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Oily Skin - ready to give up
Hello!  I am 35 years old and I have been struggling with oily skin since my "tweens" (we didn't use that term back then!).  Even at my age now, my skin could produce enough oil to heat my home.  I feel like I've done/tried everything.  I've read some of the other posts from oily skinned ladies and found them helpful, but I want to put my issues out there and see if there is any feedback.   I feel like I take care of my skin well.  Skin care has always been a top priority for me.  As is normally the case with oily skin, I do still break out occassionally.  I use a combination of acne prone skin products, as well as some gentle products for sensitive skin.  The bain of my existence is foundation...  In my teens I went overkill - heavy foundation, concealer, pressed powder, the works (all drugstore products).  I look back at pics and could cry...I wish someone had told me that I was only making matters worse!  In my early twenties I started using department store foundations, but my makeup still looked too heavy.  In my mid twenties I tried Bare Minerals, I had a tough time getting used to it but I grew to love it.  I used that consistently for about 8 years - my skin never looked better!  I even went without foundation once in awhile, which was a huge deal for me.  But then something changed and I found that Bare Minerals was not doing it's magic for me anymore.  Getting older might be the reason, I don't know.  I just found that instead of it making me look lit from within and blurred my flaws, I was looking tired and dull.  So for the last two plus years I have been trying (and returning) tons of foundations.  I research, read reviews, look at pics, then try one.  Each one has been a fail.  Some were okay...I really liked Hourglass Immaculate because it held up well and looked natural, but I could never get a good color match.  I went back to Bare Minerals, but I just don't know.  I feel like there must be something better out there.  My husband says I'm over critical and that he thinks that Bare Minerals looks as good on me as it did before.  I guess we never see ourselves the way others do.    This has taken over my life.  I am constantly concerned about what my skin looks like.  Your face is the first thing people see, and I hate feeling embarrassed.  I'm constantly checking myself in the mirror, in different lighting.  I work in a professional environment, but I feel like by 9:00am my face is melting, and how professional does that look?   My other skin issues are acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.  I'm not looking to fully cover every flaw - I hate cakey looking foundation, ones that are heavy or unnatural looking.  Medium coverage is good as I don't have as much to cover as I used to.  I'm searching for long wearing, but I'm not unrealistic.  Any suggestions or trips would be tremendously appreciated!
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So maybe it's the primer that's the issue (with that foundation) and not the actual foundation.  I'll try it again with the Smashbox primer and see how that goes.  Thank... see post
CLINIQUE Great Skin, Great Deal Set for Combination Oily Skin
Isit worth a try for oily-combination skin?
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I see. For an oily-combination skin, what are your skincare routine day and night and what do you use?   Thank you for the review dear! see post
Returning a Foreo Gift Set?
Hi,  I just bought the foreo holiday gift set. The one that comes with the face cleanser, moisturizer and mask.    I feel like it may be too gentle but I want to use it for maybe a few weeks before really decided to return it.  Since it was $199 for the set, but a regular foreo is also $199 can I keep the full size bosica facial cleanser and the moisturizer if I end up deciding to return the foreo holiday set    http://www.sephora.com/luna-holiday-cleansing-coll ection-with-boscia-for-combination-skin-P401610?sk ... Thanks guys. Just want to know before I end up using the products 
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The Foreo Luna is meant to be a gentle device, but "gentle" doesn't mean "non-effective".    While it was a gift, are you looking to have some sort of cleansing or fac... see post
I usually don't wear foundation because I work at a daycare but I am returning back to college and I am looking for a  foundation that will keep my skin acne free and will stay on all day with my oily skin   Thanks!
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Hi, BeccaLas!   In terms of finding a formula that will not result in acne or blemishes, this may ultimately boil down to trial and error if you're not already aware o... see post
VIB Sale Item Questions
So, I have my eye on a few items for the sale and I wanted feedback   First is the Diffused Light by Hourglass: Im very fair with yellow to neutral undertones, dim is way to dark and makes me look muddy.    Also a day time moisturizer to wear under foundation, I have oily to combo skin, that is acne prone, and sensitive.  
