm very curious, does anyone have any information about it?   *Photo credits go to Themakeuprepublicofficial on Instagram
Hi, I would like to know if there is a good moisturizer you would recommand me for an combination skin. (My T zone is really oily) I tried a few like : caudalie, clinique, la rocheposay, Khiels, argan oil josie maran, nothing helped me... Thank you for your Help !
I suffer from an extremely oily T-zone and acne scars, so need to use a full-coverage foundation.  I have gone through so many products trying to find something that will smooth out my face and not melt immediately.  The best I've found so far (and they're not great) is either Laura Mercier Silk Creme or Tarte Amazonian Clay foundations and Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Pore Minimizing primer.  BUT I can not find a moisturizer that actually mattifies and/or doesn't look cakey with foundation.   I'm using Kate Somerville toner and was put on a First Aid Beauty skin care regimen after my SECOND Sephora makeover (the products aren't doing much for me).  I'm also using Josie Maran argan oil at night (also not helping). Moisturizers I've tried are Sephora, Clinique, Caudalie, Peter Thomas Roth, First Aid Beauty. None mattify and all look cakey with foundation.  And yes, I leave at least 15 minutes before applying each step to try and allow them to dry. I am using a foundation brush to apply foundation, and patting it with a beauty blender.  Nothing works!   Any suggestions?  I'm at the end of my rope.  
hi ladies, I noticed that I have slight rosacea. Usually I just have that during the wintertime. Is it possible that the sun can cause that? What do you recommend? Cremes? Toners? Or some sprays? Thank you! N
I'm looking for a toner or lotion of some sort that will help with my oily skin as well as acne dark spots? Does anyone have any recommendations???
Hi,I have an excess oily skin with lots of pores and blemishes in ma both cheeks.can u please suggest me a proper treatment??
I have oily skin and decided I am done dealing with it. What are your recommended skin care regimens? Oily, somewhat sensitive skin, blackheads and I don't wear makeup. Thanks!
Hello friends,   I've always had relatively oily skin, but it has gotten especially oily this past month or so. I wash my face with cleanser twice everyday, and I have also tried a number of different masks (from Caudalie, Caolion, etc.). I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good foundation/translucent powder (or any makeup product, really) that could help minimize my oiliness? Something light or natural would be preferable, as I've never really worn makeup before. Mask recommendations would be appreciated as well! Thanks!
Hey, I would like to know what you all wearig under the makeup.....what kind of moisturizer etc. I was using the hydra veil from illamasque. but that makes me look to shiny, even to i love the product itself......maybe i'll try the matt veil from the same product line.. what can you recommend though?
I'm currently using the First Aid Beauty Mattifying Oil Free Moisturizing Gel and it's doing nothing for me. Can't wait until the tube is empty. I'm considering splurging on the Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel but wanted some opinions on it since it's so pricey. I use the CeraVae PM moisturizer at night and would prefer not to use the AM in the morning before my makeup.
I have super oily yet very clear skin and I wanted to know what I could use to help keep my makeup on and looking good throughout the day. I use primer and setting spray but the amount of oil in my skin always starts to break up and ruin my makeup throughout the day and its so aggravating; I have no clue what to try to help fix this