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Hi everyone! So I'm basically looking for the whole nine yards at this point. I've been content with my current and past cleansers and moisturizers but lately I've been feeling like my skin has almost started regressing? It looks like it could use some change so I'm open to all suggestions! Here's a few concerns I'd like to address for sure. but like i said WHOLE NINE YARDS   Trouble Areas: -OILY TO COMBO SKIN-for the most part my skin is more on the oily side, however i noticed my skin tends to dry up around my eyebrows and mouth (don't know why those areas but that's it)   -BLACKHEADS-hate them, have them. I feel like sometimes they are just so huge that its taking over my face & honestly makes me feel self conscious (which no one wants to feel) Currently using Biore black head strips & they work well for the most part, but I feel like there is more i can do to make them go away or at least be less noticeable    -BRIGHTEN/EVEN SKIN TONE-I think i have pretty even skin tone, however sometimes i do get blemishes or redness on my face, also I feel like my skin is looking dull, so I'm looking for something to brighten it.   Thanks i advance ! & remember the WHOLE NINE YARDS!(:
The  texture of  my skin is  just bananas! Can anyone  recommend how  I should  handle  it? I exfoliate to no avail. I am acne  prone  and  super oily, but I still  have  those  dry  patches. The  bumps aren't blackheads or acne...
Is the amazonian clay foundation (liquid) more coverage and better oil control than the powder version
I don't know anything about this stuff. I've never worn a primer before and have yet to find a good moisturizer.     I was hoping someone could recommend me some products that would make all 3 of those items go well together (as in their ingredients not cancelling each other out, causing break outs if mixed, as well as not making it look or feel excessive).   If a primer that doubles as a moisturizer exists, then that would probably be ideal since my skin might be too oily to require both? But I want my foundation to look better and my skin does get flaky in places if not moisturized.    I currently use: cleanser, exfoliation, toner;;; moisturizer, straight to foundation, and then powder if I'm oily/feel myself getting oily   Things you might need to know: Skin Type: combination-oily? -Shine on forehead, nose, sometimes chin -Flaky on the bottom of the cheeks near the mouth, sometimes nose, sometimes forehead (even though those places are also oily)   Acne?: -blackheads (nose, a little between brow, a little on chin) -- don't know why -seldom get cysts (chin) but that's usually hormonal -prone to getting closed whiteheads (forehead, a little on chin) -- so the product can't be pore clogging please D:   Goal/look I desperately want: -hide oily skin -keep shine away -not needing to touch up on face powder/blot oil constantly -fill/hide pores that foundation fails to do -I want a matified/airbrushed look to last for as long as possible thanks to the product I'm wearing (I heard some of them can somehow absorb the oil throughout the day?)   The foundation I use is: Clinique pore refining solutions.   -Not looking to change this product. -Works great but I want it to improve. -(flakyness shows, -**oilyness doesn't stay hidden**, -redness from scarring shows, -pores get hidden on the nose but **don't get filled/hidden as well on forehead**)        **=thing I want solved the most   The moisturizer I use is: Clinque dramatically different moisturizing gel for combination skin.  -It leaves my skin oily and doesn't seem to absorb well. -Flaky parts take forever to recover. -(I use only half a pump since the full pump is too much.)     I'm totally lost. Too many products here and I don't know anything!   Please help, thank you.     These are the ones that caught my interest but idk if they mesh well or do what I want it to do (absorb oil throughout day, refine/hide pores with my foundation)   PRIMER: -SMASHBOX photo finish foundation primer -isn't vs oily skin specific   MOISTURIZER: -SHISEIDO pureness matifying moisturizer oil-free  -BOSCIA revitalizing hydration gel -isn't vs oil i think
Here is my regimen Morning Wash with Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser Sometimes I use Renee Rouleau Lemon Bioflavanoid toner Boscia antioxidant moisturizer Night Renee Rouleau Aloe Cleansing Milk with Clarisonic to remove makeup Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser Sometimes I use witch hazel with tea tree oil Philosiphy Help Me Retinol Renee Rouleau Skin Correcting Serum I still have quite a few clogged pores on my skin and beside my nose and between my eyebrows and I also have blackheads ALL over my nose. I get hormonal acne and I have combination skin. My skin is not sensitive at all...I can use quite a lot of harsh products. I was looking at Kate Somerville Exfolikate or REN AHA Concentrate but I'm not sure which one to get. I also want to fade some acne scars I have..Would either of these help with that? Or do you guys recommend something else?
