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Make up and oil problem

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Hi everyone! I am hoping someone can help me!!! When I apply my make up, it looks great but by hour 2, I look in the mirror and you can literally see the make up sitting on my face with all this disgusting oil. I use many products to try and keep the oil away but nothing is working.


I use the clarisonic with a Mario Badescu cleaning gel, I use a mario badescu aloe lotion as a toner. I use a moisturizer at night. I use the Benefit 15 hour flawless primer with oil free make up like the Kat Von D foundation, a tarte foundation but I mostly use the Revlon 12 hour color stay(something along those lines) I use a powder to matte my face as well as a bronzer.


Does anyone have a suggestion or products on how I can get rid of this!!? It's so gross!!!


Thank you a million!!!


Re: Make up and oil problem

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Hi Kayla,


Since you've gotten a few great suggestions on the duplicate post in the Ask the Experts Board, I'll go ahead and close this one so you aren't checking multiple threads for answers :smileyhappy:


xo, Mia

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