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BEAUTY BOSS selinamarie1114 / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I just needed a moisturizer to go under makeup, I try to avoid BB creams. And since I don't have a sephora I can get to easily, I decided to try online. But thank you. see post
Super Oily T Zone, Dry Forehead
Okay so I am at a loss here. I have been on here for hours researching what kind of skin care routine to buy and what my routine should be. I figure I should just post my personal skin care problems and see what recommendations I get personally.   My nose and cheeks are extremely oily. My forehead is oily, but this time of year it's fairly dry. I am very sensitive so I like things without a fragrance if its an option. I am starting to notice my pores becoming bigger so I am ready to buy whatever I need to make my skin look and feel better.   My current routine:   AM Philosophy gel cleanser with my clarisonic dermalogica total eye care for my under eyes dermalogica skin smoothing cream   PM neutrogina makeup remover wipes (yes I know, I need a better PM routine. I just don't know what to buy) and everything I use after I take my makeup off makes my skin so much more oily and some things break me out.
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I use the delicate skin one. It's light blue I believe.   I haven't used it this week and I can already see a difference in my forehead. I would like to use an oil to ... see post
Serum suggestions for oily skin
Hi - I'm looking to get a serum into my skin routine.  I've tried serums here and there, but nothing ever rocked my world. I like the idea of serums and feel they add an extra boost to skin routines.   I have oily skin and dark spots are a concern too.  Any suggestions on where I should start??
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Hi there,    Have you tried the Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen booster from Ole Henriksen?  Its a great addition to almost any skin care routine.  It is very light w... see post
I'm looking for the perfect bb cream??!
I'm not a foundation girl, I wish I could be because there are so many amazing ones I'd love to try but they always clog my pores and cause me to breakout. I have sensitive skin and it's combination normal/dry. Lately I am getting oily in my tzone area though which is becoming a problem with my current makeup routine. I rarely like switching up products because I do breakout easily but I just hate how my makeup has been turning out lately. I use the benefit porefessional primer and then I use peter thomas roth cc cream, I love it but the dewy finish is not working with my oily problem areas. Also I feel like it enhances my fine lines around my mouth. I also use makeup forever hd concealer which I love. I would like suggestions on bb or cc creams that will leave a more matte finish but will also help in blurring my imperfections. Also if you can suggest a better primer that might help to blur to that would be great! I also use makeup forever hd setting powder but I still seem to get oily within a few hours. Any suggestions will be appreciated
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Sorry, one more thought, lol. Last year I bought Becca's Ever-Matte Perfector Primer. I used it a couple of times, and then ended up returning it as I felt a bit like it... see post
Looking for the perfect skincare routine?!
My skin care routine right now is very simple, I like it that way because I don't like using a ton of products with a ton of different ingredients. I use cetaphil cleanser morning and night. I use Clinique moisture surge gel or my cetaphil moisturizer. When I have breakouts I use my Mario badescu drying lotion (holy grail by the way!) i usually do a face mask once a week. I would like to find a regimen that works good for my skin. I have sensitive skin. I do breakout easily especially when using new products that don't agree well with my skin type. I have combination normal skin, I'm normally dry if anything but lately I've been surprisingly getting oily around my nose, forehead and chin. I hate it. I don't want products targeting oily skin though  because i don't normally have oily skin. I'm looking for a new cleanser, moisturizer, toner and possibly a serum I can use at night that will help with my fine lines and just the all around appearance of my skin. I nori ally love my skin but lately it's been looking so dull and gross. When I wear makeup, my makeup used to always look flawless and now it gets oily and all I can see is my pores and my fine lines around my mouth and eyes. Please help! I would like all my products to be from the same brand just to keep things more simple
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I use Body Shop products for skin care and love to use the Seaweed cleanser or Tea Tree one sometimes (especially after makeup). In the mornings I also use Cetaphil. Als... see post
How can my t zone be sssuper Oily yet my nose is soo flaky?
Skin can be pegged to internal and external reasons. The t-zone tends to be a spot that oil is more readily seen and produced because it's a region that it more prominen... see post
Foaming face wash for oily skin
What's the best foaming face wash to use with my Clarisonic Electric Brush?
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Hi Quoolkatt,   When it comes to using a Clarisonic cleansing device, the only thing that you really need to avoid is using a gritty cleanser or exfoliant with the d... see post
Tips on keeping skin nice with minimal products?
I need some advice on skincare. My skin is pretty oily and has a tendency towards redness and uneven color (sometimes people think I'm sunburned when the redness flares up, and any tan I manage to get just looks weird, plus the skin around my eyes stays pale, which doesn't help. I feel like sometimes it almost looks like a sunglasses tan, but I rarely wear sunglasses.). Anyway. It's nothing that would be unmanageable, except that I'm a high school student who never gets up on time and for me, a good day is one when I actually have time to put on sunscreen or mascara (if I can use more than one, then it's a great day). Does anyone have recommendations for good moisturizers or sunscreen for oily skin, and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day? I would keep some in my bag, but I'm not sure if the sunscreen could deteriorate over time there. I've read that sunscreen is best kept in a cool place with a steady temperature, plus it would have to be a small tube if it'll be in my bag all day. Any response is appreciated, thank you!