I have combination skin that can get extremely oily all over especially in the hot summer. I need a full coverage mattifying foundation that can hold up all day. Right now, I use Benefit Porefessional to prime followed by L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation and MAC Blot powder. That seems to hold up pretty well through the day and gives me ok coverage, but the foundation accentuates dry patches like crazy. I also have a lot of hyperpigmentation and scarring from acne so I would like to use a full coverage foundation. I have heard really good things about Kat Von D foundation and I was really curious about that as well as anything anyone could suggest. Thank you  
I need your guys feedback/help! I can't seem to find a good foundation for my oily skin! Anyone have any good recommendations? The foundation can be any formula! Let me know what has worked best for you! Thanks! <3 glittermania13
Hi everyone! This is my first time posting because I'm so fed up and wanted some advice. I'm 25 years old with combination skin. Oily forehead and cheeks and dry around chin area. I've struggled with acne forever and tried everything. I keep getting acne on my cheeks. Also, just for context, I do have a hormonal imbalance and am taking bc for it. I wash, tone, and use moisturizer, but I notice later in the day that my cheeks are red and my face looks shiny and greasy with large pores on my cheeks. Here's the deal: I have no idea what products to use and am overwhelmed whenever I look something up. Primers, bb creams, cc creams, mineral, matte...it's a foreign language to me. I was thinking about coming in for a consultation but I feel like an idiot b/c everyone my age seems to know what they're doing and I don't even know the basics! Also I live in a humid region and was wondering about makeup routines. When it's so hot, how do you get your primer/foundation/everything else to stay on without your face looking like its melting! Helppp
I have a few dark spots from popping acne, oopsie I know, and I need an effective product that will work fast to fade and get rid of these acne marks, any suggestions?
   Hey everyone,    I just hav a question to ask about a goo moisturizer.  I have dry but oily skin and is prone to get acne every now and then  I like something that is more natural, and organic (but doesnt have to be if its amazing)  I have pores, redness, and my skin is rather always warm    could you recomment me an amazing moisturizer that would be suited for my skin?  The sales associate recommended me the mositurizer from nude today, but i find that theyre way too expensive, and when i searched online for their review, people didn't think they did too much of their job compared to its price    please help me  
if I use this as a primer or what other products I can use over it?
i have a clarisonic mia. should i also use an exfoliating scrub a few times a week (w/o the mia) or does the mia provide enough exfoliation?
I am looking for a tinted powder to add more coverage over my foundation.  I now use MUFE HD powder to set my foundation, but I want something with more coverage.  I need one that will add a little more coverage over my foundation to make my skin look flawless and also will help control my extremely oily skin? Any suggestions?
I am looking for ideas/recommendations for my very oily skin!  I want to find out the best prodcuts to use for skin care, moisturizing, priming, makeup, and possibly even a finishing spray if it would work.  By the end of the day, my face is SO oily!!  All of my makeup looks terrible!!!
Hi, I am looking for a night cream that will help out with hyperpigmentation scars and give the skin a brighter look. I am currently debating  between the Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial  and the High Potency Night-A-Mins™ Mineral-Enriched Renewal Cream. Which one would I see more results with?  Thanks!
Hi everyone, what would you say are the best blotting sheets to use daily if you are wearing a little makeup? Thanks!
I'm wondering if I should try Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer. It has interested me for a while but the price keeps me at bay.
I'm currently using the Origins Vitazing moisturizer and I'm wondering how it compares to the Soap & Glory Glow Job moisturizer. I have oily, acne-prone skin. Has anyone tried both? Which do you like better?
I have oily skin and use my mom's bare minerals foundation and find that at the end of the day, especially on school days, the makeup looks splotchy, like it sort of melted in places, patchy, and clumpy, especially on my chin and I'm not sure why this is happening is it the makeup or the oiliness?   If I put on less powder would it not look as patchy? Should I use a primer? Any good ones to suggest? Does anyone know why this happens?   I'm new with this makeup thing so I really need some advice! 
What are some good moisturizers for oily yet dehydrated skin? I am currently using Murad's skin perfecting lotion but it is too light for the winter weather.
What is the best hydrating mask for oily+sensitive skin???
looks like DDF discontinued its sulfur mask (I can't find it here or on their site) and Peter Thomas Roth has an identical mask ... I've been using DDF mask for years and really like it. I checked out PTR at the store, and it seems to be identical to DDF ... isn't it? It seems like it's the same product under a different name.
I have the oiliest skin ever, I have tired everything-Primers, Powders, blotting, nothing works. Right now I am using the Murad primer, Lancome long lasting foundation (the 24 hour one)-I love it, but it makes my skin oily so fast and I'm just using a clinique powder...please help!! I feel like I've tried so many things and nothing works...O
My skin must also be sensitive because even oil free moisturizers break me out!!!!  And what type of foundation do you use for 60 year old skin - I don't have that many wrinkles (that's one perk of oily skin) - but I still don't want to highlight the laughlines with thick foundation!!!!
Best face primer for very oily skin... ready, Set... GOOO!!
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