Super Oily!

My skin is so oily! I use an oil-absorbing face wash, foundation, and powder, but I still look super oily. 

I don't know what else to do! Is there anything that can help me?

Thanks! Smiley Happy

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I know exactly how you feel!! I tried so many long lasting foundations and oil control products and nothing seemed to work! Once I went to the dermatologist for acne and I started using a retinol, my skin did get less oily. So try and find a retinol you could use. Philosophy makes a good one ive heard .It actually really helps! I also use RENs Clarifying Cla cleanser day and night. If my skin is dry, I'll use Purity and my skin gets a lot more oily during the day. The clay really helps with breakouts and it absorbs oil. To keep my makeup in place and to control oil even more, I louse Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray. Seriously, this stuff is SO worth it!!! It wont control all the oil by itself, but with all the products I mentioned above combined, I don't get oily AT ALL!! And my makeup stays all day, well over 16 hours if it needs to. I'm do used to blotting and touching up cakery makeup, but no more. I highly suggest these products especially the UD setting spray.

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Hi Ravenroo,


I love all those suggestions everyone!


I have oily skin too and I have found that the Make Up Forever All Mat  primer works amazing at keeping shine away. I think its always helpful to use a mattifying primer because, it allows the make up to have something to adhere to. I also like that it hides any imperfection in the skin.


All Mat

What it is:
An oil-free foundation primer designed to remove shine with long lasting results.

What it is formulated to do:
Mattifying powders absorb the excess of sebum and prepare the skin to help makeup stay. The silicone gel base, with it's cotton-soft texture, leaves the skin matte and velvety.

What else you need to know:
Recommended for normal to oily skin. Non-greasy and oil-free


I would also suggest a mattifying powder like the Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder  because the sheer color does not disturb your make up and instantly absorbs shine.


De-Slick Mattifying Powder

I would also suggest Boscia Blotting Linens for midday touch ups.

Blotting Linens

<3 Melissa

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My face gets really oily throughout the day. What I do is after lunch I'll use a blotting paper to soak up any oil and then touch up my foundation and powder. Another thing that helps is not scrubbing your face too much. If you exfoliate your skin a lot, try cutting down on it. Your face will be a lot less oily! Toner also makes your skin oily. I know, it feels REALLY good when you use it and all the oil is gone! When you use toner, it makes your skin oil even more than it did before. As soon as I quit using toner, my skin was a ton less oily.

Hope I helped!

<3 beautygeek97

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I just wanted to share my secret. I work at a SEPHORA in TN, and we recently had our Color Certifications

where our National Lead Makeup Artist that determines all color education for SEPHORA came and tested

us on our color artistry skills. After we were certified (yes i passed...YAY!) He had a Q&A session where I told

him the EXACT same thing. I am an Esthetician as well and am fully aware of skincare physiology, and it

always tells us to hydrate super oily skin. I myself have NEVER met anyone with as oily a skin as mine. I was

doing everything I thought! He told me to cut back on my moisturizer and to use a hydrating serum.

I currently use a DDF hydrating serum, which I LOVE, and I don't have my makeup sliding down my face

throughout the day and I see less than half the shine I was used to. It's been amazing! I'm not saying that you

want to do the same, is worth a shot. It definetly worked for me, and I am sooooo grateful!

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hi, prue! you've never met me, because then you would see more oil!!!! but, seriously, a gel cleanse would work, specifically dermalogica special cleansing gel, you could wash you face 5 times a day and get no irritation. it also takes eye makeup off. the directions suggest washing twice, which i did with good results. then i would use an alchol-free toner and some serum. i like skinceuticals phloretin gel. then comes moisturizer, i would use on with an SPF. blotting powders are good throughout the day as well as peter thomas roth oily problem skin instant mineral SPF 30. i use the PTR all day to eliminate shine. hope this helps!

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Hey Girl,

I would not claim to have all the answers, but as a makeup artist I have some ideas.


First I would try to find a mattifier. Usually this will come as a primer, primers goes on before your foundation and concealer.

Also there are powders that are specifically for mattifying. A regular power just isnt going to do it because the more you add on throughout the day, the more cakey you are going to look.

So adding one or both of those to your daily routine is going to be huge. Also making sure your moisturizer is oil-free as well. and Finally I would get yourself some oil-absorbing, blotting papers. They are specifically designed to take off all the excess oil, without moving your makeup. And best of all they come in a tiny package, perfect for toting them around in your purse. 


Good luck Smiley Happy


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Actually, oily skin is the easiest to maintain. For your every day skin care outine, use a gel cleanser that doesnt dry out your skin, then use a toner on a cotten ball and apply this to the face, and lastly, use  a oil free moisturizer. And if you are at a young age, then try to use very little makeup on your face, (foundtion, powder, concealer) because basically, it is just clogging your pores because when you sweat the makeup becomes moist and sinks into your skin! I hope this helps!

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