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Best Skin care brands for oily skin?
I am in my 20s and have oily skin. Even though I put a pore control bb cream I still get shiny and oily during the day. Blotting paper barely helps. I use Cetaphil Gentle cleanser and their moisturizing cream along with a Japanese brand toner and it still gets oily. Are there any brands to make my skin smoothe, and matte?
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New Year, Better Skin?
I'm trying to get better about taking my skincare regime seriously. I have combination skin, mostly oily in the T zone. Lately I've been breaking out on my chin and cheeks. I'm looking for something that is very light but still hydrating. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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skin care
im 48 years old. im sure im in the pre menopause stage. my skin has changed sooo  much in the last few years. currenlty it is oily and i think because of the heat flashes i have developed this wierd acne on my forhead. wierd bumps that i just cant get rid of. im looking for a good skin care product. help!   martha
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Lancôme Tonique Pure Focus Mattifying Toner
Anyone have good results with this? I'm looking for something to help with my oily T-zone. I'll be hitting up Nordstrom tomorrow after the Rouge event and might pick this up. Anyone have good/bad reviews of it?
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Dupe for ProActiv Advanced Daily Oil Control?
It's a very niche question (Oily/combo people, who've tried proactiv, who also received that same sample, liked it, managed to escape ProActiv, missed the oil control thing, and managed to find a dupe probably isn't very many people), but maybe someone will have something, or at least an idea to try?   I tried the Murad Oil control, but it only does about 1/4 of the oil control the proactiv one does. I could probably just get it on eBay, but if I can avoid it I'd prefer to. I don't like the idea of, in some roundabout way, supporting a company that literally forces you to continue paying for their products. (I took them off of my paypal list, since the first person I talked to refused to cancel my account, so they sent the next box with a bill. Either I had to pay for the products or pay for return shipping.)
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Shishiedo and Kielh's
Is there anybody used to use Sheshiedo Benefiance Wrinkleresist24 Emulsion night and Kielh's Rosa Artica Cream? which one is good for sensetive/oily skin? or Do you have any suggestion besides those two?
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Has anyone noticed?
Bobbi browns newer palettes haven't doing so well review-wise? 
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Lancome discontinued Pure focus and Hydracontrole
Hello there!    Since I was 15 years old (now I'm 34) the only problem I had was T-zone oily skin so I used Lancôme Hydracontrole for years, then they replaced for Lancôme Pure Focus, they finally discontinued Pure Focus, I contacted Lancôme and they were useless, they said they didn't have any other replacement.   I really would like to stick to Lancôme if you know what product I could us. My only concerns are the tzone oily skin and I really need some SPF.   Any advice will be truly appreciate it!   Thank you!
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