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IT GIRL gqmaterial / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
check out the Sunday Riley line.   They approach their products with green and clinical science.   I have oily skin and I use most of her line and it works out fabul... see post
Extremely Oily Skin... SOS!
Hello beautiful ladies!   I was hoping any of you would have any tips/suggestions for my super oily skin. For an example of how oily I am talking, I washed my face and moisturized two hours ago, and I'm not wearing any make-up or doing any activity more intense than typing away on a computer, and I could already fry an egg on my forehead! I wash my face with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin, tone with Lush Tea Tree Water, and moisturize with Origins Ginzing, if that makes any difference.   Any advice is appreciated.
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BEAUTY WHIZ daisygrace88 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I know its very difficult to handle oily face. You must drink lot of water and avoid eating oily food. It will help in reducing oil on your skin. Massage regularly and h... see post
Oily Skin
Hello! I know there are lots of threads about this but I wanted to put my routine out there to see where I could improve.  By no means do I think I can have perfect skin by changing a few products but I would love to have better control of my skin.  I have tried many different things but my skin becomes extremely oily through the day where my makeup just disappears.  I currently use Paula's Choice for skin care, I use the pore normalizing cleanser with the skin balancing pore-reducing toner and the skin balancing ultra-sheer daily defense with SPF of 30.  I also recently went to a dermatologist and was prescribed clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel for blemishes and tretinoin for my acne scarring. I use the tretinoin just once a week right now I am trying to adjust to it slowly.  I had previously used other Paula's Choice skincare products but I have stopped using them with my prescriptions.  I also have a clarisonic which I have stopped using for now.   For my makeup I have three different foundations that I have purchased that are supposed to be beneficial to oily skin.  Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet, YSL Fusion Ink and Kat Von D lock-it foundation.  I do like all of these foundations but none of them are holding up for me.  I do blot many times throughout the day but no matter what I do my makeup will melt away in a matter of hours of application.  (I also find if I touch my face I have just smears of foundation everywhere.  I REALLY try not to touch my face)  For primers I have used many, I used Hourglass in the past and I thought it did well but I couldn't justify the price so I got the too faced primed and poreless in the white tube for sensitive skin I do not see where it really makes a difference.  I also have a sample of benefit porefessional but without much luck.  I have a very uneven skin tone so I find even after the primer and foundation it doesn't look very fresh.   As a finishing powder I have a NARS loose powder that is the light reflecting powder and I also use rimmel powder throughout the day after blotting.  I am just at a loss as to what I should change or try next.  I know that the tretinoin cream might help to control my oil but I have been dealing with it for so long I thought I would ask on here.  I don't know if maybe a different moisturizer, primer or powder would be beneficial or even if I wait after applying each product before the next?   I really appreciate any recommendations!
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Cerave does make face moisturizers, the cream is the heaviest and does not say it came be used on the face. I have only used the cream, but on body. Also keep the receip... see post
oily skin is driving me crazy!! help!
I have had it with my crazy oily skin, literally not even an hour after washing my face or applying makeup, my face looks wet. I feel like im doing all the right things but nothing seems to help. and its not just my face its my whole **bleep** head, you should see my hair after one day of no washing, it looks wet and feels gross and i look like a dirty person that hasnt showered in a week. I dont really have any problems with acne anymore, im in my early 20s,  I used to have a lot of those ugly tiny under the skin whiteheads all over my cheeks, forehead and chin and some cystic acne around my period in my teens and tried everything to get rid of them and finally found the only thing that keeps them away is proactiv facewash. Ive tried a few times over the years, even recently, to stop usuing it and switch to something else cause its so expensive but after a week without it the whiteheads return. it hasnt descreased or increased my oil prodution though. I exfoliate about once a week, never sleep with my makeup on, i use a light spf, currently using the olay feather weight one, i prime my face (ive used almost every oil control primer from expensive to drugstore, theres never much of a difference in affect)  i use oil control sprays (ive used nyx, urban decay, mac and currently using loreal) I even bought a an oil a sephora skin consultant reccomended for oily skin (clarins lotus oil) almost finished with that and i noticied slightly less oil production at first but now it doesnt do much. im just exhausted! i feel i try and do everything right, making sure to not use to many products on my face, and to use them for a while so im not constantly switching things up on my skin, i just dont know what else to try, i workout, i drink a lot of water, i eat fairly healthy i just want to find some relief.
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Hi!  I have extremely oily skin. Like to the point I feel like it's dripping down face. I started using MAC Prep & Prime lose powder and it completely changed how I fee... see post
Nighttime Skincare Routines - Please Share!
Hi Everybody! I am curious if anyone has followed the same nighttime skincare routine for quite some time and would like to share? I have been bopping around with brands so I haven't become loyal to any yet. I am loyal to certain kinds of products tho. I love toners and beauty oils. I have my Clarisonic Mia 2. Which I love but haven't used any face wash with it besides the Clarisonic brand. My full nighttime ritual is:   1. Clinique Take the Day Off Oil 2. Lancôme Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup remover 3. Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser or Mia with Clarisonic Acne wash (depending on day. Only use my Mia 2 or 3 times per week) 4. Neutrogena Pore Minimizing toner 5. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. 6. Clinique Turnaround Overnight Moisturizer 7. Philosophy Hope in a Jar eye cream.   A lot of steps I know! I skip some depending on how dry or oily my skin is currently. Plus when I use a mask I'll skip toner and once a week I use my Erborian Solid Oil Cleanser.   If anyone has a ride or die routine they have been loyal to for a long time please let me know. I love suggestions and seeing what other people swear by!
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BEAUTY GURU beauty1bliss / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
I use Mario Badescu and it works well but I am oily so moisture has never been a problem. see post
New Makeup Brand Suggestions
I currently use MAC or Black up Paris with the Skindinavia primer and Finishing spray, but I get even oiler as the days go on. Also, the make up is transferrable. Any suggestions of new brands for a matte finish? I am Afro-Caribbean with Medium dark skin. Someone suggested that I try smashbox.
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Hi, Anuhb! By chance do you address the oil production/increase via proper skin care management and prep prior to make up application? Is it the Oil-Control primer spra... see post
Share your morning skincare routines!
Since there's a thread for nighttime routines, I thought I'd start one for the AM.   Since I have sensitive/oily skin, I keep my morning routine pretty short and sweet:   Cetaphil facial cleanser First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Mattifying Gel Moisturizer   Share your morning routines!
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Hello Ladies, my morning routine is refreshing for me, a boost on Vitamine C.  1. Lancome gel comfort+olay clansing brush 2. Arkana Lactobionic lili-rose water to... see post
SPF for oily skin
What is the best SPF face cream for oily, dark skin?  I want to make sure that my face doesn't end up looking white or ashen.
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HALL OF FAMER e4stofthesun / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Agreed. I think Elta MD UV Clear is the best SPF for faces out there, period.   Another couple that might work for you: -Tarteguard (it seems to be good about not giv... see post
Foreo Luna
I am not sure about which Foreo device is better for oily skin
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Hi Superdenise,   If your skin is combination to oily, I recommend trying the Luna device for Combination Skin.   http://www.sephora.com/luna-for-combination-ski... see post
Foundation For Oily Skin
Hello! I'm looking for a foundation that's full coverage, matte and last all day! i hate when i look like a greasy mess but 12:00pm. please help! thanks!
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I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation as well, but my new go-to is the Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation. It really is full coverage and gives you a matte finish. I... see post
First Aid Beauty Question!
Hey!   So I bought the, First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel, and plan on using it in the morning under my makeup. My question is, is this a moisture I can use at night too? To help hydrate my face?   Thank you!
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 Yes you can! see post
Drugstore BB Cream for oily skin?
So I need your help. Can anyone recommend a good drugstore BB cream for oily skin? My little sister, 16, wants to start using a BB cream but I don't really know what to recommend to her because  I don't have oily skin, mine is pretty dry so I like a more dewy look. Also, i'm rather partial to the Bobbi Brown & Diorskin nude BB creams and being 16 that a little out of her price range. So any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks!! Also, feel free to throw in any good skin care products.  
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Physicians formula, easy to apply and stays put, if she needs powder they have those as well.   Hard to find, but some PF products do have a rebate form on them, outsi... see post
I have combination/oily skin and I've tried various oil free products and nothing works. I hate the heavy feeling I get instantly when I put on moisturizer! And I'm oily by 10am!    Products I've tried:    Clinique DD Moisturizing Gel Clinique Moisture Surge Murad Oil Control Mattifyer Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer, Combination Skin Philosphy Hope in a Jar     Any recommendations? Primers? Face Mists? ANYTHING?!    So tired of feeling greasy and gross =(  
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You may be dehydrated, which could be caused by your other skincare. What else are you using? How many times per day do you cleanse?   A hydration booster may work by ... see post
oily but dehydrated?
So i have been going through this struggle for years and can't find a solution. I have pretty much given up on make up/skin care and have returned everything to sephora. I have a very oily t zone but my skin is also dry. I will apply a primer and foundation but for some reason every foundation sticks to dry patches on my face that i didn't even know i had. I thought i had "combo" skin which is what everyone at sephora calls it but every product they have given me doesn't help my skin at all. I also have very red sensitive skin. I've used oil free moisturizers to try to control my oil but it just makes me even more oily. I use the peter thomas roth oil free gel type moisturizer and the gentle cleansing pads (sorry i don't know the name off the stop of my head) and the firm x exfoliator. I use the cleanser by first aid beauty with a clarisonic. the glam glow super mud mask has helped clear out my large pores so much but now i have holes in my face!! there is NOTHING that will help tighten them. I'm just so upset because i love make up but i can't find anything in skincare that will help me. please help!!!!
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Doing it now...I also did an updated one...so I'll send that as well! see post
gel moisturizers for very very oily & acne/scarred skin
  I have really oily skin. It got worse when I moved from East Coast to California and it may be that California weather is so dry.  I wake up in the morning my face is oil. I wash it and 1 hr later, my face is oil. I stopped using the oil sheets b/c i heard it can produce more. I have a ton of acne & scars at the moment. I'm deciding whether to start Accutane. If anyone has any opinions on it, please let me know.    I am still learning what works best for my skin, but i really want to give up. I feel that I'm not doing something correctly and maybe Accutane can fix it?   I have used neutrogena oil-free sensitive skin moisturizer before and it worked. The combination skin one made my face really oily. I use Murad skin perfecting lotion. It makes it feel non-greasy.    This is my regimen right now. Please help me correct what I've been doing wrong:   1)cleanser: (dermatologist's personal brand contains 2% glycolic & 2% salicylic acid) & cetaphil daily facial cleanser (i heard cetaphil dries out skin...) 2) toner: Lancome clarifying exfoliating toner & BioSpecific rehydration toning water mist  3) apply my prescibed acne topicals 4) moisturizer: murad skin perfecting  5) spf 15 oil free sunscreen   make up:  -lancome regenergie lift makeup foundation  - MAC mineralize skin finish natural (I use a sponge to apply. how often should i change it?)   I want to try the gel moisturizers though. Any recommendations? Also I want to try the Shiseido Pureness balancing softener. I heard it will allow the moisturizer to go more deeply into the skin? Please advise me. Thank you
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I know this thread is old but I am dealing with a similar issue...    I've tried all the lightweight products and oil free, or matte products, but they still FEEL very... see post
hello! i'm 23 and just looking for new products to try to make my skin look better. i use bare minerals products for face coverage. and dermatologist prescribed face products including Cetaphil. looking for a new exfoliator (always have used st ives) because lately my nose/sides of my nose get red/tend to break out after using this exfoliator, i only use it 1-2 times a week at night and i make sure to scrub lightly, so i think i just need something better and for sensitive skin. also, any others tips/products that can be helpful towards acne scars/oily skin would be super helpful, thanks!
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Here is a great all natural exfoliator that I have used (plus main ingredient is strawberries!). http://www.peacefuldumpling.com/natural-beauty-diy-strawberry-exfoliatin... see post
Skin care Regimen?
I have recently been getting into skincare more, and I am interested in changing up my products. Does anybody have any reccomendations for Combo/oily skin? All the works! Daily cleanser,scrub,moisturizer,toner,etc! Whatever products you think works, Sephora, Drugstore, etc! Thanks!
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hey nicki, welcome ! firstly, do not use a scrub every day !! and secondly this is a pretty old thread and there are so many new products out there since 2012. to avoid ... see post
best products to help even out acne prone sensitive skin
Hello. I have an oily skin and for the past few months had a lot of breakouts. I went to a dermatologist and took a treatment which helped me greatly. Now that my skin has got rid of most of the acne and blackheads I have some acne marks and hyper pigmentation which I would like to treat now. However, as I have been struggling against those breakouts for the past few months I am being very skeptical of many products as I am scared they might break me out again. I need something that will help even my skin tone and texture. The price of the product is not an issue as long as I am sure It will help with the hyper pigmentation(post acne marks, slightly uneven skin tone, and some freckles on my T zone) and also fight against future breakouts. I would like anti acne products, serums, cleansers that're dermatology tested and clinically proved to work. Would appreciate any kind of advise and recommendations.
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Since you've ventured to a dermatologist before and if you're currently hesitant on relying on over the counter products to treat the post acne marks/hyperpigmentation, ... see post